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  1. It’s akin to BARLA and the RFL in some ways
  2. I did read about the kids heading footballs theyre a bit different to the balls used in then 60s
  3. Price v Wright is shaping up to be a classic. MVG should do the asp
  4. It’s the nip and tuck and the fact someone can be miles ahead and lose by a dart Theres a bit of banter and it’s probably the only sport where fans will boo and hiss at both players and cheers them too Players can be made to be pantomime villains one week and are heroes the next. There isn’t any real clubs or teams etc to be attached to so it can be supported as a neutral Unless it’s Phil Taylor or Aidy Lewis
  5. Sale also have a much much larger squad and cost base, it’s like comparing apples and oranges I was hoping to illicit something positive about the way things are going at Salford
  6. It’s a very good standard and there are probably 60 players in the world that can score 100+ averages on their day its certainly more professional nowadays but in someways it’s lost it’s characters, I’m not harking back to the days of Jockey Wilson etc, 10-15 years ago when Manley and Mardle where in their pomp I thought there seemed to be some real rivalries That said i don’t miss Phil Taylor- good darts player yes, humble - No
  7. My habits are similar to the OP, I do occasionally have a nightcap at home to assist with sleeping im not concerned though, I only go for a good swill for social reasons not on my lonesome a 40 mile commute has curbed my drinking in the week
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