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  1. I am hearing very good things about the growth in playing numbers in Hull, really fantastic news also it’s looking like there could be a u18s competition this year in the city which would be phenomenal
  2. Do we know if all of the NCL sides have survived the pandemic, whether it be due to the loss of players of club officials ? Rivalries aside i genuinely hope every club survives and thrives after the pandemic
  3. Gotta be on the start positions last season didnt they declare it null and void ?
  4. Might have a couple V KR do you have a wants list you can send
  5. Still hunting some jerseys if anyone has any old Kr please let me know
  6. Does anyone have any pre 2000 Hull KR shirts at all im a Kr fan and shirt collector, these will not be sold on and will form part of my collection
  7. May at the earliest for me- regionalised competition
  8. Yes not quite that easy, keeping looking the Oldham is for a friend - he wants the boddingtons one
  9. Hi does anyone have any of the above jerseys ? Looking for a boddingtons Oldham if possible and any crushers or seagulls
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