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  1. Should be a very close final, I think Wests might edge it is it going to be streamed ?
  2. It can often depend on weddings, stag do’s and holidays all too often now, that is a major downside to summer I think it might be a Brow v Wests final
  3. Could Mayfield escape the drop, they have a better points difference than LMR? it looks set to the 3 of the 4 at the bottom that drop
  4. It would be welcomed hopefully clubs don’t throw any money away on second rate Aussie players
  5. They have sold one player, hardly a fire sale. The rest are going at the end of their contracts they have also signed Lolohea mid season
  6. Whoever it is should have a embargo on them against signing new players
  7. Maybe he thinks we are going to 14 teams and is chancing it
  8. If we could get nearly 60k for it then let’s go for it
  9. KR are bottom currently and look favourites to slip out of SL, shame as I have a season pass there! teams need to be there on merit. 1500 at London was poor tonight but they are up there and not bottom on merit
  10. That’s pie in the sky, Leigh won’t win that division
  11. One of the ends was done about 10 years ago and the western terrace is not developed and I’m not sure it’s so simple to do it
  12. I wonder if they wanted the license like Perez did with Hemel
  13. It might be more appealing to sky than you think, if Tolouse, Toronto and Catalan were the three home games then Sky’s production costs would be slashed as they simply commentate over another broadcast. i would think that means they could comfortably cut down to 1 English based match most if not every week
  14. Forgive me if I am wrong but in North America and Australia distance doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue to them, the countries are vast places and an hours drive is nothing to them, glad to see there is something starting though
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