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  1. Ncl final 2017

    Well said 👍
  2. Ncl final 2017

    The biggest game of the season surely there should be a program!!!
  3. Thuggery

    Did the player go to the hearing?
  4. Thuggery

    Well that says it all
  5. Fryston Warriors

    England World Cup winners 1966 next game against Scotland got beat so Scotland are the BEST team in the world !!! Please talk some sense
  6. Fryston Warriors

    Does that mean who ever wins the Challenge Cup is the best team in the Country ? Or is the winner of the Grand Final the best team in the country?
  7. Fryston Warriors

    That result must be wrong !!! Congratulations Hunslet Club Parkside on your win

    It's not a dedate clubs should just vote against a Sunday final

    All the clubs should vote a Sunday game out at the next AGM We play Saturday all season and but to keep the Big Wigs happy they move it to a Sunday it's not fair on the players as win or loose they will have to take the Monday off work.
  10. Joe do you think that the top team in the Cumbrian men's league would be strong enough for the premier league ? We could also have 2/3 very good teams in the Yorkshire/ Lancashire/Cumbria leagues that come 2nd/ 3rd who are better than the other league winners, but won't get promoted so the best teams aren't going to be the premier league.
  11. Ineligible Player Outcome

    Good news for Egremont 3 Cumbrian teams in top flight next year I hope
  12. Well done to Kells I hope Millom get promoted next year as well
  13. Play off's

    It's about time all the clubs said no to the final being on a Sunday. They play Saturday's evey week then it gets changed !!! No thought for the players who get to the final and then will probably have to take a day off work on the Monday !!!!
  14. Brow v West Hull

    Yes they have but will the postman delivere the goods on the day or get the sack ?