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  1. Good luck to the 22 man squad that will be touring New Zealand flying out tomorrow, going to be three hard games, enjoy the rugby but relish the experience.
  2. Two very good sides that like to play open expansive rugby, yesterday you got that but you also got two defenses that wasn't going to allow the opposition to play their normal game, shame there has to be a loser well done West Hull
  3. Going to be two very hard games tomorrow Wath Brow v West Hull and Thatto Heath v Siddal in the play offs, will be interesting to see who goes through, and who has to travel where.
  4. Thanks for that information Celtic Roosters, always good to break record's.
  5. Thank you sound like two good games, Hunslet and Siddal must have been another real battle, best thing about this division is every team is capable of beating any other team on their day, and you can't beat a tight defensive game
  6. Does anybody know what the results of todays play off matches?
  7. This week's results are going to make interesting reading and could make some changes to the journeys of some teams for the play offs
  8. A ref can be demoted its happened before, suspended I doubt it, as you say not exactly overrun with them are we.
  9. Only in the fact that the player or coach can be banned from playing or coaching how often does that happen to a ref.
  10. I can read and understand everything I have written, it's you that seems to have the problem, is that with you having been a referee yourself? noone else can have an opinion, everybody else is wrong, what was it you put, referees make mistakes but considerably less than players or coaches, your words not mine.
  11. What have I said wrong now? Oh and by the way I'm not on anything
  12. What you said was the refs report is a factual account of what happened and is accepted as such, no mention of the referee not having to be asked any questions.
  13. I appreciate that refs have a very hard and at times thankless job to do, I also respect them, I also know that the rugby-league are clamping down on referee abuse and I don't have a problem with that. Had LeeF with his knowledge of ref reports mentioned the fact that they are not questioned all of this could have been prevented, as I said earlier I haven't been to a hearing before so I wouldn't know what goes on. I heard the referee was not at the hearing.
  14. Well yet again you are clearly wrong, as I said earlier I didn't put the ref had lied, my point was he wasn't at the hearing to back up what he had reported or to be asked to elaborate on it by either the committee or the coach, why is that so hard for you to understand?
  15. To georgehadgingerhair the club policy is to respect all officials as it should at all age levels, I too have played the game and watched for 50+ years and have a son still playing, I like you don't know what was said or in what manner it was said, so by talking to an official you are setting a bad example, I could understand you saying this if he was screaming in his ear with an aggressive manner but from where I was stood that didn't seem the case to me, obviously the club have spoken to him over this
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