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  1. Degsy strikes again. Pays a player who didn’t actually want to play, only a few seasons after not paying players who wanted to
  2. In this case he started in RU so not unusual to go back to it
  3. Threat of relegation should be enough. Maybe it should be more than one club down. Especially if we went up to 14 teams also a sliding scale of central funding should be more apparent and the lower down you finish should hit your money
  4. Not exactly. Football sells specific ko times as packages. The Olympics schedule their events then sell to tv We’ve not got the profile of either of those I know. However if we’re giving away coverage for nothing it should be to suit RL. If TV is dictating the KO then appropriate compensation should be sought
  5. Last time there were Monday night fixtures (in SL) they were known well in advance and were shared out equally. Hopefully similar arrangements will Be made
  6. I’m not complaining about the TV station they’ll do what suits them
  7. I don’t think anybody in RL has clout. Do you really think SL asked for Thursday night games?
  8. The sport does capitulate too much on tv slots. Sunday evening would have been much better
  9. Well the sport has had playoffs in more seasons that outright champs. It’s perfectly fine
  10. There are some stadiums in SL that are not even adequate....
  11. Its not just about directly about playing budgets, its the loss of income from ground they gave up control of so they could fulfil minimum standards as defined by SL I just think its a bit cheeky of fans of certain clubs having a pop at Salford when they tried to do the right thing by their playing facilities when certain dumps are still considered SL standard
  12. Not really, an elite league should have minimum standards - something RL has failed to maintain over the last decade
  13. All while playing in a dump. If Salford or say Leigh or Widnes stayed in their dumps maybe they’d be where Wakefield are now. That was the point being made
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