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  1. I just assumed it was a ex-Widnes captain thing, with it being Kevin Brown last year
  2. With the World Cup final in the very near future at the same venue. I’m wondering if that having any bearing. 2013 saw a 4K drop off from 2012 Work to be done for sure, but if we sell out the World Cup final that’ll more than compensate 2013 got 74k without England playing
  3. Game has started like Leeds’ season. Pretty poor at the start now gaining momentum. Hope that continues into second half
  4. Catching up on that at weekend. Looking forward to it
  5. Widnes 2004/5/6 got up to 7.5K. I think that was the peak. I’m not sure how we get back to anything like that
  6. Yeah I noticed that when over for World Cup. I think that is the same for other fast food like McDonalds etc
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised in Widnes / Halton council were totally oblivious to the situation that the pitch doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. That being said the stadium management is a bit of a joke at the minute. The east stand concourse has been used as stage (Elton John & Bryan Adams) storage for two years, and away fans are being allowed to sit in season ticket holders seats in the South stand. With all of that it’s not a suitable venue for World Cup games
  8. I have ginger nuts and bourbons at dialysis.
  9. To cap off his career he’ll have to do the naked run having not got a try this year
  10. I equally enjoy a Flat White Coffee or a Yorkshire Tea
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