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  1. You’re portraying something as dead easy. I’m only asking if it’s so easy you must have some example of it actually happening? Surely you have one?
  2. That’s fine as they’ll take your details. Tickets that have been issued have to be against an individual for the moment apparently
  3. You can’t as it breaks test & trace rules.
  4. Swinton doing some work in Manchester
  5. Erm. There have been significant medical advances over that time.
  6. If it’s that easy to generate cash in RL who’s done it so far?
  7. RL fans don’t want to spend £10 on a stream good look asking them to part with £1000
  8. yeah, some of it doesn't make sense and isn't consistent. But a quick comment of we considered venues x,y,z and all had a limit of ??K so we went for the cost effective option wouldn't go amiss sometimes
  9. Widnes don't have their safety test until this Friday ahead of Whitehaven at home a week on Sunday. I doubt there are more season ticket holders that what capacity will be available, but neither number has been announced yet I'm looking forward to meeting up with Dad & Grandad as is the tradition, but the rugby less so... well because its Widnes
  10. I've read elsewhere that 4k is the limit on any ground under 40K so a bigger ground that may have been available may not have changed this
  11. "Lancashire" is where most of the big teams are and better stadiums, the area is being rewarded
  12. My guess is 3600 for the teams and 400 for sponsors etc to make the magic 4k I'm wondering if that's the limit no matter the venues that were available. Stand alone games may have been the better option.
  13. So Mossop should have been banned as well, not Watts getting off
  14. You'd think clubs would handle appeals on behalf of the players
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