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  1. I’d imagine the RFL would be using the BBC cameras in situ for the 1895 game. So hopefully proper coverage
  2. Widnes sold out their initial allocation of 3.7k pretty quickly - I expect about 5-5.5k there.
  3. I thought this was a match thread, not a slag off the competition thread To get it back on Track - going for a Widnes win via Golden Point
  4. Depends on the host. Games at Widnes & Leigh have been fine Halifax had the camera between 30m & 40m line, do angle was very strange
  5. Motorcycles weaving through traffic jams far too close to other vehicles
  6. It’s an assumption they’ve been moved on due to SC, but given that Warrington are in the hunt for two trophies you’d think a coach would keep all option open if available?
  7. I don't have a problem with de-registering But does it pose the question, Were Warrington were above the cap at the start of the season? No new players were brought in to replace him, so if they were under the cap there wouldn't have been an issue with him returning to the side when fit? Atkins going out would have more or less covered Matty Smith
  8. Sean Ainscough scores a cracker against Leigh after Sau dropped a simple pass
  9. I think the players can count themselves lucky for the leniency dishes out here. If that was an NCL game several players would have long term bans
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