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  1. I think the lack of access to the work’s vending machine is doing me wonders
  2. You need some decent hand moisturiser. That much I learnt when I was on manual peritoneal dialysis when a 2 minute handwash was needed each time, not this 20second ######
  3. We got a bit more positive news on Friday, few more answers for individuals so a lot more went off work better informed of the situation. Plus the shareholders committed to funding some of the gap between the government grant and our full salary. Just plays the waiting game now to see when we’re back in
  4. The individual could “choose” to be temporarily laid off then would be eligible for furlough payments If you choose to be off work at the minute you’d through self-isolation companies may have differing polices about how much they pay, if no company sick pay left they would be on SSP which would be considerably less than the furlough payment. The above isn’t clear in what Leon has said, but I expect this is what is happening
  5. My firm are making the majority of staff furloughed from Monday. Leadership don’t seem to fully understand how the scheme works and what the impact is on the individual.
  6. Some say that is better tasting than their beer Not me I love their stuff
  7. I think one day next weekend has a full day. Including the first SL game being shown as live in the evening
  8. Living on My Own - Freddie Mercury
  9. Saw this doing the rounds today
  10. This is my quandary at the minute (nothing serious) I’m destined to be at home for the next three months. I rarely drink at home, but like a pint when I’m out. Should I get into the habit of home drinking or just wait it out?
  11. I know of a few with all the symptoms being diagnosed over the phone via 111 they’ll only get tested if their symptoms get worse and get admitted to hospital. We have absolutely no idea how many have been infected by this virus
  12. Pub across town started this the other day, I’d hope more will follow suit to save wasting valuable ale going down the drain
  13. Whoah there a minute. That’s not what I said at all. Maybe I didn’t understand the whole context from your first post but please don’t twist my words like that
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