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  1. Most were soft high tackles in the game so I doubt there will be any suspensions as a result of them, with the two sin bins for Widnes one for an off the ball hit (if deemed high will get a ban) and the other a tip tackle which will probably get a ban
  2. I think the punch was aimed at Mikey Lewis so were mitigating circumstances
  3. It isn’t but it was still a possibility they could have said the ref followed the guidance so tough. After the incident happened this was the only reasonable outcome really.
  4. The NRL games are played with 25 man squads with bonus points for things like offloads, that's hardly comparable to a normal game either
  5. Must mean dodgy boxes in Benidorm
  6. They need more attacking options than Lilley for me. Too much is just going though him
  7. May have a better contest on a bigger pitch. Creating gaps is a bit of an issue at Odsal ain’t it
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