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  1. New Kits 2015

    Image posting seems to be disables, but follow this link to see how bad it could get$_57.JPG
  2. The NFL, a competition that has considerably more exposure on a global scale and that receives more money for a couple of Monday Night games than we get all year has for decades wrestled with the idea of a European Franchise in their domestic competition. The concept that a Canadian team, no matter how well funded could be parachuted into a UK based league, making it the only full time outfit in that comp is laughable. As for Away a London Broncos supporter I can assure you that we'd have space in our taxi for the travelling Canadians, whilst the English invasion of Canada would maybe number a bakers dozen at best. Expansion of a sport is best done within that country and even then there's no assurance of success...Catalans Dragons being in SL has done little for the French domestic or International scene and even parachuting PROFESSIONAL teams from Wales and London into the game failed miserably. Better to test the water with regular season games being taken to Toronto as exhibition matches to see if the 7,600 are really interested in club football over Internationals against the USA. The 10k or so crowd v Jamaica a few years back was part of a festival BTW......the figure this year was less than 1/3 of that. Let these "investors" pay to get Wigan v Saints played in Toronto and see if there's an appetite for it before further alienating the teams in the lower divisions.
  3. 10 Franchises on 10 year licences. Owners bid to own these and "buy" them by depositing a sum of money with the RFL "a Bond" The RFL return this cash in 10% segments, 1 each year The RFL pay interest on the balance back to the club owners. These owners are encouraged not to build business plans on pie in the sky marketing projections, concerts and other male genitals. Failure/closure costs you the balance of the "bond" Licences can be sold/transferred to new owners. Same bond commitment required. At first I suggested 10million with 1 million back, but was told this was unacceptable? Given the owners would get their money back PLUS the SKY cash, I disagree. The alternative is we dance the dance that is popular at Odsal.....lots of owners nobody paying for it or even better, at London, where a prospective owner is being paid to take a 12 month test drive? No more rubbish owners with world domination in their plans....all they need to do is make their clubs self sufficient/profitable in 10 years through good business practice.
  4. Harlequins should move here

    Greetings 3,331 was the average at the Valley 2000-2001 3,681 was the average at Griffin Park 2002-2005 3,625 is the current average at the Stoop 2005-2010 Moving or changing our name will change nothing. According to the RFL, there are 1,000,000 people in the London area with an interest in RL. This is just one target audience. Then you have the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (2001 poulation 175,000), the surrounding areas of Ealing, Hounslow, Feltham, Brentford. Then there's the ANZACS, who although they have proved difficult to attract, did turn up in force in 2005 (v Leeds, Griffin Park, 6,500) when the club ran a VB promo in METRO. The RFL marketed the WCC warm up game in 2009 and got nearly 7,000 to a game....Quins did SFA with this change there then. The simple fact is that unless there is a substantial injection of cash to promote the game, then all the time and effort (as well as considerable funding) that has gone into development and community work will be for nothing. Who, in their right mind would be happy to invest 10,000,000 over 10 years in a business that is currently losing 30k a week and doing nothing to stop the losses apart from letting staff go? What Quins need is a total change of management, to bin the community/development work they have carried out on behalf of the RFL at no expense to the RFL and concentrate on turning a profit. IMO that is.