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  1. Nor does Orkney. I believe Shetland does though?
  2. That is indeed what I said! I did also say that I have now seen things in other languages, some of which seems to have been led by the Mayor of London’s office.
  3. There is a huge "something's got to kill you" streak in some people that I don't get. I think the best response to such thinking comes in Support Your Local Gunfighter "You've got to die some time." "Yes, but the smart ones postpone it for as long as possible."
  4. A pretty vicious rise. Not sure what else to say. What’s done is done. I fear things are about to get a lot, lot bleaker.
  5. The MS Zaandam could very soon become a very grim version of one of these.
  6. Mate, I arrived in Gatwick and there was hardly anything even in English. There have been other language versions of some of the material - I think that was started by the Mayor of London’s office.
  7. Vast swathes of social media (and some moron members of the internet) seem to believe that rates of disobedience of the rules are higher amongst the non-indigenous population. (Their descriptor, usually, not mine.) Needless to say, this is not actually true. Being a prat crosses all racial, class and age boundaries.
  8. If people who are driving could slow the **** down, it would be appreciated. Just because the police are out catching people walking the dog for the second time that day, it doesn't mean it's suddenly safe for you to treat town centre streets like a race track.
  9. You could be right. I suspect whoever wrote that didn't necessarily know the full details of the scheme.
  10. Christ, think how bad you'd look if you hadn't been.
  11. Just a cold. We'll look back on this in a month and learn things. Like how we overreacted because lots of people die anyway.
  12. They are also very beautiful and so staying indoors with them would not be problematic. Plus it's only just coming to the end of their winter (right?, I'm not making this entirely up) so staying in a bit longer sensibly isn't going to be a massive cultural issue? I suspect they will need to lockdown like everyone else in due course though.
  13. And to change the tone back ... media reporting a temporary mortuary - for up to 12,000 - being built at Birmingham Airport
  14. I am now reading that to the Benny Hill tune.
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