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  1. Aye, I know I sound cheap. But it could be 1p and I still wouldn't. Not because the football isn't worth it (£2.50 or more, although I don't think it's a good idea to charge) but because I've yet to have a good experience watching anything via OurLeague.
  2. I ... I ... I mean you think you know someone and then ... this ...
  3. I'm not paying for OurLeague. The service doesn't justify it.
  4. I'm very much with you on Van Morrison in that he seems "yeah okay" but not really worthy of the adulation and devotion. I do listen to a lot of Bruce Springsteen but then there's a lot to listen to. In that back catalogue there's a period that runs from Human Touch/Lucky Town to … surprisingly recently, where he just disappeared up his own hole. He seems to be enjoying himself a lot more now and we're all the better for it.
  5. Not so much an artist but … organ music. Music for the organ. For some reason, classical music includes in its repertoire the sound of a piano farting slowly fused with a bagpipist having a heart attack. I don't get it. I do not see why others get it. I have no concept of why people see musical value in this. And Mozart.
  6. Unlike Tampa Bay who are the new Montreal Expos In Waiting.
  7. RU also flings huge amounts of money at qualified teams so they can be 'competitive' come tournament time.
  8. And, with Washington's sweep of St Louis, it now means that of the 30 MLB franchises, 29 have been to the World Series. Only Seattle, who have been trying since 1977, haven't got there yet.
  9. Chiefs, Falcons, Bills, Bengals, Lions, Texans, Giants, 49ers, Chargers, Bears, Seahawks, Cowboys, Patriots EDITED: Packers
  10. I think I've said before that a friend was very heavily involved in club cricket (he moved so is now less involved) and was integral in turning the committee there from one that couldn't see why they needed a women's team to one that was basically a bunch of middle aged stalkers trying to locate girls who might want to play. The reason for the change was at first they realised they could get more funding from the ECB for basic things like nets and ground improvements if they had more girls participating ... but then they realised you had more parents volunteering, more people connected to the club bringing more money in, and that when the girls'/women's teams won things their trophies looked just as good in the clubhouse. It was, and is, an incredibly virtuous circle.
  11. Look, we've already agreed that until every single Super League is covered - equality of standard - that we shouldn't even be showing the Championship, let alone moving on to the NCL.
  12. I watched them on a regular TV. There were, I believe, on the Red Button with live text on the BBC Sport app. I know because I always make my very funny comment about people bringing dogs to games and use the bbcrl hashtag. Now, how many women's games were on TV either in the same way or with more coverage? I think I can think of four games that had coverage: Women's Origin, NRLW Final, Women's Challenge Cup Final, and the Grand Final. And that appears to be too many for you?
  13. Is it? The BBC showed all the rounds of the Challenge Cup including all-amateur ties.
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