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  1. Thanks - I wasn't quite sure of the circumstance.
  2. Yes - I think that's the one. Needing to score two goals to advance so it was the obvious substitution to make.
  3. I think, without checking, that England needed to beat Sweden to get out of the group and then failed to do so. We had an equally awful Euro 88. Denmark shouldn't have been there but were included for the reasons you say.
  4. 8 teams up to and including 1992, 16 teams up to and including 2012, 24 teams since 2016 ...
  5. No play in the morning at Southampton Play starting on time but without much optimism of a full day's play in Bristol For hipsters there's also Windies v South Africa on BT this afternoon
  6. Where does he live? From a lot of places it's a helluva slog to Llanelli.
  7. We have a very nice Primark. One of the odd things I noted about Hastings town centre is how few shops there are (were) in the first place. There really aren't a whole host of units. There are a few around Priory Meadow that are empty and have been for a while - and the empty Argos and Debenhams do look bleak now. Argos is in a good place and would be a good spot for someone to run something seafront themed; Debenhams has the potential to be converted for housing.
  8. We got 558 against Sussex in the last game before the break - which was roughly the same total as our previous three completed innings.
  9. A couple of really enjoyable days. In both it was towards the end when inexplicable things occurred and I wonder if that’s because, right now, there are effectively zero opportunities for women to get game time in multi day matches and so know how to mentally approach the final session.
  10. They shouldn’t be playing. The tournament could have been rejigged a bit to let them get their heads together.
  11. I believe he was one of the ones in the dentist’s chair? Quite famously so in fact. And I mention it because it was quite a big deal in the run up to the tournament - something that tends to get overlooked now in the Britpop tinged recaps.
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