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  1. Also says that still haven't actually finally confirmed the P&R issue?
  2. Are you new? We still have people banging on about mergers that didn't happen twenty-five years ago.
  3. Indeed. So you'll retract your cake comment as it's based only on your dark heart and not any known facts.
  4. That's the offer. It doesn't seem much to me either but it's over and above normal funding. If those five (?) teams who wanted to play on still want to play on then it becomes £100,000 each ...
  5. Very pleased to see this finally happening. It's a horrible nickname and I, for one, will welcome the Washington Communist Overlords to the NFL.
  6. Did they also notice that there are fewer customers, a whole bunch of PPE has been paid for, and that we're still in the middle of a pandemic and they should get over themselves?
  7. The article refers to this year with the parachute payment (£500,000) being given to the RFL to fund an autumn competition. So, whilst the rest of the debate is fun, right now we are literally only talking about what happens until this season ends.
  8. Your dog may be needed at Barca because the title is Real’s this year, I believe.
  9. No one. Mainly because football's moved on.
  10. The few places I've seen have been busy, probably more than you'd expect for a regular Saturday daytime to be honest. Town itself was pretty quiet so quite a contrast between the boozers and everywhere else.
  11. If it’s warm and sunny every day then we’ll have two spare days at the end.
  12. Two very weak Test teams (so should at least be competitive) so if it doesn't rain then we should know who's going to win by the end of day two.
  13. The R rate in London is back above 1 apparently. There was a time when that might have been an issue.
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