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  1. My Dad joined Camra not long after moving to Oxfordshire. Mainly for the vouchers. He likes beer and he likes a discount. He is no longer a member of Camra as, apparently, the sheer volume of weird emails, strange petitions and odd pronouncements being made in his name made him think that he'd rather pay full price.
  2. So, it's a personal affront to @Gomersall? Makes sense.
  3. This is entirely IMO - but if I were targeting the Under 30s (those painfully young people) anywhere then I would link it to what are they doing/experiencing in the town/area already and how can we connect/engage with that audience. For example, Hastings United (soccer, I know) have linked up with a local independent brewers whose pub/bar in town has a pretty young demographic. They are now providing a beer that will only be available at the football ground(*) - and (I think) there is now also a minibus that runs between bar and ground on match days. (* - and, cleverly, it's not for sale in the club bar where all the dull old soaks go but at an outside stall next to where they are also now selling the kind of reasonable 'artisan' food that Footy Scran accounts share).
  4. I'm ambivalent on it - neither believing that P&R is essential in the British sporting landscape nor that franchising is what's needed to drive up standards - but I'm not sure that relegation battles really do drive up attendances, except in very specific circumstances. The usual is far more around prolonged spells of lower crowds.
  5. It's not a proper comparison, absolutely agree, but it is reflective of how most relegation fights pan out. I only make the point because some folk will insist on drawing attention to the one or two times that one or two games within that had bigger crowds than usual.
  6. The two relegation threatened sides saw a decline in attendances despite the relegation spot only being confirmed late in the year? Say it ain't so. These battles draw in the fans and are the lifeblood of the game.
  7. I don't know if it's the case for Super League, but the EPL has a 'spare' (fake) trophy they can roll out if they can't get the real trophy to a specific stadium in time should the trophy be in doubt until the final whistle.
  8. He's enough of a fan that I can't see him walking away from Leigh no matter how much he has these frequent tantrums. Whether he can personally afford to keep putting money in when there is so little financial return in the sport these days, who knows? So he may do his thing of offloading folk but I really can't see him leaving Leigh in the lurch.
  9. A good question, I wasn't clear. Your friend should know that it was an advert not a code. Although, given the ticket price is basically 3 games for 2 right now ...
  10. Is seven pages the requirement for a meltdown? It's just that every time this comes up - and it's often enough that there are recent examples we can refer to - there is criticism and a general belief that the rule is wrong and should be changed.
  11. A legal point of view I agree with is that if something is punishable by a fine then that something is effectively legal if you can afford it.
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