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  1. I presume Jofra Archer and Tymal Mills will be back for Sussex?
  2. But the competitions they have their group games in are the ones that go across leagues. The actual English domestic RU knockout cup has completely gone, whilst soccer's League Cup is now accepted as a runaround for mainly reserve players until the semi final stage, and the FA Cup has the same issues as the Challenge Cup. And the Champions League and Europa League in soccer have both cut back their group stages from more extensive versions.
  3. Guptill turning out for Worcester today. Four days ago he was desperately lunging to win the Kiwis the World Cup. This is the standard we have in the Blast. And yet somehow the ECB don’t think it has value.
  4. David Lloyd is a nice guy but he really is just the pleasant uncle who needs to be reminded what’s going on all the time.
  5. Yes. It can’t be racist if you’ve insulted other people and/or you disagree with their politics. Plus, if you’ve done some entirely unrelated things then this means that neither you or your supporters can be racist. I certainly am very grateful to have learnt this.
  6. There's a lot of justification around it but you are being very clear that telling non white US citizens to go back home is not racist.
  7. It's fine. You've made your point. Telling non white US citizens to go back home isn't racist.
  8. So, that's a no? Telling non white people born in the USA to go back home is not racist. Okay, then.
  9. So, just to clarify, telling non-white, and only non-white, US citizens to go back home is not racist?
  10. We have democratically elected politicians standing in a chamber filled with other democratically elected politicians watching someone be elected by democratic vote within that chamber and then calling the end result undemocratic. Because that's where we are now.
  11. That's exactly what they're for. Plus it gives clear separation in the minds of funders, staff, everyone that *this bit* is the professional rugby bit and *this bit over here* is the 'in the community' arm.
  12. They are merely agreeing with the President's entirely non-racially motivated suggestion that there are other countries in the world that need help and if the Senator in question could take time to go to those countries and sort out those problems then she would gain the respect of the wider Republican base and have earned the right to criticise the President. If you see anything else in that video then it is you who are the racist. And that's worse.
  13. You'd think. But I've given up thinking what it might be. The odd thing is, I get why affluent (and, to an extent, not so affluent) established white men in the USA support him. He protects their position and enriches them. I'm just not entirely sure why British-definition conservatives outside the USA see anything there to defend. It's not like they have to pick a side. They can easily declaim a pox on both their houses.
  14. But he wrote a book on Churchill which basically makes him Churchill. And he's really optimistic. So there.
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