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  1. I'd thought (hoped) this World Rugby League nonsense had died a death.
  2. Pity the poor buggers running the bar at Canterbury. Hardly any play on the first two days so the ground is empty and then nearly 30 wickets fall and the match is wrapped up on day 3. I'd feel bad for them but it's Kent so I don't.
  3. So they are. Link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/rugby-league/49401993
  4. I made no comment here that we would have five days of good weather. None.
  5. It's the only six game set they can charge top prices (the £100 average) for each game. The Ireland games will be half that at most. West Indies and Pakistan appeal to some but not all so should be mostly affordable. Plus the Hundred will really be annoying a lot of actual cricket fans around that time so they'll need something to distract us from its absolute and total failure.
  6. England next summer: West Indies - Three Tests Australia - Three T20s and three ODIs Pakistan - Three Tests, three T20s Ireland - Three ODIs
  7. Hastings beat Faversham 2-0 last night in front of 420 fans. Not the greatest game - Faversham weren't up to much and Hastings play a possession style that's a bit dull against such teams - but nice to see a decent gate and the Bovril was tasty.
  8. I honestly don't have an answer but it's worth saying that it goes well beyond just being a Paul Pogba issue. It probably also goes well beyond being just a football issue - this was John Barnes's point - and, at some point, as a society we have to make a call about how much effort we're prepared to put into ending it. And at the point is when we'll see a pushback against any proper action and a desire to return to just putting up the occasional KICK IT OUT banner.
  9. Is this a hospital? Previous job we had to keep our office fax machine going solely because too many NHS hospitals had emails for staff that didn't allow attachments and so the only way they could order anything was by fax.
  10. I just understood all of a Dutch language news report that was not about anything I'd heard about before. I believe this makes me King of Holland.
  11. I don't mind if you don't like my manners. I don't like them myself. They're pretty bad. I grieve over them on long winter evenings.
  12. That would involve central planning for these - and a lot of cash. And we're nowhere near that day. I do agree with you though. It's a good way of doing it.
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