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  1. Bounces along quite quickly and everything is resolved by killing someone
  2. I like the London shirt but I don't see the point in releasing a kit whose difference to previous years is so slight. Just keep the old one. It's not like merchandise sales are going to be the difference between profit and loss.
  3. Gonna look awesome on some fat lad with jeans in the stands, that ...
  4. Ravens, Patriots, Lions, Packers, Titans, Chiefs, Dolphins, Eagles, Seahawks, Raiders, Browns, Chargers, Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers, Saints
  5. It's not sold separately in this country but the ECB's most recent deal was for four years and totalled £1.1bn. That's for T20, The Hundred, One Day Cup and T20 Blast, as well as England internationals. It doesn't include the World Cup or any other ICC tournament. I also don't think it includes foreign England tours.
  6. They're scrapping something nobody uses to support things that people do use. You can make out that all 75 year olds are too enfeebled to use an app if you like but that's not my experience.
  7. Russia women currently top of the main round group and looking like favourites for the women's handball championship. They are showing remarkable powers of recovery. In other handball news, that no one will have seen, reasonably big doping scandal ongoing around Romania and Romanian clubs.
  8. I'll be having a thunk about my weight in the new year. Most of the second half of the year has been spent just being sensible about movement and the like after the farce of The Pain. Well done to everyone who stuck with it.
  9. An absolute farce. They keep qualifying for World Cups as well, which must show that football is a joke of a sport.
  10. Mate, you're lecturing us when we've had the West Indies (a bunch of tiny island countries) be the absolute dominant force in world cricket and New Zealand (lower population than "Greater Toronto") be the absolute dominant force in world rugby union, and nobody has thought to say that this is a problem.
  11. It does make me ask all over again what the point was of Sky setting up a dedicated cricket channel and then doing nothing to increase their domestic coverage whilst also losing virtually all of the foreign non-England coverage they add.
  12. Cheers for that. Bit late to watch it but I was wondering where coverage of that series had gone.
  13. Plus the coverage on Five Live and Sports Extra, plus the local stations. It's really not perfect but it's better than anyone else is going to provide.
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