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  1. It's In The Blood

    We have got our tickets for Saturday at touchstones as I have stated on another forum !!! Much to the amusement of Wendy 😁😁😁😁
  2. It's in The Blood

    No worries Big Bad B, Wendy has got our tickets. Looking forward to it 😁
  3. Embarrassing, to say the least

    Well said Mick. Must be a scummer with his attitude. Keyboard warrior who never watched a game.
  4. Superb win Hornets

    To be fair to Penny, I think he was carrying an arm injury suffered in the first half and the rest of the lads were protecting him. From what I could see he could run but not much else.
  5. Toulouse 56 Hornets 16.

    Nothing to be ashamed of. A big part of our squad had not played for us before.
  6. Away Day fans.

    A bit worrying for sure. We have flood warnings in Bacup near us.
  7. Away Day fans.

    Just to let anybody travelling to York on Sunday, our lads will be in the home kit. See you all there.... Let's make some noise for the Boys !!!!
  8. Home kit.

    Just to let anyone know who will be going to the Featherstone game on Sunday, Hornets will be wearing their HOME shirts etc. So let's get across and make a lot of noise for our boys. We've been too quiet the last couple of games and that's not like us. See you there !
  9. Anyone wanting to book their seats on the Coventry Fun Bus can so so by leaving a message on here, ringing Wendy or the Club Office. Time of departure will follow asap. Thanks. Let's make some noise for Killer and the boys !!!!!!!!!
  10. The Quirky Kitchen has kindly laid on transport to pick up any fan(s) for the Mayfield Challenge Cup game on Saturday, (KO 2.00 PM at Mayfield). The bus will depart at 1.00pm and anyone who would like to book their seats can contact the Club, Wendy or put a message on here. So let's make some noise for Killer and the boys !!!!!
  11. If anyone wants a place on the Fun Bus to Barrow on Sunday 21st February could they please contact Wendy, the Club Office or place a message on here before or on next Monday. The bus will leave from outside the Flying Horse at 10.30am. Let's make a lot of noise for Killer and the boys !!!!
  12. Law Cup.

    Game on !!!!
  13. Potential New Hornet

    Just to put my two penn'orth in and to be fair to The Baron, I thought he was just saying what the general concencus be and folk would start posting if we didn't or can't sign Riley.
  14. Fun Bus for Newcastle.

    Sorry to those who wished to go to Newcastle, but insufficient numbers have not made trip economically viable so I'm afraid the coach has been cancelled. Pity, but we have already had a complaint that the away trips are too expensive so we thought that the cancellation was the best thing to do.
  15. Fun Bus for Newcastle.

    If anyone would like seats on the Fun Bus, could they book before 9.00 am on Wednesday the 1st July. Prices will depend on the number of bookings as will, indeed, the feasibility of running this trip. Bookings can be made by a posting on here, through Wendy or a call to the Club Office. Thanks.