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  1. I think we need to be careful not to get into conspiracy theory territory. We all agree that rugby needs a shot in the arm and if we don't do it now it will be to late, if you disagree with the proposals thats fine but there comes a point when just disagreeing isn't good enough, you need to bring answers.
  2. IMG have brought back the biff just by coming into rugby lol.
  3. Being Rochdale born and bred it's horrible that Dale got relegated, you want all teams representing your town to do well and the people who are happy to see them go down should show a little class. I do worry how it will affect us.
  4. What a painful end to the best performance of the season so far. I thought we were great the first half and Workington couldn't live with us, we were aggressive in the tackle and looked confident with ball in hand, the 22-8 score was a fair one. But Workington have been down 18 points vs North Wales and came back so it was important that Hornets didn't let Town start well. The first 20 of the second half was perfect for Town and the damage had been done. We let them run at us and they made some good yards after contact, i thought they bullied us a little. We didn't take all the points on offer today as we should have put a drop goal over before the end of the first half and there was a penalty in Town's half early in the second we should have took. The next few weeks are really important as we have North Wales who have't won a game but have put in good performances, London and Cornwall who we should be better than. We need to win all of these to give us momentum going into games vs teams at the top half of the table. Next week against North Wales is a season defining game, if we play like we did in that first half for the full 80 i don't see why we can't come away with the points.
  5. Today was a tough one to watch, thought we were second best in all departments as the Rams played to their strengths. This team is young and that has it's advantages but today some of the drawbacks were on show, we were a little naive at times and lacked the levelheadedness in possession to punish Dewsbury. Hornets has never had a big pack and we play best when we spread the ball but we didn't do enough of that, driving up the middle isn't the right move against a pack as big as Dewsbury. We seem to be lacking an old head that can run the game, in the loss v Doncaster and today we looked a little unsure of what to do at times when the game was up for grabs. But the team never stopped and gave 100%, that commitment can't be understated. We have players who want to play for us and prove themselves against the best in the league and that can only be a good thing.
  6. picks Wigan Castleford HKR Leeds St Helens Salford Which game will produce the biggest win - 1 point (you have to get the winner right for the point) Salford Which game will be the closest - 1 point Hull Kingston Rovers vs Warrington
  7. Thought we were very good against Skolars. Our speed of the ball and ruck speed was surprising, not many teams will be able to keep up with that for the full 80. What was also impressive was how we didn't really get riled up by any of London's tactics. Doncaster will be tough as they are one of the favorites for promotion so a win against them will be a good marker for the rest of the season.
  8. winning teams Warrington Hull FC Huddersfield Wigan HKR St Helens Bonus points Which team will score the most points St Helens Which team will score the fewest points Wakefield
  9. The game against the Dragons will be a good marker, put a good show in that game and it will give St Helens confidence. But to be honest any Super League club would struggle in Australia, thats why the World Club Challenge isn't hosted there that often. But i hope i'm wrong.
  10. He's been hit and miss as head of RL, that is not something to be proud of. He is more known for his failure than his triumph but isn't that the lot of an RLF head?. Under him the RFL has been expanded with limited success, world cups have shown promises (all be it with underwhelming crowds) but it is a marker for the future and something to expand upon. Overall he will be remembered as a head of RL that did more harm than good. But if we play our cards right, he might be the lead of an English revolution (all be it without his knowledge).
  11. The Law Cup is never a friendly. What score are we predicting? Tomorrow is a close game. But my gut says we will win, Hornets by 8.
  12. Rugby League needs a strong team in the capital, the Broncos have been competitive over the last few years but it can't hurt to have another team in the capital pushing for success. As much as we like to think of ourselves as a northern sport we need to grow the sport in the south of England and the scholars could have a place at the table.
  13. Fiji is a power house of the game, the last two world cups have shown they can play. The woman's game is important to the growth of the game as a whole and why wouldn't Fiji be a part of that?.
  14. It's a sad state of affairs, the raiders attracted a dedicated fanbase and was growing the game. But in the end results matter and they didn't win games. The RFL needs to reevaluate what it wants, expansion hasn't worked for the Raiders and for a dozen other teams.
  15. The money that has been raised has been amazing, more importantly the disease has been brought to the mainstream over this world cup and along with documentaries they help to make the wider public think about MND, which can only be a good thing.
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