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  1. I don't know why I quoted myself lol
  2. I was not at the game but loosing to Coventry is not something we expected to happen, the handling errors are definitely something we need to fix. Almost loosing to Keighley two weeks ago and loosing to the bears last week has one thing in common, an almost capitulation in the second half. We need to close out games and i don't think that is something we are able to do right now. Sunday will prove a test, Hunslet are coming off a loss and we need to capitalize, win and we are a top three contender, lose and we are aiming for 4th and nothing higher.
  3. Really? I think that in an academy where a kid is seen and coached by a club he has a better chance of being brought to the first team, its a bit naive to think that all you need is the ability, i see a lot of players who for whatever reason aren't playing in a team that are good enough.
  4. Less academies means less players who have had top quality coaching and facilities to choose from, of course clubs can pick from other places but academies gives kids a chance to be seen quicker and more of a chance to play for the top teams. Not to mention it provides clubs on all rungs of the ladder a chance to recruit players who have received the coaching provided by the academies. Do i have to explain that academies provide kids with some of the best coaching and facilities around and chances are better players will come from them than anywhere else?.
  5. Still doesn't change the fact that those kids could go to Championship clubs. It also doesn't change the fact that less kids in academy means less players, less chances to find talent. How is casting a big net to find kids who can represent a club or even country appeasing owners?. I think you will find its Rimmer who is talking rubbish just ask Rob Burrow.
  6. What Ralph Rimmer has come out and said about the licencing just proves how out of touch the people who run rugby league are. On Sky sports Terry O' Connor said that the kids would find it gut-wrenching. Rimmers response; "Kids are crying when they’re rejected from academies at this moment in time. There are roughly 30 pro contracts given throughout Super League to academy players. So we get kids cry when those dreams are snatched from them anyway." So in his mind because not all academy players play in Super League and their dream ends there, there is no problem ending it sooner. Well i can think of a few reasons, leaving aside the impact that will have in a young player, at club level the results could be disastrous. Clubs not having elite licenses could find young talent falling into the hands of neighboring clubs, this could greatly impact the quality of the game especial now when it seems we are trying to keep up wit the NRL. And every player that does not make it in Super League may make it in the Championship of League One the truckle-down of players could be lost if clubs are not granted adequate licences. At international level this could also be a problem, as every young talent that is not trained in an academy, that is not given the chance at top-level, is denied the opportunity to play for their country. We cannot allow the England squad of tomorrow to be lost today. But this again demonstrates a wider issue. With the the Rugby League World Cup being hosted by us this year, this decision to not allow clubs like Castleford and Bradford who have a history of quality academics the licences that reflect this shows the short-sightedness of a CEO who looks to the future but can not see the problems right in front of him.
  7. It's not about having professional or Semi-professional teams, it's about having players coming up through the ranks and youth system which I don't think Canada has, whether its France or Canada having a top team means nothing if money or talent isn't coming through. Ten years is a long time and Canada can grow but i don't think it will be second tier.
  8. Hornets have submitted their 2021 Championship bid, while the top brass and supporters are excited about this I can't help feeling this is bad for the club. The 2019 season seems to have slipped peoples minds and although I will admit this is a different squad it hasn't had time to mesh together on the field (something that league 1 would give us), not to mention the team that goes up will find it harder then any club from league 1 has.
  9. Hull KR should get a points deduction at the start of next year, Salford have been deducted wins this season. To compare wolfpack to Hull KR who have only withdrew with three games to go instead of 20 and Salford who have been punished is a gross simplification.
  10. If any club makes the same mistakes as Toronto wolfpack they should be kicked out and I think this desition sets a precedent for future punishments, it's funny that your question implies that you feel Toronto wasn't treated fairly when the worry was that Toronto wolfpack would be given special treatment.
  11. The decision that was made was the right one, you can't expect to be late paying plays, not keeping up to the schedule, dropping out of the season and be welcomed back. For me the red flags were there when in 2017 all Brian Noble could say was how great it would be to travel to canada, saying nothing about financial benefits. As far as Ottawa or New York are concerned I think it will be more of the same, I would be very surprised if any north American team has learned anything from this four year waste of time.
  12. Apparently Gavin Henson is going to the raiders as well, where have they got all this money from to spend on players?.
  13. We could always do more to reach out to minority communities, that being said at the end of the day the best players should always be the ones that make it into the team, Whether it be club or international. I would hate to see a quota system in rugby league.
  14. Nobody on here asked him to spend his own money and while it's great to have new fans and one of the bigest names in our sport playing over here, thats not a shield to had behind when people criticise your club. Thats the bare minimum of every fan base. Yes agreed but didn't you say you have a guy putting millions into your club?. So because we don't run a million pound business we can't comment on how the RFL will rightly punish you, your arm must get tired from holding up that shield all day. Btw what million pound business do you run?, If you don't why are you speaking about it. Agreed but we can still talk about the sport we love and the club's in it, even about the club's that were in it.
  15. I feel sorry for Toronto Wolfpack but it seams a lot of people blaming covid for 100% of this. Why?, they were late paying their players for months there were problems way before the pandemic. I know there is no promotion and relegation this year but is there a decision on whether they can go straight back to super league in 2021?, they shouldn't how can a team that didn't finish the season be allowed to stay in the league?. Send them back to championship with point points penalty.
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