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  1. Rochdale Hornets 2014 away kit was always one that comes to mind, it's supposed to represent tne members but looks like a horrible harlequins shirt, to top it all off we don't win a game in it.
  2. Paul Rowley is a good coatch who relied to much on spoiling tactics, Leigh played some good rugby but in the end they were dirty and at times embarrassing to the sport. Toronto Wolfpack showed that in the two years he coached them, the challenge cup against Warrington Wolves proved that.
  3. Hard game today, all depends on the Toronto squad line up and which Hornets show up. Based on current form im preparing for a big loss, but you never know. All we can ask for is a good performance and something to build on for the last two games.
  4. I know that but it does seem that they have ramped up their involvement, I'm all for it if its for a good thing.
  5. I'm all for seeing old players. I suppose it will give a boost to some of the fans and I'll be the first to admit some of them have done good things, I only wish their love for the club would have been shown when Alan Kilshaw or Carl Forster was here as I don't recall them making the trip. I have to wonder why now?.
  6. Their presents alone means nothing, what they're here for will determine if it's brilliant or not.
  7. Game of two halves. First half we were terrible, lacked any shape in defence leaking 40 points is inexcusable and 16 points in 10 minutes. However the limited ball we had didn't stop us from looking good in their half. Second half we were ten times better, in attack and defence. One of the best things to see was how agressive we were in defence for the first time in a long time. We scored some good tries and Shauns will be try of the year. And out scored them. Overall a munched improved performance and hopefully we can do the same over the last three.
  8. It's going to be a hard game, with recent opponents putting a minimum of 40 points past us I feel they will do that and then some. All we can ask is for a good performance and hope we get what we deserve out of the game. My prediction a loss 12-60.
  9. I don't and never said I was correct, but if he's healthy and one of our best players and he's not getting played you tell me. No I'm disappointed in the results. Out of curiosity how do you know he didn't want to play for the Hornets shirt? I understand that it is difficult but the way in which we have lost, low fitness, poor ball skills. There is more than just one reason we are like this. He may get players in and I hope we do compete. But after 12 games incharge we can judge him.
  10. So only experts would say positive things well Calland hasn't said many positives when being interviewed so what does that make him?
  11. Again i never said that the situation was ideal, but probably going 0-20 having had months to do something isn't good enough. And here we go again with the theories, just when are you going to lay some of the blame at Callands feet?. In your eyes everyone else is to blame I'm sorry but he is the coach a position that both he and a portion of the fans have craved for a long time, well now he's got it and things are no better. Maybe we should give him another year but he hasn't earned it.
  12. So?, are you saying you can only win a game if you have have pre-season. No I'm expecting improvements, let's take fitness as a example there are a level of optimal fitness that that squad reaches and thats built up during the season. There should be a marked leval of improvement even during the season and there has been nothing, he has had twice as many games and not a single improvement. Saying we should have won 10 by now is ridiculous but i would have expected wins or an improved performance even in loss but i have seen nothing and nobody has, to say otherwise is being willingly blind. Thank God it was the kilshaw show it was mainly shown through the championship screen. Foster should have never been given the job and I think Calland has shown he shouldn't either.
  13. Proving my point.
  14. With Toronto probably going to Super League next year and Ottawa and New York still a possibility could the idea of a North America league be something that could happen?. Rugby union has Major League Rugby (MLR) a collection of 9 full time union teams that will be expanding to 12 next year. The American market is big and one we need to tap into, union has played some premiership league games over there and now has a league, maybe Super League games should be played over there coupled with 1 or 2 native teams doing well there could be a foundation for a league.
  15. He's one of our best players, has always put 100% on the pitch and suddenly isn't played and then loaned out. I don't think that's a mark on him if it reflects proorly on someone it isn't him. I don't have a downer on Calland, I have a downer on a coach that saposedly had all the know-how and all the tools to turn us around and turns out he didn't, who came here and has admitted he didn't know how bad it was, who has brought in player that are not good enough. But most of all a coach who can not do any wrong in the eyes of some people on this forum who don't look at the results, the league table, the points difference, our fitness, the manner in which we lose or any of the facts and just blindly support him because they have been wanting him in this position for years and know if it was anyone else they would be calling for his head but don't admit the mistakes he has made or his failures because they will then have to admit the their messiah ain't what he's cracked up to be.
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