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  1. Great fundraiser yesterday there was lots raised in the auction and raffle, well done to everyone involved. £1,000 all goes to Hornets, this is what fans can do when they work together.
  2. 1, St Helens 2, Wigan 3, Warrington 4, Hull FC 5, Castleford 6, Salford 7, Catalan 8, Leeds 9, Toronto 10, Wakefield 11, Huddersfield 12, Hull KR
  3. So how many clubs are coming in 2021?, Ontario, New York and maybe Liverpool. And with limited funding to the lower leagues.
  4. You put your own road blocks in the way to joining a supporters club that has raised thousands of pounds to the club you support. This is the time for unity, the time to put down the grudges that have held us back, grudges that we are all guilty of.
  5. Anyone is welcome to join, as always its open to everyone.
  6. And they wonder why people aren't so keen on them.
  7. They'll be in Super League in 5 years time lol.
  8. See even their own supporters think they should have gone up last year.
  9. See even their own supporters think they should have gone up last year.
  10. See even their own supporters think they should have gone up last year.
  11. If you think central funding equates to 9 million for swinton or Salford then you are deluded, also because swinton get central funding that means that there problems and the fact that they nearly became bust means nothing. One thing you may not of heard of is the rugby league family and this is also a problem that Toronto have you do not make yourself a part of the family by comments like that, but remembering the last time a Toronto boss said something to a swinton player maybe it's best if you don't speak on those matters. That because you are not in the UK Toulouse Olympique had to do it, you agreed to it so don't be upset now or did you agree to it so you could look like good Samaritans 2 years later?. In what way?, more money than any other club, one of the biggest home attendances, big city, the new cool club factor, instant sponsors. Oh because you don't get central funding well with all that I din't think you need it. Again show how you are on your own. You're right you where supposed to be in super league last year.
  12. Just because it's a small amount of money in the town of Toronto doesn't stop it being a large sum of money in the sport of rugby league, you do realise that?. But my argument wasn't that you have spent money, its that you seem to have this against all odds mentality, when you have spent 9 million the odds are all in your favour, if you can't see that the underdog fight the power stuff don't work when you got 9 million in the bank who's willfully blind?. No you are not, swinton did 2 years ago when they nearly went bust, Salford did this year in making to the final when everyone said they would be relegated. If there is a hill to climb you got a 9 million pound ski lift.
  13. Sorry you didn't just compare working class men who struggle in Victorian Britain, who needed the money from games to substitute the loss of earnings that time away from the factory or pit to play would cause, to a multi million pound owner who has skyrocketed his club to Super League based solely on the money he has, bringing no Canadian talent with him or any new players. This is the problem surrounding Toronto Wolfpack people like to make out they are blazing a trail through adversity and creating their own path, this is not a poor immigrant story about someone who comes to the US with $1.00 in their pocket and a dream and becomes a millionaire, they have millions of dollars. Wolfpack supporters can't have it both ways either they have millions that will help rugby league or they are a club fighting the odds, you can't be both.
  14. I agree that our game needs the money in an ideal world i would see the GB team touring only but we need them playing at home to genarate money. The reason I think it would be better if they tour is the feeling you get, the Union Lions are strong because they only tour, watching the Union game you know the lions are outnumbered, in a foreign country and when the game is on you really root for them. For me the only way the GB lions can get that is if they tour, but like you said we need cash and that means home dates. Australia are playing england not GB in 2020, I don't know why they changed it. The Union game is 10 times better internationally than ours we could learn a lot from them. I think if we are going to have home games we should have the ashes every two years with the venue challenge every time between UK and Australia no matter who wins. I think the same should be done for the world club challenge every year with the venue change no matter who wins. The GB Lions don't register on the anzac's and the world club chellange don't and that's because those games are not played over there enough.
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