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  1. I was referring to the statement that 100% called for the vote, when it was the protest group. And saying in that respect the two are not connected. I'm sorry if that went over your head. I don't understand how you think you are 'winning' this argument one of us is looking at the facts and statements made from both perspectives and the other is just stating opinions and living in an echo chamber. (The second one is you).
  2. 100% Hornets are a fan group to support the club. The protest group are a group of fans that have problems with two members of the board. While some of the 100% group are also members of the protest group the two are in no way connected. Blaming one when you mean the other puts a negative light on a group of supporters who are for the club. I have to ask why someone would do that when the information is out there?.
  3. You seem to be forgetting why that was last time. When did that happen?. Some people were at a different meeting. They were heard last time, the problem is that what was being said was against the rules. It was last time, the problem is it was changed mid way through.
  4. Congratulations Toronto Wolfpack on getting premoted to Super League,. You have always been to good for the championship but now we see if you are fit for Super league. With Ontario and New York supposedly coming in the next 3 years it's probably beneficial if you do well. It remains to be seen whether they will be beneficial to us. Super League is a different beast and you will need to recruit well but with a (hopefuly from a Wolfpacks point of view) good home record you should be okay.
  5. I guess we are all waiting for the meeting.
  6. Who won the awards? Maybe they are the only 8 that have signed a contract for next year.
  7. Because the closest to 1 week home 1 week away for all teams the fairer it will be, it will be hard to adjust to super league and Toronto may do well but i think they will struggle for the first 2 or 3 seasons (saposing they don't get relogated). Just because they may start out badly does not mean it shouldn't happen.
  8. You could have a whole debate on whether or not the loop is right or not, but any way you can make 1 week home 1 week away or closest to that for all teams the better.
  9. The problem with the Toronto wolfpack is the fixtures, you can't have all away games then all home games like seasons past. They need an indoor pitch to host games when the weather is not great as I don't think wigan or st helens will except them having a month of away games knowing they will have a month of home games later down the season.
  10. I can understand why swinton fans are not happy 150+ years of history and all with the same name. But you have to move with the times and if this can keep swinton alive then the name change is the best thing for the club. It's sad to see the whole board gone but Andy Mazey has over the last few weeks said things that are disrespectful to the fans and may have needed to go. But what has been said to the board (death threats) has no place in our sport and those fans need to take a look at themselves. In all a said time for swinton both because of the boards decision to not let the fans know about the name change and because of the way the fans have reacted to the board.
  11. Like i have said before teams coached by Paul Rowley play good rugby but in the end only know how to be dirty. And when two of his former teams play, well what do you expect?.
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