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  1. It is a business, without that mindset the club folds. In two seasons we have only failed to play 3 of our scheduled games at home, it happens that 2 of them where against swinton. That is the point you haven't played there in 30 years, with the right marketing coupled with us being in Rochdale will get more attendances.
  2. What evidence do you have we had no intention of playing?, the fact it was called off does not mean we had no intention of playing.
  3. I thought it was a great documentary on a new rugby league club, nice interviews with players and staff and nice to see how the sonny bill williams deal came about.
  4. I think a lot of your players need to step up, you seem to have kept a lot from last year and they seem to be top level championship low level super league it will be interesting to see how they go. Where do you think you will end up in the table this year?
  5. I agree that you do not own a rugby league club to make money (with the exception of Toronto), oldham have just moved out of the town and with 2021 looming its important that a club represents a town they are in Rochdale haven't moved out of Rochdale, oldham just have and its been 25 years since swinton played in swinton. The reason the group wanted swinton to change to Manchester is because they hadn't played in swinton for 25 years and Manchester may have attracted new fans, they were trying to do you a favour. That's not a worry for us as we play in Rochdale.
  6. The Lad

    Law Cup

    I thought it was a close game, first half was split into 20 minute periods first 20 minutes was all oldham they played a lot of their ball in our half and defended well, but we managed to score. Second 20 was all us, we were aggressive in the tackle and scored some good tries. Second half was momentum swing back and forth. Oldham had a good ten minutes but failed to capitalise on it for the rest of the game and we seemed to make mistakes that allowed them time with the ball. Both teams dropped the ball on a lot of sets towards the end of the game. There was a lot of positives, we were aggressive without being dirty, we scored some nice tries and defended well. But we still made some poor handerling errors. But a lot to build on.
  7. Go on the club website and look at the preview for rochdale vs Oldham, under team news you will find it. It says "The club can confirm the singing of Kenny Hughes for the 2020 league 1 season"
  8. The Lad

    Law Cup

    Should be a good game on Sunday, we played well last week had a strong defence despite the scoreline, but Oldham beat Barrow and can't be overlooked. Anything can happen in a derby game. My prediction; Hornets lose to an Oldham side that is a little to strong 18-28.
  9. Fall in behind Ottawa and New York
  10. Having a lot amateurs in a squad is reason for concern as they may not be up to the standard in fitness and ability, I thought during the first half a few of our guys were blowing. And when we did take some of the more well known players off we did struggle. We do have the makings of a good squad but one game does not make a season Whether it was a good or a bad run out for us.
  11. It was a good game, I thought defensively we were very good and scored some nice tries up the middle. It was mostly the second team for widnes but that team would do well in our league so if we play like that we should do well. The problem is that we didn't use the wings at all and also droped the ball on the last four times we had possession, also some of our last plays were poor but that can be put down to us being a new team and our first run out.
  12. Won't make a difference on the result. From a Hornets perspective it's all about the way we play, good tackling, passing and kicking is a must no matter who we face we have to get those basics right. It's more about the performance than the win.
  13. It could be a dream year if we get any of these things.
  14. To get older, hopefully on a yearly basis.
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