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  1. Just to let you know that our boys will be wearing last season's away strip for Sunday's game.
  2. Many thanks to the Bradford fan who rang Rochdale Hornets to ask how my partner was after collapsing before start of game , all the test came back inconclusive He's as a phobia about hospitals and wouldnt stay in so they discharged him at 11pm with letter for GP. Got appt first thing Monday morning gp who after chatting with him and doing his BP she thought as his BP drops when standing was also dehydrated it could be a faint but to be safe sending him for test at our local hospital ie scans heart specialist The first scan is Monday 6th may ,hes now under my thumb !! And he will do as he is told ! Also we where aware 2 Braford fans had also been admitted to A+E from the game we spoke to one the lady who's back was the problem and also that the man suspected beart attack it was his low blood pressure but haven't had confirmation of this We send our best wishes to both Bradford fans for a speedy recovery Finally Rugby league fans are not just fans regardless of who we support ....We are a Rugby League family and we care for every Rugby league fan Many thanks Wendy aka Buzzybee
  3. That statement was on the Hornets' website but has been taken down ??
  4. In case you don't know, tomorrow's game has had to be transferred to Mayfield due to unforseen circumstances. I bit late to let us know but if you could pass this on to anybody you know is, or could be going to the game it will obviously ease the the situation as much as possible. Thanks
  5. The Fun Bus is full but just to let you all know, our lads are in the home kit tomorrow. Let's get to Barrow and make a hell of a lotta noise !!!!
  6. We are playing in the home kit on Sunday as Fax are wearing a charity kit in aid of breast cancer research....hence it will have pink on it. They have asked everybody, if possible, to wear something, big or small with....yes you've guessed, coloured pink !
  7. The said train will depart from Rochdale at 11.43. See you all on the platform.
  8. There are a few seats still available for Sunday's Fun Bus, so if you want a seat pm me asap. The coach will pick up from the Flyer......time to follow. ? C'mon, let's support our boys !!!
  9. FYI Hornets will be wearing our home kit tomorrow.
  10. Well it's the fact that my partner's nickname in RL is Buzzybee and of course an apiarist is a bee keeper. Bit of a misnomer cos she keeps me !!! Behaving,that is.
  11. The earlier train doesn't give us time between each change for a refreshment break and us Hornet ladies and gents get awfully thirsty en route.???
  12. Thanks RogerT and ernieone. The station bar will suit us just fine. Might see us at the game but if not you will definitely hear us. Cheers.
  13. The train for the Batley game leaves Rochdale at 10.44. There is a change at Leeds which will give us a 50 minute rest for light refreshments !! See you there.
  14. Say that again Baron after a few pints ! We are playing in our home kit by the way.
  15. The train to Dewsbury will depart from Rochdale at 10.29 Hope to see you all there.
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