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  1. Dagger from Warrington has the number one shirt at Hull KR next year.
  2. Fullbacks need to be vocal in organizing the defence. Escare speaks next to no English so this will be a problem. I'd say he'll be playing in the reserves at Wigan.
  3. Arthur Askey has more legs than this.
  4. Man of Steel will be....

    Chris Hill is the stand-out prop in Super League week after week after week. Should be man of steel but won't be. Ellis will be a deserving winner though. Surely Ben Currie will be young player.
  5. Isn't the Chairman's / owner's son third choice hooker at Catalans?
  6. He had already agreed a deal back at Castleford for next season
  7. R.I.P Brian Johnson

    Great piece. For me Brian was a coach ahead of his time at Warrington.
  8. Reserves Comp Shambles

    Brilliant stuff from the man who was one of the two ring leaders behind doing away with the u18s and u20s for the one u19s team with no over-age players. Even better he's now moaning about lack of reserve fixtures when he didn't even want to have to play against Hull reserves. Wigan could have played the additional Yorkshire based championship reserve teams but obviously travel costs are very high!!!!!!!!!
  9. The roof is due to be complete prior to the rugby union world-cup fixtures (possibly before a diamond league athletic event prior to that). All seats will be under-cover at that point. Following the RU world cup the stadium is returned to the contractors for fit-out works to suit West Ham. The RU world cup matches are being played on a "temporary" pitch so I'm not sure what state it will be after 5 games of RU if it is a wet autumn. The permanent pitch is only laid after the RU Cup matches have been played.
  10. Saw two yesterday: Widnes one parked-up at Ferrybridge services and London one southbound on the A1.
  11. Mathers Hicks Bridge Atkins Riley Monaghan Myler Cooper Clarke Carvell V. Anderson Solomona Harrison That would be plenty good enough for Wire by 40+
  12. Kasabian wish Wire well

    Strange co-incidences:- "Warrington John" went to school with Simon Moran from infants to end of high school.
  13. Saints lose

    Saints have actually used their overdraft to fund a lot of the losses in 2009 - their overdraft as at 31st October 2009 (date of the accounts) was
  14. I'd guess with ISC doing both kits next year will be like South Sydney's this year except in blue and primrose
  15. When did Ferriol first watch Super League? Apparently when he did "Morley was a great player that others looked up to" - was this at Leeds or has Ferriol only started watching the game after playing against players for a couple of years. Or maybe he's trash-talking