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  1. I asked for a price for Marty Ashton who as the leading scorer in the championship the previous season and now signed for one of SL's favourites would not seem an unreasonable pick at a nice price. They declined to give one and said he isn't a player they are going to price for this market. They were happy to take my money on Leeds Carnegie's fullback Ryan Shaw though!
  2. Mathers Hicks Bridge Atkins Riley Monaghan Myler Cooper Clarke Carvell V. Anderson Solomona Harrison That would be plenty good enough for Wire by 40+
  3. Strange co-incidences:- "Warrington John" went to school with Simon Moran from infants to end of high school.
  4. Saints have actually used their overdraft to fund a lot of the losses in 2009 - their overdraft as at 31st October 2009 (date of the accounts) was
  5. I'd guess with ISC doing both kits next year will be like South Sydney's this year except in blue and primrose
  6. When did Ferriol first watch Super League? Apparently when he did "Morley was a great player that others looked up to" - was this at Leeds or has Ferriol only started watching the game after playing against players for a couple of years. Or maybe he's trash-talking
  7. On top of the profit I also believe the accounts indicate that over
  8. I've seen and heard it said many times today half of Leeds' second team was playing for the first team. Apart from 3 youngsters on the bench who are all these second teamers? Smith, Donald, Delaney, Senior, Hall, Sinfield, McGuire, Bailey, Buderus, Peacock, Eastwood, Jones-Buchanan, Ablett. Replacements: Kirke, Pitts, Ambler, McShane
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