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  1. M.O.M Rovers v London (H)

    Ellis Davies Spears
  2. M.O.M Rovers V Leigh

    Misi Griffin Davies
  3. M.O.M. Rovers V Sheffield

    Misi Cording Ellis
  4. Match preview on the BBC (Merged)
  5. The Village beats the City....

    Take the point, both teams are not wanted by the RFL, and hopefully we both force ourselves through. Sheffield were, and are , the best form of expansion. Small step at a time, and not forcing themselves other than on the field. Fans a credit to the end.Hate playing you every time, as even with 20 minutes to go was still not confident. Keep soaring you Eagles!
  6. The New Season

    I can see the new season being one of the tightest in any sport for many a year? Does anyone think there's any team that will take a massive hiding at any point? York and Toulouse seem to be the two favoured to finish behind the others, but will they get hidings? Keighley obviously took some big reversals last year, but I don't see anyone being that far behind the pace this year to have 60+ put past them. Is there any team who doesn't have the heart to keep it going when getting too far behind? Personally I think Schofield may lead Barrow to some unexpected defeats, but in the way of trying to play expansive when behind against the so-called smaller teams (don't mean that in any disrespectful way, but Dewsbury/Batley/Hunslet are where I'm thinking) Other than that, lots of tight exciting games....bring on Boxing Day, chomping at the bit for my Fev fix!
  7. Season Tickets

    Does anyone know if the 1 adult + 2 children offer is open to everyone? If not, may have to tell the wife she has to leave, as it'll save me 65 quid on season tickets
  8. Championship Team of the Year

    Think Doran and Nanyn are there just to make sure each of the top 6 gets at least one player in.....Same last season when Andy Kain was our only representative, and though he had a good season there should have been a couple ahead of him for Scrum Half. Also guessing that for the wingers they've only looked at the try scoring sheets, and not taken into account the impact they've had on the games..... Think Briggs, Jessie Joe and Tommy are all unlucky not to be in, and that theres a case for at least another 5 or 6 too.....
  9. MOM

    Everyone played their part yesterday in a sound team performance, but for me the 3 stand outs were: 1 Tony Tonks - really hitting form at the back end of the season, non stop bulldozing effort 2 Zac Hardacre - dangerous everytime he had the ball, and for a young lad to give up a hat-trick for one of his team mates, shows the team spirit through the side. 3 Ian Hardman - Linked in well, and tackle on Harrison when he looked in at the bottom corner was different class.
  10. So then....

    May have got most of the positions wrong, but knew all along who would finish top Complete lack of knowledge my @rse
  11. Play Off Finals

    Does anyone know if Play Off finals tickets will be available from the club, if (when ) we make it through, or only through the RFL. Don't want to put the mockers on us getting there, but I'm working away through September, and want to make sure that should we be there, that I can get hold of tickets, and be where everyone else is in the ground to soak up the atmosphere....
  12. Featherstone V Barrow. Sun 22nd Aug. 3PM

    Completely conradicted myself OK then, the league table does lie.......but only 3rd place and below
  13. Featherstone V Barrow. Sun 22nd Aug. 3PM

    Can't see anything but us playing Fax twice, the whole point of a league is that it doesn't lie, The best team finish first, 2nd best finish 2nd Can see Sheffield winning the battle of 3rd-6th place though.....
  14. Featherstone V Barrow. Sun 22nd Aug. 3PM

    Fev 48 Barrow 18 Att 2222 MoM Tonka Cant see past it being a reverse of the same time last year, when Barrow showed us why they topped the league whilst we were in a slump.....