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  1. Does anyone know if the 1 adult + 2 children offer is open to everyone? If not, may have to tell the wife she has to leave, as it'll save me 65 quid on season tickets
  2. Think Doran and Nanyn are there just to make sure each of the top 6 gets at least one player in.....Same last season when Andy Kain was our only representative, and though he had a good season there should have been a couple ahead of him for Scrum Half. Also guessing that for the wingers they've only looked at the try scoring sheets, and not taken into account the impact they've had on the games..... Think Briggs, Jessie Joe and Tommy are all unlucky not to be in, and that theres a case for at least another 5 or 6 too.....
  3. SamG


    Everyone played their part yesterday in a sound team performance, but for me the 3 stand outs were: 1 Tony Tonks - really hitting form at the back end of the season, non stop bulldozing effort 2 Zac Hardacre - dangerous everytime he had the ball, and for a young lad to give up a hat-trick for one of his team mates, shows the team spirit through the side. 3 Ian Hardman - Linked in well, and tackle on Harrison when he looked in at the bottom corner was different class.
  4. May have got most of the positions wrong, but knew all along who would finish top Complete lack of knowledge my @rse
  5. Does anyone know if Play Off finals tickets will be available from the club, if (when ) we make it through, or only through the RFL. Don't want to put the mockers on us getting there, but I'm working away through September, and want to make sure that should we be there, that I can get hold of tickets, and be where everyone else is in the ground to soak up the atmosphere....
  6. Completely conradicted myself OK then, the league table does lie.......but only 3rd place and below
  7. Can't see anything but us playing Fax twice, the whole point of a league is that it doesn't lie, The best team finish first, 2nd best finish 2nd Can see Sheffield winning the battle of 3rd-6th place though.....
  8. Fev 48 Barrow 18 Att 2222 MoM Tonka Cant see past it being a reverse of the same time last year, when Barrow showed us why they topped the league whilst we were in a slump.....
  9. Would have thought the kids season ticket will cover this....there are 13 home match vouchers for the league, not including the Nothern Rail and special vouchers...... Should Halifax be entitled to any of the gate? The reason it is at POR is because we outperformed them in the league, they shouldn't get any benefit from that? Did we get any of the gates split last year from Shefield/Widnes/Fax?
  10. Does anyone know the weekend of our first (and hopefully only) Grand Final qualifier? Need to book the time off work, already got GF Monday after Booked off :D Presuming this will be Halifax (qualifier, not final) and that it'll be a Thursday night game?
  11. 1. Smeaton 2. Stu Dickens 3. Welham Think I have to take some of the credit tonight for Smee's performance.....Reserves Friday night I was telling my mate that he was sound in defence, but was not a threat going forward and shouldn't be playing first team, not realising he was sat directly behind me.......fair play to him for 2 excellent performances since that, and also for not giving a backhander to me, since I've been proven to know nothing
  12. Should the sky fall in....... Quarter of the season to go and we're already guaranteed in the play offs.... Hands up, who saw this coming on Feb 15th after we'd played 2 and not won either.... We may not have won anything yet, but doesn't it make you feel great to be a Fev fan at the minute!!!
  13. Fev 24 Leigh 14 Mom Grayshon First Try Welham Att. 2500
  14. 1. Grayshon 2. Tonka 3. Smee
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