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  1. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    a 5-30 pm kick off in any sporting fixture is in my opinion a recipe for trouble. people drinking most of day in pubs, then alcohol readily available in the ground. this is not a rugby league or football problem it is a society problem.
  2. Season Tickets

    sorry aint got no kids
  3. Season Tickets

  4. Flat Caps

  5. Flat Caps

    anyone heard when the blue and white flat caps will be available .
  6. gateshead ? whats the point

    only 13 blokes running round a field if your playing against gateshead
  7. gateshead ? whats the point

    wakefield trinity wildcats
  8. gateshead ? whats the point

    but huddersfield is the birthplace of rugby league !!!!
  9. gateshead last seven games conceded 60+ points, also conceded 132 points against blackpool earlier in season. speaks volumes for rfl expansion. enough said !
  10. Good win Skolars well done

    dont bet on it, a foreign team can be invited by the RFL to join super league
  11. looks like halifax

    didnt see the post by phil stone edited my original post
  12. Championies

    congratulations to all the staff, players, board of directors and the fans on a remarkable season. very much deserved.
  13. free ladies day

    thanks very much Maureen.
  14. free ladies day

    Do ladies have to get a pass for the game on sunday or do they just go in through the turnstyle. Just wondering how the attendance will be calculated. Taking the wife for first time in ages.
  15. england vs france

    well said sir