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  1. rubbish best stadium ive ever been too and I hate spurs
  2. anyone got any insights. its a super stadium and at 63k capacity we should fill it
  3. Who is going to Skolars for Friday Night Lights. NL1 v Oldham. New River is on white hart lane and only a couple of miles from Spurs. Youth tournament and bar open Saturday morning and then bar is open for the Liverpool v Real Madrid. Beer will be cheaper there than at the ground.
  4. not to mention those in broncos first team at the moment
  5. Professional RL in London is in a precarious state. DH has massively reduced his financial commitment to the Broncos which is being seen in both the quality of first team players and will hit other grades especially the academy. Massive loss Rob Powell leaving the Youth set up. He is key to that success. Broncos have taken Skolars Head Coach and most of the spine of the first team. Offered 3 fringe players in return. More should be done by Broncos. Its very poor. More also should be done by Coleman as he has been vocal for years about Broncos lack of support for Skolars & now he is at Broncos hes done next to nothing for a club he was at for over 10 years as player and coach. RFL has massively reduced the central funding especially to Skolars which has less than 20% of previous funding. The club has no alternative to lean on talented youngsters which is great to see but will definitely hit performances this season and next probably. Capital Challenge the Skolars big event and funds a chunk of the budget had to be moved due to Covid. It will happen in March & needs fans to support it. Hospitality and spectators. Its key to survival but no doubt will be hit due to covid and moving the dates. I just hope its not one of those you dont miss what you have until its gone. As a game we need to get behind London and get through what I think will be a tough few years.
  6. I agree they have a cushion with WWR & probably Cornwall. Last weeks game is hard to judge as they were very comfortable and took their foot of the pedal which for a young team is understandable. as we saw with oldham amateur teams can cause upsets. also some more recruitment to come I believe. It won't be anywhere near the best Skolars side but I think it has the makings of being strong in the next few years due to all the clubs youngsters who are now maturing. the club had a superb U16s from a few years ago and many of those lads are now featuring and have also had a few years in Broncos academy. I also think the league generally has to have been weakened by the lack of money. collectively its nearly £1m being sucked out of the league. has to have an effect all I would say is the club will survive better if we as fans support it. tickets, merchandise, player sponsors etc RL would be in a worse place if a club with nearly 30 years of history was let to disappear due to a tough season
  7. what criteria does NCL have that L1 clubs wouldn't meet? Skolars played for 4 years in the NCL prior to L1 so be good to know as I dont know any
  8. yeah I think survival and then push on year after. great to see so many Skolars juniors in the first team ranks of the club.
  9. agreed so as a fan ill be keen to see what he does now he has a chance to right the wrongs
  10. Which is amazing give how vocal JC was when at the Skolars when he felt the Broncos didnt support the Skolars enough. Given the Skolars juniors and some of their better players ended up at Broncos over the last 15 years. Club has always felt the support coming back has been limited & some years none existent. this year seems to be the worst so far and is ironic given JC remonstrations when he was at the Skolars. So far I think he has promised 3 players one who is either injured or coming back from injury. Given half the squad & the better half has moved over the support needs to be way better than that. If Skolars go under because of this Broncos will have had a big hand in this perhaps the biggest.
  11. How did the Skolars lads go? did they look out of place?
  12. dont write them off. this season will be about reinventing a new business model but the guys behind it are good guys and will get through it
  13. im sure there is a long Q? also what does he get for the £20m hes put in over the years?
  14. its going too be tough for both. just the stark reality of the situation foe both clubs. given the funding shrink I think we all have to be patient with both. if they can keep their head above water for a year or two I think they can push on. as I say I think we all need to be patient and get behind them both
  15. doesnt matter if there were 20. given you have London in your name then having folk from all over the world simply reflects London. we used to argue to the RFL for a higher overseas quote cos of that. if they live their life here even for a few years they are still valid imo
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