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  1. At £7.6k now. Not far off now. one last big push. any help much needed. should be a big announcement around Capital Challenge soon as well showing good signs of life at the club.
  2. Appeal is nearly at 65% now. £6.5k. Please spread the word!
  3. yes I personally spent around £350k before I left. I know since the another £50k+. no one does this to make money. these players are on of the reasons for doing it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:London_Skolars_players. this is just a subset
  4. well said. did the job for me. main thing is to keep as much of the infrastructure going. hopefully keep a FTE person and ensure we can use the pitches etc. 3g is expensive to use. idea for me is the club tries to keep as many of the standards they had in L1 that are doable. medical, transport to games, kit, a no sub model etc. also keep the local activity going. for example a bunch off schools were playing touch at New river ran by Skolars today. hopefully the club may also push to go back into L1 in the medium term as well. also this isnt a funding page set up by the club its by me and a few ex players and fans and we will oversea how the money is spent for bets use.
  5. secret is in the first word. what was needed was proactive help. anyway not arguing with you. you carry on with your view mate and we will beg to differ
  6. id hope so but I think the games finances need to improve more but I think the club can thrive in the amateur game and bring some of the standards it has had for nearly 20 years and employ them. I loved the old London league and SCL days.
  7. lot of truth in that but suspect David didnt even know. probably his CEO etc more to blame.
  8. didnt say any of that. I said they could have helped more. also I didnt say they were based in Leeds I said the people the club talked to were in Leeds. there are lots of examples of governing bodies putting a team together to help clubs in crisis. idea isnt to run the club but help them get through a crisis. dont forget clubs including Skolars are shareholders of the RFL so as shareholders they are owners of the RFL not members,
  9. This is interesting. a list of some of the players who have played at the club. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:London_Skolars_players Including Harry Smith and Mike McMeeken who both starred for England in the Tonga series. Not bad.
  10. sounds great. I agree on RFL. if they cared they would have sent a small team down to explore all angles to save the clubs existence. instead it was a passive help from sympathetic ears in Leeds but it was more tell us how we can help versus lets get stuck in.
  11. totally agree. £1150 already within 24 hours. 25+ donations. superb, shows there is plenty of support and love
  12. dont be pessimistic I think this is a chance to stabilise and rebuild. Skolars are a microcosm of L1 travails tbh. they will come out stronger im sure. unlike most London clubs they have a base, facilities and lots to build on.
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