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  1. I agree hes a bit of a grabber. Bit of a zombie tackler and goes too high.
  2. Great to see Leigh adding value already to Superleague.
  3. Have to say I think the BBC has had a big hand in promoting this effort and the money. amazing achievement! Sir Kev!
  4. Given the TW business model cant work anymore due to Covid what are Ottawa and NY doing differently? Definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result?
  5. sure skolars would be keen charliedehaan@skolarsrl.com he is GM.
  6. surely tho if we evolve the game to make it safer by tweaking rules then this is the same. for instance the high tackle rule has increasingly lowered down the body as the science shows its safer. surely the front row hugging and binding for a period of time and back rows putting their heads on sweaty ***** is something that can be reduced. i get the point on tackling but its similar but not the same
  7. where did you live, btw life during corona has proved people can work effectively remotely. i am sure most RL clubs would welcome you on board.
  8. I think there is a chance that the scrum could or should get dropped at least for the short term. as we dont have malls and line outs like union its probably the one area you could drop. tackling will be difficult but at least its over with quickly and has limited people.
  9. No skolars director has ever looked to make money from skolars. in fact the company is a ltd company but not for profit.
  10. The interesting thing is the Royal Mint is the oldest company in Britain established in 886.
  11. greece had a pretty impressive team when they played norway. i would say its 2/3rd greek from last time.
  12. someone should set up a just giving page. id chuck in £50
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