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  1. Was Bill Holliday the kicker at that time? I would guess that as Brelsford (a winger) scored 5 tries the conversion attempts may have been from the touchline and 3 goals isn't too bad. A try was only 3 points then. Like Tyrone I was at the Featherstone game when Alan Robinson's leg was broken. He had the ability to become a GB player. Merry Christmas to all.
  2. Seems like Woz has left us. A big loss. He was a reliable player who always gave 100%. I can't remember him having a bad game.I am sure he would have been a success in the higher division this coming season. I thank him for his efforts over the past few seasons and wish him well in the future. Some championship 1 club will gain an excellent player. According to Hornets web site Popular Hornets forward Warren Thompson has been released from his contract with immediate effect. Due to a change in work circumstances, Woz will be unable to commit to the full weekly training programme which has been set by the coaching staff for 2017. As part of Warren Thompson’s release terms, he will be unable to sign for another Kingstone Press Championship club in 2017
  3. I will second that. I remember the "Myler era" well. Great days.
  4. Your guess is as good as mine. I would have kept him. Perhaps not the quickest but could have done a good job for us. Still has a good rugby brain.. As people have said if he had an extra yard of pace he could have been playing at the top level.
  5. Below is the latest from the Hornet's web site. It seems like a reasonable squad. Not sure on all the playing positions. INS Lewis Palfrey, Gary Middlehurst, Jack Holmes (Oldham), Gavin Bennion, Ryan Maneely, Miles Greenwood, Jake Eccleston (Halifax), Jay Lobwein (Coventry Bears), Rob Massam (North Wales Crusaders), Luke Fowden (Salford academy), Paddy Jones (Wigan academy) Retained Chris Riley, Lewis Galbriath, Michael Ratu, Danny Yates, Ben Moores, Warren Thompson, Jono Smith, Jordan Case, Josh Crowley, Samir Tahraoui, Matty Hadden, Jo Taira, Dave Cookson, Jack Francis OUT: Wayne English (retired), Paul Crook, James Tilley, Steven Roper, Alex McClurg, Dale Bloomfield, James Dandy, Alex Trumper, Jake Shoel, Corey Lee
  6. Really disappointed that Paul Crook is leaving us. A player with a good rugby brain. As Tyrone said with a yard more pace he could have played at the top level. I think that he could have done a good job for us this year. With Paul Crook and James Tilley you have two very good players. I wish them both well as they always gave their best for us. I think that Carl Forster is recruiting well. I have a lot of time for Carl as when he was on dual reg with us he always gave 100%.
  7. James Tilley was a very good player for us last year. He is one I definitely would have retained. Roper didn't play much for us last year as he was at Oldham most of the season.
  8. To paraphrase his comments on Twitter.. He won't be playing for Hornets next year. Last year he signed a two year contract only to be told that the club were not honouring the contract as there was a clause in it saying he had to notify them for it to continue for the second year. He says it didn't say how he was to notify them. He was happy for it to continue and as he travelled in on Saturday mornings with the coach he said that the coach was aware verbally that he wanted to carry on into the second year. On Thursday he was told that the contract was void but he could stay on a pay as you play basis. He feels his loyalty to the club has not been rewarded and that also feels that the club have been dishonest and underhand in getting out of the contract. He thanks the fans and wishes the players well. He is fuming and disheartened. The above is my understanding of his comments on Twitter. If I have misrepresented anything accept my apologies and feel free to correct me.
  9. I've got to agree with you. If what is quoted is true then for the first time in over 60 years I'm ashamed to be a Hornets supporter. Such a pity coming after a magnificent season.
  10. Best of luck to you next week. They are not unbeatable and you seem to have run into form at the right time.Hopefully there will be a Hornets v Barrow fixture next season.
  11. A great career with both us and Swinton which he can look back on with pride. Thanks for the memories of many try saving tackles and great tries. All the best to him in the future.
  12. Full match now on Toulouse website. Great viewing.
  13. It makes the York match a little meaningless. If I were a York player I would not wish to possibly lose wages to go to Toulouse. Wonder what the RFL can come up with if Barrow or Doncaster were to beat Toulouse.
  14. Intention is probably to get Toulouse promoted. What is the incentive for York if they can not be promoted? I hope Barrow can get the second promotion spot but beware if you do Toulouse are poor losers.
  15. Peter This is what I found. Sounds like he is a poor loser. Vous saviez que Rochdale allait user de tricheries pour vous pourrir la vie. Comment êtes-vous tombés dans le piège ? Je ne sais pas si c'est dû à un excès de confiance quand nous menions 16-0 (17e minute, N.D.L.R.). Ils ont enchaîné les mauvais gestes et, au lieu de nous focaliser sur nous-mêmes, nous avons essayé de sauver la patrie de manière individuelle en arrêtant de jouer en équipe. Ne craignez-vous pas que la tactique employée par Rochdale ne donne des idées à vos futurs adversaires ? Les autres équipes ne sont pas comme ça. Elles sont comme nous, elles privilégient le jeu. L'attitude des joueurs de Rochdale va à l'encontre de l'esprit de notre sport basé sur la vitesse. Ce que nous avons vu samedi est bien loin du fair-play anglais. J'aimerais monter en Championship pour le plaisir d'évoluer au niveau supérieur, mais aussi pour retrouver Rochdale et leur faire payer ça. The whole interview is