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  1. Nobody denies we have an issue with discipline and give too many soft penalties away. However what we have been accused of by Mark Richardson is "thuggery and a collective desire to hurt people". If this were the case then I'm certain that more than one incident would have resulted in a charge. An incident reported which resulted in no charge or sending to the sin bin sufficient as happened in all but one of the cases hardly backs a charge of thuggery.
  2. Anecdotal evidence is based on anecdotes which by definition are "(of an account) not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts ". Facts such as we have had only one player charged by the RFL up until 09/04 this year do not back up your anecdotal evidence. Another club in the same division as we are have had five players charged yet when we played them it was a hard clean match. For some reason Monday's match was a niggling affair with both sides contributing. I would not base my judgement of Swinton on this one match.
  3. This is the first red card I have seen us given this season although I have missed a couple of matches. I have just looked on the RFL disciplinary site. Up to 09/04 this season Rochdale have had one player charged as have Swinton. We have lacked discipline this season and given too many silly penalties.
  4. I've got to agree with ormskirknet, We started badly with an easy high ball that was spilled and gave them 6 points. However we could still have won the game but a lack of discipline at crucial points and missed kicks at goal cost us. Palfrey has certainly gone off the boil. There seemed a lot off ill feeling between the Swinton players and Jordan Hand.
  5. Not a good performance. No excuses.We were well beaten by a better team. The defence was terrible in the first half and at half time I was expecting them to reach 60 points by the final whistle. In the second half we tightened up a bit and fortunately they seemed to lose their momentum. A vast improvement is needed if we are to get any points against Swinton.
  6. Batley were not behind the door with high shots but seemed to get away with them. The Batley player yellow carded should have been given a red card. All I want from a referee is that he applies the same rules to both sides. It seems that we have been given a bad name and referees like Straw prejudge us.
  7. It would have been impossible to take this ref out of the equation. He seemed to be on an ego trip. He was a young ref who was out of his depth. I've seen him before and why the R.F.L. persist with him I don't know.. We played some good rugby and the dual reg players gave 100%.
  8. Outclassed today. Ford ran the show. In the first half they seemed to target our right hand side. Not many positives but I thought that Middlehurst put in a good stint as well as Smith and Massam. They were quicker than us and moved the ball well. Improvements needed if we are to get anything next week.
  9. Was that when Gill, Gilmour and Glover scored tries? As to the new web site I'm finding it more difficult to navigate but then I'm a geriatric and not the best with computers.No doubt I will get used to it. I missed the York match. Has a video of the highlights been produced or was it that bad?
  10. Won

    Got to agree with you Tyrone. Neither the Featherstone player's arm nor the ball seemed to have touched the ground and he appeared to be looking to offload so was the tackle complete? Luckily it didn't affect the result.
  11. We have Gareth Hewer this week. He can't be any worse than C Straw who is refereeing ?? Hull KR v Sheffield. I wonder who will be his favourites.
  12. We shouldn't have to play the ref as he should be impartial. If he were a player he would be dropped but I guess that he will be ruining some game next week.
  13. Perhaps a little but we didn't seem to create much. In my opinion we were not as sharp as in the first three games but we will come back. I would have gone for goal when we got a couple of penalties with the scores close. I wonder what other people think.
  14. Not a good afternoon. We were outplayed in most departments and Halifax deserved their win. We made too many mistakes and their defence was excellent. As for the penalties I would like to have seen the same rules applied to both sides. One of the poorest refereeing performances that I've seen in over 60 years. Luckily it didn't affect the result as we would have lost with a proper referee.
  15. No C Straw was far worse. This was one of the most one sided pieces of refereeing I've seen in over 60 years. It was a shame as Halifax were the better team and would have won easily without his help.What is happening to refereeing standards? Does anyone review their performances?