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  1. Pedro

    2019 squad.

    Got to agree. He always gave 100% and never let the team down.
  2. Pedro

    Lewis Palfrey

    I wish him a speedy recovery.
  3. Pedro

    Great effort today

    Definitely an improvement today. Some good performances.
  4. Pedro

    Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    Batley match has been postponed. No surprise.
  5. Pedro

    Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    Hornets v Crusaders is cancelled according to Hornets web site.
  6. Pedro

    Geoff Fletcher RIP

    Got to agree. A true legend. Watched him play many times against us at Rochdale.
  7. Pedro

    Gav Bennion picked for Wales in World Cup.

    According to the BBC Hornet's Matty Hadden is on the bench for Ireland. I hope he has a good game.
  8. Pedro

    Matty Haddon

    I will second that. Thoroughly deserved. Glad he is with us next season.
  9. Pedro

    Onwards to 2018

    See Paul Crook has signed for Oldham. I think he could still have done a good job for us. Hope we sign a goal kicker. Sorry to see some of the players leaving such as Gav Bennion and Jordan Case. Are Gaz Middlehurst, Jo Taira, Jono Smith and Matty Hadden still under contract?
  10. Pedro

    Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Could be that he was brought up around St Helens. I live in Leeds but support Hornets as I spent my formative years in Heywood and supported Hornets then and still do. I wish Oldham all the best and I hope that you bounce straight back. Hopefully we don't change places next year as I will miss the Derby matches. I found the Oldham fans I met at the matches this year to be real stalwarts and deserving of some success (apart from when you play us of course).
  11. Pedro

    Unlucky today, but safe now.

    Very good display today. We deserved a point at least. We were most pundits favourites to finish bottom so we have done well to stay up. Some excellent performances this year as well as the odd disappointment but I hope we can build on this season. We know the standard required and have shown that we can match many of the teams. I will miss the Bradford match so thanks to all the players and coaching staff for their efforts this year.
  12. Pedro

    Championship Rugby League on Free TV

    I can't get this sports channel either. Like you I have retuned both my DVD player and TV to no avail. I haven't got a satellite dish only the freeview tuner in the TV and DVD player. Is it only available through a satellite dish or BT or Talktalk broadband?
  13. Pedro


    The missed kicks today were not easy ones but I agree that we need a reliable kicker. I would have kept Paul Crook as we have lost other matches through lack of a kicker. In the first half we made too many mistakes and Oldham seemed more enthusiastic than us. In the second half we were near their line for several sets but didn't seem to have the guile to break them down. I can't see us winning again this season unless there is an improvement.
  14. Pedro

    Tank on the flank

    I will second that. A very good finisher with a high work rate.
  15. Pedro

    Ref for Sunday

    I thought that Batley were put on a team warning for slowing the game down. No doubt that was our fault. The swearing I heard came from a couple of Batley fans near me.I realise that most of your supporters will be normal decent supporters and would not like to judge you all by those sat close to me. Having watched rugby for over 60 years I used to think that Batley supporters were fair and objective but the vitriolic comments by a few people on here is starting to make me change my mind. I hope that these posters are not truly representative of your club.