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  1. As Lewis was found not guilty it means that he has served a one match ban for nothing. This could have been important as the Swinton match was important for both sides and we had a lot of injuries.
  2. I can't fault the effort from any of the players. A good win. The result could have gone either way right until the last minute. Swinton's penalty that hit the post (which would have put them a point ahead) and then Rob Massam scoring a try straight after with only a few minutes left swung the points our way.
  3. Not happy days for me. Bring back Morrison. On a serious note we were outplayed today and you looked a very different side to the one we beat earlier in the season. Well done to Kelly in turning the team around.
  4. Worst display of the season, The first half was an embarrassment. No ideas and with a few exceptions very little enthusiasm. There seems to be a lack of leadership on the pitch. Improved in the second half a little. Without naming players there are a couple of new signings who have been a major disappointment for me this season. We need an old head on the pitch to direct us but unfortunately they don't come cheap. It was always going to be a tough match and Dewsbury thoroughly deserved their easy win but I had expected a closer game.
  5. Thanks. Brings back happy memories.Good old winter rugby! Travelling by coach to away games to exotic places like Bramley, Dewsbury and Halifax. If I remember rightly when I started watching Hornets we played all the Lancashire sides and half the Yorkshire sides. The last time we played at Dewsbury, the match finished in torrential rain. We were well beaten then. At least being exiled in Leeds today will be a lot shorter journey for me than going to home matches. My heart says 24-12 for Hornets but my head says 24 -12 for Dewsbury.
  6. I was there. I remember the score well as it is the only scoreless game I have ever seen but very little of the match has stuck in the memory. Was it played on a very muddy pitch? Was it in the seventies? I've been watching Hornets since 1953 and the decades seem to merge now. As for the score I hope for a Hornets win. I'd settle for a one point victory as it may a close game.
  7. The RFL in their wisdom have appointed our nemesis C Straw to referee our important match on Sunday against Bradford. After his abysmal display at Batley I'm glad I will be missing this match as watching him referee is not good for my blood pressure.
  8. The defence on our right hand side is just not good enough, Their first try came from a kick to our right which should have been dealt with easily. In the second half our right hand defence just seemed to evaporate. Their winger just ran hard and we fell apart. Good display from Jono Smith and Rob Massam took his tries well. We can't blame the referee today as he had a fair game.However a touch judge put his flag up for in touch but when they made a break put it down. Luckily it didn't make a difference to the score.
  9. As far as I am aware Hornets have had two players banned this year for a total of three matches.Both these came in a feisty game against Swinton. Not sure how the 25 appearances at Red Hall were arrived at unless it includes 2 Rochdale Mayfield players who for some reason appeared on our page and the 3 citings from this week (One of which was a caution and the other two no charge). All but four of our citings this year have been no charge.Incidentally I thought you had four citings this week with two being no charge. If no charges are included in the figures quoted for us they should be for Oldham if you are doing a comparison. I am replying NOT to suggest that Oldham are "a dirty side" but to point out that even a verdict of no charge seems to be held against us. I admit we have had discipline problems this year but mainly for giving stupid penalties away rather than dirty play.
  10. I've been watching RL for over 60 years. I don't watch Super League but I've got to agree that the overall standard of refereeing is low. There are some reasonable referees around but there seems to be more poor ones than there used to be. All referees will have bad days, just like players, but there are a couple I've never seen have a good day. The worst display I've ever seen was Batley v Hornets this year and the second worse display was by the same referee. It is not an easy job but some are clearly out of their depth. The best displays that I've seen this year have been when a Super League referee has taken our matches (with one exception and he used to play for us!). I don't know what the answer is but there must some decent referees in the amateur game. Perhaps, as has been suggested, the game is too fast.
  11. When on form Samir is a very good player and will do a good job for you. His form this year has been variable but I'm still sorry to see him go.
  12. I wasn't able to get to Blackpool so can't give an opinion on our performance. We needed this win.When I saw we were losing 26-8 I feared we were in for a hammering but credit to the lads for bouncing back. I wonder what the turning point was. Hope the highlights will be shown. Well done to the lads.
  13. Noticed in League Weekly that the referee Gareth Hewer was only given 35 out of 100. A couple of baffling decisions but I would have rated him quite a bit higher than that. I don't think he had that bad a game. Also saw that our nemesis C Straw only scored 30.
  14. Not a good performance. Far too many errors and we seemed to be lacking ideas in attack. We need a win quickly to get confidence back. Silly penalties such as being yards in front of the kicker at a restart and kicking a restart dead do not help. Hopefully next week will produce a better display and a win.
  15. Disagree about the music played at Hornets matches although didn't notice it today!! Well beaten today by a faster bigger side. Hornets (not Dale who are the round ball team) have a lot to learn in this division. Our squad is small. First half injuries to Jordan Case and Jo Taira neither of whom could take any further part in the game will not help. We still have a tendency to make unforced errors such a dropping the ball near the opposition line on the first tackle. We need to concentrate on beating the sides around us. Playing two of the top teams in consecutive matches seems to drain us.i still hope we can stay in this division.