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  1. “Our League” is showing Keighley top and currently, the rules are stated for 2021 season. There is a caveat that some operational rules have been tweaked because of Covid. It does not elaborate.
  2. The BBC has, rightly, Hornets 2nd - we conceded that soft try at the hooter! End of season places= Highest number of points decides. In the event of tied points, places are decided on final points difference. If that doesn’t solve it - greater points percentage during the season = for/conceded x100. If still equal, continues until result = most tries =most drop goals =toss of coin The top placed team is promoted at the end of season without any play-off. Hopefully without going through those hoops!
  3. Coventry’s match at West Wales next weekend should be interesting. The latter competed very well today against Rochdale Hornets, until the latter’s blitz at the start of the second half. The architect of that was Sean Penkywicz who registered 4 tries, but WW never gave up and scored on the hooter. A lot of cobwebs to dust off until we can see the front runners in this league.
  4. 40-16 win for Hornets, but far too many unforced (and forced) errors. Thankfully, we upped the ante at start of second half and the mercurial Penkywicz with 4 tries changed the match - yet, much to work on. Credit to West Wales who gave us a good game and look a useful side - certainly a big improvement on previous seasons, especially with Rangi Chase and some big guys. We need to remember that points difference this season and percentage wins may shape final positions - letting in that last try was sloppy! The Doncaster match will be interesting after they lost 18-44 at Keighley.
  5. His words “that’s to die for” could come to haunt his relatives!
  6. All aboard for the scenery.....and not a few stag/hen do’s?
  7. 22-12. Many thanks to all involved in arranging and providing today’s free live feed. That Hornets won was icing on the cake, especially after the time away from competitive rugby and the melding of the new squad. It was a very competitive game despite the inevitable interchanges. Our attacking threat improved as we began to gel and both defences were sound-NWC’s especially after their red card - but why not a penalty try at the time? Another run-out game might be needed before league action? Any news of Freeman’s injury?
  8. Great news for Rochdale, its Fijian community and a great opportunity for Hornets to maximise its 150yr celebrations.
  9. Anyone old enough to remember these? Liane Rudolph and Petra Schroeder the presenters of Kontakte, a BBC German language tv and radio programme in 1977! The ladies certainly held my attention, especially when explaining mit Sahne! The tuition helped for my business visits to Hannover, but I hate cream!
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000hqt9 Love & Mercy Focuses on songwriter Brian Wilson’s creativity in leading the Beach Boys during the 1960’s and his struggles with mental illness. The latter not helped by a manipulative doctor played ‘enthusiastically’ by Paul Giamatti. The film cuts between the 1960’s and the 1980’s, with Paul Dano and John Cusack playing, respectively, Wilson during those periods. Cusack, lucky sod, supported by the lovely Elizabeth Banks. The studio music sessions are very good and there is a bonus music feature during the credits. Highly reco
  11. I like Brian Cranston and the writing of Peter Moffat and put this series on watch list— yet on IMDB: “I don't blame the actor playing Adam (the kid), but man is this kid an annoying, unstable, reckless, overly-emotional, scrambled piece of horrible writing.” Should I start the series? it’s 10 episodes!
  12. Just finished War Dogs (2016) on Prime Video and can recommend highly. A massage therapist (!) and his best school pal reunite to fill arms orders for the US Government during the Iraq War. What is refreshing and successful is the humour injected into the film through the character played by Jonah Hill. Based on true events with a cracking soundtrack.
  13. Is the full Lupin series now available? I was enjoying the first episodes.
  14. 2021 Fixtures: After an opening home game with West Wales 8/5, we do not return home until 27/6 to play North Wales - and after 2 previous successive weeks at Barrow and Workington! Not the best for adding to early season much needed coffers. Hopefully, good results will make for a successful better home run-in to promotion. All assuming travel restrictions ease for all.
  15. Rochdale Hornets do not have a home game after 8/5 until 27/6, probably because the football club will be returning the ground- again.
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