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  1. Thanks JPL.....and good luck in the play-offs.
  2. Despite the score line it seems, from the Fev forum, that we played some good stuff but that tiredness took its toll eventually? Next week’s game v Dewsbury should be a good indicator of progress.
  3. Our win/lose ratio in League 1 should hopefully be higher in the former. Unless the RFL change relegation to one down only (as rumoured) to accommodate Ottawa in the Championship, probably one of Barrow, Dewsbury or Batley will join us. We could lose Oldham and Haven to the Championship - the former a significant dent in our gate revenue. Given the future uncertainty of life below Super League, my guess is that not a few of the stronger clubs remaining in League 1 will go for broke in 2020. For Hornets it should at least be a better season than this one.
  4. And it will not be snowing! Based on recent performances, we must hope it will be for the remaining fixtures against candidates with all to play for. A Toronto blizzard could be possible! Saturday's game "resume" - thankfully 80mins condensed into 6mins. Dreadful covering/defensive effort to provide TO's first try and not a few others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxVLk7CS49Q
  5. Not in a very special game in 2016 did they do so, and I guess they are still smarting at our impudence! That said, it is a huge step-up for some of our players, especially the ex- Mayfield lads. No excuse, just reality and Toulouse are now being pressured, against expectation, for one one of the top 4 spots. However, the end of this season cannot come quick enough and I suspect that is a factor too.
  6. Sadly, not very good....Hornets 0-32 down at HT....6 tries conceded; 2 lots of 3 each lot within 5/9 mins - a familiar story, alas. Hopefully much, much tighter or Final score 68-0 another 6 tries conceded. TO had 67% possession & of course are a full-time, seasoned outfit. Only 3 penalties against us & we conceded 70 points last season, but scoring 14 points. Not getting any easier for the lads - only Fev away next week!
  7. Toulouse has a few key players missing, but more than enough talent/speed to cause any team problems. To keep it close, we will have to control Ford’s mercurial distribution talents and prepare well, especially defensively, for a Toulouse side that has faltered too many times recently. Good luck - a lot!
  8. On, no! Now this thread could go on forever.
  9. Unlikely? No changes....in 2020 or for 2020? I suspect that the Championship clubs challenging not to be relegated with Rochdale would have voted for a stay of execution! Presumably then, Ottawa in League 1 for 2020? It’s obviously too much to ask the RFL to issue a categorical statement.
  10. First new Board communication: https://t.co/0WKYSscJIj
  11. A situation partly fuelled by “rumours (leaks?)” about funding post the next tv deal. This has to be addressed very urgently by all clubs below Super League, with their collective hands around the RFL throats to secure a structure to benefit the whole game. It certainly won’t be solved in this thread! Meantime, Hornets has to come together as a club. Hopefully with a team that can help end this dreadful season with a few wins and that will be competing in whatever emerges thereafter.
  12. Let’s hope so Gareth.....but of course the ruling bodies have their responsibilities - it does not help when they are forever changing structures, sparking funding rumours,etc. They should operate collectively to protect/embrace all levels/supporters of this great game. Hopefully, strengthening the Championship/League 1/Conferences/Cup formats into a saleable live tv/streaming commodity. Of course, the clubs have to do their bit and maximise their income/marketing opportunities.... sitting on their ‘aureoles’ Is not an option, especially these days! A united Hornets, bringing all ideas/egos on board, would be a good start! If fighting continues and all fails there is one alternative: http://davewareham.co.uk/baseball.php (from a thread on the main forum).
  13. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/hints-at-more-championship-expansion-clubs-could-merge/ This link concerned speculation of a 16 team Championship restructure to accommodate Ottawa, possibly 2020. It involved one down and three extra teams (2 promoted from League 1, plus Ottawa). They have been given the green light to be admitted to the RFL and were expected to start in League 1 next season, as were New York , but they now probably join in 2021. No relegation would open a big Pandora’s box.
  14. Very good first half effort down only 12-6, but perhaps less so second to lose finally 40-12 with another changed side and debutants? Widnes (full-time still, I guess) had a point to prove after last week's drubbing and still closer to relegation spot than healthy! Only 5 points between 13th & 9th to see who goes down with us - Barrow at the moment - assuming that 2 down isn't changed at the death. Next Toulouse , one of 3 teams on 26 points..
  15. Sorry to hear your decision TS - Hornets can ill afford any supporter loss. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, the “official” new Board announcement.....https://t.co/18rRq21hDX; Time will tell - depending here especially, on its longevity.
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