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  1. A glimmer of hope.....? https://www.rugby-league.com/article/57241/rfl-update--championship--league--in- Plans have been proposed for Championship and League One clubs to resume playing in 2021, with a further push to bring crowds back.
  2. JFK Amazon Prime has this fine 1991 film in the Director’s Cut at 3hrs 26min. The events/theories surrounding the assassination of Kennedy in 1963, and not a few deaths in tandem around the fallout, are told brilliantly with an excellent A list cast/direction from Oliver Stone. How many can recall still the announcement of the assassination, on the evening of Friday 22 November? Granada TV, Manchester scooped the news just before 7pm. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/jfk-how-manchester-first-break-6331085 I was ‘preparing’ for the Friday lads’ night out in Rochdale when my dad shouted to hurry downstairs. Probably had a few more pints, (than the usual too many) that night, such was the shock. In 1983, working in Dallas, I drove the scene, walked the ‘grassy knoll’ and visited the 6th floor “exhibition” in the Texas Book Depository. Looking down from a window, next to the one (off limits) from where the shooter delivered fatal shots, you cannot believe that such a vantage point was not off limits that sad/fateful day.
  3. Just finished watching this excellent series and the damning of Trump’s first months. Brendan Gleeson is excellent as Trump. It was obviously geared and released as a run up to the US election, as the series on Sky is available only for another 28 days. Wake up America!
  4. The Indian Doctor The 3 series (5 episodes each 45"/series) currently repeating Mon-Fri on BBC1 -1.45pm and available after on IPlayer. A very enjoyable family comedy drama set in a 1960's mining community in South Wales and with a 60's music soundtrack. Sanjeev Bhaskar stars as the Doctor with a host of good character actors.
  5. It seems that action may not resume until March 2021- hang on in there and keep safe folks! And a World Cup due late October. https://www.totalrl.com/championship-league-1-clubs-might-not-return-to-action-until-march/
  6. Motherless Brooklyn, 2019 Sky Cinema 1950s New York, a lonely private detective afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome, ventures to solve the murder of his mentor and only friend. A fine depiction of the era and excellent performance by Edward Norton, who wrote the screenplay and directed. Class acts too from William Defoe and Bobby Cannavale and the cast in general. Some great lines - “Got through Guadalcanal without a scratch, and I get shot with my own gun - in Queens!” - and fine jazz in Harlem. Nearly 2.5 hours to enjoy.
  7. Lagos in the 80’s.....arrived at the airport via Hannover, my team of 2 having, fortunately, gone ahead. At the passport check a very friendly, smiling official ‘signalled’ me to follow him to his office where he said that my yellow fever vaccination wasn’t official for 2days, I had to be quarantined and Naira was needed for my food,etc. When I asked how much, he said “What have you got?”. I had about 10 quid, but in Deutschmarks, which I placed on his desk, and it quickly found his drawer! He then escorted me to my luggage wishing me a safe stay in Lagos. It was a time of serious civil unrest with reports of locals being executed on the beach near our hotel! All the exhibition material airfreighted from UK in “igloos” had been emptied on arrival, and the igloos disappeared for ‘local use’. Fortunately, my colleagues had managed to relocate the exhibition material. Lovely people though.
  8. Given the talent ( eg J.Davies, G.Risman, Billy Boston, Jim & Clive Sullivan) that came from the Valleys, it’s sad that it has faltered over the years. Welsh Rugby league would be much stronger now than it is and Rugby League too - and it’s slightly easier to visit than Canada! How Henson, 38 yrs, adapts to being out of rugby remains to be seen, but for a time he should put bums on seats, especially with games v North Wales. His pub may get some extra English visitors too, but Church is now off limits!
  9. Battlestar Galactica /2004-9 tv series - all 4 seasons on BBCIPlayer.
  10. When you have finished and recovered, I would highly recommend Battlestar Galactica /2004-9 tv series - it’s only 4 seasons, all of which are on BBCIPlayer. Many would say it is the finest Sci-fi ever. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0407362/?ref_=tt_urv
  11. "There's a lot of pressure on clubs and some may not be able to rise to it. We are here to ensure the majority get through." "It's going to be testing for all the clubs out there and I can't guarantee, hand on heart, they'll all make it through." From Ralph Rimmer: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/53953649 The positive vibes currently emanating from and for our club are very encouraging in this awful period. It will be interesting to see the changes, if any, that the rfl will impose to “ ensure the majority get through”.
  12. With, tonight, Joe Tiara back in our colours for next season and all the recent additions and resignings, we should have a formidable squad with a lot of local talent and experience. Pity it’s a such a long period until action resumes, but hopefully time to obtain some normality to life. Good work by all concerned - well done.
  13. Brooklyn Rules (2007) on Amazon Prime..... written by Terence Winter- he of Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire; starring Freddie Prinze Junior. Set in Brooklyn, 1985, the mob world as a backdrop, three life-long friends struggle with questions of love, loss and loyalty. A great soundtrack. Certainly a film that didn’t get a wide showing looking at the box office receipts, but worth a look.
  14. Guess the Nicolette “QuicKmist” marking on the pitch was a little too thickly applied!
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