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  1. Masks in shops ....now?....pubs open season....or just masking the truth? https://t.co/ObSYXnaZhY?amp=1 https://t.co/HLBP44TPAw?amp=1
  2. BBC says: Whelan sold the club to Hong Kong-based International Entertainment Corporation in November 2018 and there was a further change of ownership in May when Next Leader Fund took control. Paul Stanley, Gerald Krasner and Dean Watson of Begbies Traynor have been appointed as joint administrators. https://wiganathletic.com/news/2020/june/Club-Statement-Next-Leader-Fund-L-P-Purchase-Majority-Shareholdings-of-Wigan-Athletic/
  3. Rochdale Hornets RLFC Ltd (Plc) The formal announcement is on the club web site, on social media and even on the main TRL forum, where several posters wish us well. https://hornetsrugbyleague.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=63252b8be56d311d18c3b1156&id=7ecc442865&e=2f982ed402 Personally, I am delighted and thank the Chairman Andy Mazey and his Board, along with the Members, who have given the club a new lease of life, especially in these difficult times. Look forward (whenever that is!) to a new ride and details of the new supporters association. Good luck to all who sail in her.
  4. Perhaps like the one on the right, so to speak? Just have to make sure with any "couple" cut-outs it's the regular partner and they are social distancing! Could catch on.
  5. Bill Evans - Times Remembered on Amazon Prime http://www.billevanstimeremembered.com/ A brilliant 90min documentary by Bruce Spiegel on the genius composer and pianist. Unique in style, crouching over and massaging the keys sublimely and emotionally, he recorded over 50 albums, including as a side man with the likes of Tony Scott and Miles Davies (“Kind of Blue”) or with his own trios. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Evans_discography Sadly, died in 1980, aged 51 from pneumonia, following years of cocaine and heroin............enjoy the ride.
  6. The 3 series of The A-Word is currently on BBCIPlayer and the actor playing the autistic boy is exceptional. A well-written series that mirrors family perspectives is from the pen of Peter Bowker and with a very good cast including an excellent Christopher Eccleston. The mood changing Lakes District locations are perfect.
  7. Only as a supporter... as I remain in perpetual education from the wisdom within these forums!
  8. Just getting to grips and liking this "modern" take - a far cry from standard Hollywood series - and came across the very interesting link below: "Lost, soon to be forgotten." These words were recited by the fictional actress Camille Washington in Netflix's latest series, Hollywood. Washington, a black actress, is auditioning for the role inspired by Peg Entwistle, a real life movie actress born in Port Talbot, whose Hollywood career was cut short at the age of 24. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-52652619
  9. Procedures for yesterday’s Bundesliga: “Teams arrived in several buses so players could socially distance on the journey to the game. Players and staff had all been quarantining in team hotels all week and are being tested for coronavirus regularly. As they left the buses they wore facemasks on their way into the ground. Other people attending the games, including the media, had their temperatures checked. Fans were banned from matches, with police patrolling to make sure no crowds gathered at the venues. Only 213 people were allowed into the ground - 98 on and around the pitch (like players, coaches and ball boys) and 115 in the stands (such as security, medics and media). Another 109 people (including security and VAR operators) were allowed just outside the stadium. Footballs were disinfected by ball boys before the game and again at half-time.“
  10. Anyone trawled through 4 Seasons of MrRobot (2015/19), now on Amazon Prime? Reviewers on Imdb seem ecstatic, with many 10/10, but I will defer to this forum’s ‘experience’!
  11. glemiln


    Many thanks for posting these and the other fascinating items....I guess most on here can still come to to grips with pounds, shillings and pence! Apparently, £1 in 1910 is equivalent in purchasing power to circa £120 today - inflation rate 1910 was 1.05%. I wonder why were fined 18 shillings? An “entertainment tax” of £2300 on gate receipts of £8700 - presumably not subjective? It would be interesting if a Government today were to latch on to this (if or when play resumes), provided we could get refunds based on their performances!
  12. The protocols required for the football Premier League to resume their first part of training - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52635005
  13. A pointer to the steps Rugby League will have to take? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52635005 Just a sample: Tackling will be banned, pitches disinfected and players restricted to groups of five when the Premier League starts a first phase of team training. Official protocols sent to players and managers on Tuesday and obtained by the BBC reveal that social distancing must be "strictly observed". Corner-flags, balls, cones, goalposts and even playing surfaces will be disinfected after each session. Ongoing surveillance measures included in further guidance include twice-weekly testing, and a daily pre-training questionnaire and temperature check. Under a section titled 'health screening', players are also told a central register of Covid-19 test results (subject to their consent and Professional Footballers' Association agreement) will need to be maintained.
  14. I think you are correct.
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