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  1. Thanks Rory. Living miles away from the action I know nothing of the players. Hopefully they can develop at Hornets as well others in the past. It’s a big step up, even to League 1 and we will also need to add some well seasoned/dedicated ‘lads’ to help make an impact against the likes of Barrow, Newcastle and Doncaster. The fans certainly need a big lift after last season.
  2. Aside from Fowden? If the takeover happens, I guess Mazey & Co will have significant influence, along with Matt, on incoming players. I see that Abrams has gone to Oldham.
  3. Abram is an excellent goal kicker and is a tricky and quick player, but perhaps a little lightweight from what little I’ve seen.
  4. You are chancing your arm (and more). This forum now has a longer time frame ...just wait for “comments” too from the dark side and perhaps from Stalybridge! Or post it on their forum! As to your post, I guess that most diehard Yeds would rather walk on jagged glass and hot coals than come to watch a hybrid team, especially at Rochdale. A derby between the town teams is another matter. For now it’s their bragging rights that they have replaced us in the Championship - for how long (or if longer than Hornets) remains to be seen. I wish them the luck they will need and hope for a pre-season ”friendly”, preferably at home on a proper ground!
  5. Things are changing in RL that’s for certain - only time will tell if for the better. Toronto’s mission in SL is starting to roll, and with the likes of New York and Ottawa apparently joining soon, it’s easy to see a major restructuring of the game within 2 years or less, hopefully without casualties. SL and the RFL (hopefully) will ensure that the product pitched for new tv contracts with Sky and perhaps additional broadcasters is the best available and that realistic central funding will support the whole club structure. Rochdale Hornets’ perilous situation with losses and declining revenue, especially now with the crumbs from fixtures in League 1 and less central funding has to be addressed quickly - especially a new squad for 2020! - and to be in a much better state to attract wider/greater sponsorship, etc going forward. We have a long proud history on which to build and market a new Rochdale Hornets, hopefully attracting more of a large local populace, especially youngsters. Given the demographics and competition from tv, football and nearby SL clubs, not easy of course, but this opportunity potentially gives us a chance of survival as a semi-pro club, for the near future at least. The full details must be emerging now, with any viable alternatives, to alleviate our circumstances and in a rapidly declining time frame. Interesting, if not worrying times.
  6. https://www.hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/article/53535/consortium-interest-gives-hornets-an-opportunity Perhaps the last chance saloon...encouraging the fact that Paul Ormerod is involved too and hopefully all aspects will be addressed diligently and professionally bringing all interests together. Time is running out not just for the crucial new season but for Rochdale Hornets’ future.
  7. https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/fixtures 16 February followed by Keighley at home.
  8. Interesting - but better to await details/confirmation. I cannot see (eg) Rochdale Hornets Mancunians running too far!
  9. The last thing we need at present! Hopefully, soon a dedicated Board, rebuilding the team and not a few hymn sheets and prayers to get us to the season's start.
  10. Whatever is or is not happening, one has to hope that common sense prevails very soon to the benefit of the club’s future before we lose everything. We cannot be far away from ‘special measures status’ and losing the time we need to attract/build a team and attract sponsors, etc properly for next season. Easy to say, of course without the facts, but the diehard fans need to see some positive developments -pronto.
  11. The Championship has gone up not a few notches since your last visit, not least with Toronto’s influence - even Toulouse have had to up their performances. Swinton did well this season having, like Hornets, just survived in 2018. Probably, you will have to compete in lower mini league of the Championship and as always, how much finance you can generate. Hope you find a good ground - surely Boundary Park rather than Stalybridge? Unfortunately, we have gone backwards and now have to regroup and hopefully survive when the crunch comes after the next tv deal. good luck.
  12. glemiln

    The Final

    Well done Oldham, although we shall miss the banter at Hornets. Crook’s excellent kicking, in difficult conditions, as it was for our Final win, was of course crucial. Plan well for the season ahead.
  13. At least with their new coach (Diskin or Kilshaw?) they should be under no illusions on the step-up to the Championship. Watching today, certainly the pace will be a huge difference, but of course this depends on their recruitment. Perhaps we will get some of their cast-offs! Crooky did the business again in another final. At least the RFL had the correct ribbons for the Presentation! Good luck to them, at least they do not face Toronto. We now await positive developments at Hornets.
  14. STATEMENT | The club can confirm we have had to shut the stadium due to a police incident. All of the staff have been safely evacuated and the situation is now in the hands of Greater Manchester Police. Sandy Lane, near the stadium, has been closed by police and bomb disposal officers have arrived at the stadium. It said in a statement: "The club can confirm we have had to shut the stadium due to a police incident. "All of the staff have been safely evacuated and the situation is now in the hands of Greater Manchester Police." Nearby Supertots Day Nursery contacted parents asking them to pick their children up 'as soon as possible' after a suspicious package was found at the ground.
  15. https://t.co/ofXWfCOI9k?amp=1 Board resignations linked with fallout from the Swinton/Manchester project. Good luck fans for the future and with whatever emerges next. “Having assessed all of the above, It is with regret that the Board of Directors of Swinton Lions RLFC Limited resign their position with immediate effect. This afternoon we will ask The Swinton Lions Supporter’s Trust to form a succession plan to take the club forward. As a collective we have agreed to help with succession planning and Stephen Wild has agreed to remain as sole Director on an interim basis until a new board is formed.”
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