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  1. The squad seems to be developing well. However I feel we need a bit more weight and power in the forwards. Hopefully this will be rectified before the start of the season. A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to everyone.
  2. I think it was removed because some of the comments were a bit over the top. I hasten to add that these were comments from a couple of Swinton supporters who unfortunately started name calling each other. I must point out that a lot of comments from other Swinton supporters were informative and helpful. It's a pity that a couple of people spoilt it.
  3. Feel sorry for Doncaster.. According to fixtures following that link they play both North Wales away with a 14-30 KO and then Keighley away with a 15-00 KO on that day. Our first home match isn't until 8th March against Keighley.
  4. I read the article earlier this week and was surprised that there was no comment until now. I do not know all the facts. However having read the article and with what has been written on this forum I feel that the club is tearing itself apart. It is a sad state of affairs that such a toxic atmosphere prevails. I hope that both factions can come together for the benefit of the club as I guess that they both want to see success on and off the field. Unfortunately I fear there will be neither unity nor success.
  5. As a very long time supporter who belongs to neither of the warring factions, I fear for the future of the club.. Everybody needs to pull together but I doubt this will happen. There have been troubled times in the past but I can't remember such acrimony before. I am starting to lose interest and wonder if I will become an armchair supporter next year (assuming there is a club to support). At least I will save myself the entrance money and a near 100 mile trip for home matches.
  6. Pedro

    The Final

    Well done Oldham. Many congratulations from a Hornets fan.
  7. Glad I decided to give this match a miss and watch cricket instead. The worst season I've ever endured and I've watched Hornets for over 60 years! Not scored a single point and conceded 186 in the last three matches. I dread to think what will happen next season. A lot of questions need to be answered. The infighting off the pitch may have had an effect as I've not seen such a bunch of disillusioned players represent Hornets.
  8. NickD Video of Matt Calland's comments on Hornet's Twitter shows Abram was clearly on side. Worse still from the penalty you went straight upfield and scored.. It won't have much effect on our season I know. I have seen a lot better referees than James Child this season.
  9. Highlights make better watching than the previous two weeks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96JCVCUFBFw
  10. Luckily I decided not to go to this match after watching the debacle at Dewsbury. There is no longer any pleasure in watching the present Hornet's team. Like Tyrone I have seen us beaten by more points but felt the side had given it their best shot and so had no complaints. The defeats I can take ((having seen enough of them since I started watching in 1953) but the lack of commitment I can't. Unless I hear of an improvement in commitment then I will not be wasting my time or money travelling to any more matches this season. This is something I never thought I would say.
  11. Pedro


    No problem glemiln. I watched the whole 80 minutes and apart from a short spell at the start it was dire. I spent the last 30 minutes wishing for the hooter.
  12. Pedro


    For those that didn't go and can't believe how poor and demoralised we were. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrLpE42-VhM Something is wrong as these players are capable of a lot better than this. The worst display that I've seen from a Hornet's team. I've seen us beaten by a larger margin but at least put in more effort.
  13. Pedro


    An embarrassing display. Thought about leaving before the end which is something I've never done in 65 years. Our defence is woeful. I lost count of the number of times they just barged over from 5 yards out. Something is sadly missing. We don't seem to have any spirit. Before the kick off I was hopeful we would put up a good display and when we scored first all seemed well but then ............... Next year we will struggle in league 1. I've gradually lost interest in Hornets this year and although York is a lot closer to where I live than Rochdale I certainly won't be going next week. On paper this is not the worst Hornets team I've seen but it certainly plays as though it is.
  14. What a complete farce. Having checked on twitter and the club site there was no hint that the game would be called off. I set off on my 100 mile round trip only to greeted by people standing around outside the ground with little idea what was happening. The communications were abysmal. This kind of thing makes the club a laughing stock. In 65 years of supporting Hornets I can't remember anything like this. I appreciate that health and safety must be considered but surely the posts are erected and the covers removed well before the game is due to be played. I heard various theories as to the real reason but it is Hornet's job to keep people informed. In future I will not set off to a match unless I'm certain that it will be played although at the moment I feel like stopping attending completely.
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