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  1. Any Team News

    As above, any (Rovers) team news anyone please? Thanks
  2. Haliclowns

    I wrote the original thread on this subject, I'm a none smoker but also an ex-coal miner going underground for shifts of 7 1/2 hours, Miners who did smoke took 2 cigs through the lamp room, 1 to smoke before going down and the other was hidden (above ground) ready for when they returned to the surface. I dread to think of the consequences if the haliclown was a workmate lighting up underground because of the length of time without his fix and hitting a gas pocket. !!!!!BOOM!!!!! - NO CHANCE OF AN EVACUATION THERE!
  3. Haliclowns

    Well if it was i take my first quote back, but its been posted on here that a cig was discarded in cubicle where boxes were being stored???? So if I'm wrong then there were only two clowns!!!
  4. Haliclowns

    First of all I want to congratulate Halifax on their win yesterday now I haven't got the Friar Tuck on, they deserved it the way they played the last 20 minutes, bad way to lose but they're the rules. Secondley why did a clown think it good to smoke and discard their tab end in the toilets after it was announced that the whole stadium was a NO smoking area? Then after the west stand was evacuated for that reason and again the announcement was made along with the announcement of a fire 2 more clowns saw fit to smoke along pitch side while being ushered to the east stand!!!!
  5. Songs for Sunday

    HAHA too right, but tell the truth have you tried singing it??? It does actually generate some noise.
  6. Songs for Sunday

    Aswell as being a Rovers fan i'm also a Sheff Wednesday fan (sshh) we sing the song - I O silver lining every where we go now baby...................... and replace the silver lining with sheffield wednesday, think this may work with featherstone rovers?????? Bet this as got you all singing it LOL
  7. Halifax web site

    It's a quote from thier web page Phil not the forum.
  8. Halifax web site

    Just had a look on halifax's web site as curiosity, had a laugh at a couple of quotes :- Reports are coming our of Featherstone that ticket sales are also going well, pitting the two teams in to a pre game war. "We want to beat Featherstone both on and off of the field, the first part of this is tickets. It would be great if we could sell out of our allocations and take more busses and fans to Warrington than Fev. It will be tough but we hope the Halifax public will get behind their team and be that vital 18th man." DON'T THINK SO !!!!
  9. earliest departure time

    He's ok with it, dunt drink (we do) n wants to watch earlier games = result
  10. earliest departure time

    Setting off around 10ish, 7 seater people carrier full of flat cappers. C'MON
  11. Parking (Warrington)

    Recieved my tickets from the RFL with the added notes for parking. "Tesco shopping centre car park, adjacent to the stadium is strictly for use by tesco customers only, tesco have the option to use the parking barriers. The car park is also stewarded on match days. Please do not park your car in this car park unless you have a valid pass for the event as you will be issued with a fixed penalty fine of
  12. If your predictions are right or even close and up to now we've been allocated 3000 tickets then i can see a lot of rovers fans in the west stand. There's six of us going, 4 regulars and two extra's - my mate and my daughter who has actually attended one other game this season albeit the lady's day. The more the merry'er i say
  13. Liam Welham

    Has anyone any info on the latest with Liam, heard on the night he lost a few teeth and had to have one or more extracted. Hope he has a speedy recovery!
  14. Flat Caps

    Yes, i recieved the email with a picture of the blue n white flat cap, it looks well, definately having one and i bet im not alone, just hope they've ordered plenty cos i think they'll sell and will also look awesome at warrington
  15. Tickets for Grand Final

    I new before purchasing my tickets that rovers were to be allocated tickets in the seating areas, i've stood and watched rovers from behind the sticks all season and would like to stand and watch them from there in the final hence buying the tickets early, definately not gloating and i won't be moaning even if im stood there on my own!!!