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  1. At present we do not know who attacked the Halifax fan who is to say any Featherstone fans were involved ok this might be a little bit naive but until it comes out what happened and who was involved I dont even know why this has been put onto the Featherstone thread. I am not trying to bury my hand in the sand but ultimately it gives the club a bad name from the start. The Incident during the game for me was badly managed first of it appeared as though a pitch invasion had taken place, the stewards and police didnt seem to know what was happening, the Fax fans came straight over to the South Stand to provoke. I am not saying Fev fans were angels!. A numer of questions need to be addressed Why was it not announced that there was a fire leading to the evacuation of the West Stand? Why were the stewards and police not informed? Why did it take so long to move the Fax fans back a good 20/30 metres to dampen the intensity of the potential explosive situation? Why were the Fax then put back into the West stand before then having all to be moved to the East stand? By the way in the second half there were a number of skirmishes in the East Stand in which the police had to intervene. Fax you are not entirely innocent in all of this. On the whole the majority of Featherstone fans were very well behaved in a testing situation, but Warrington your stewarding, policing and communication skills need to be scrutinised!!
  2. How can I pick up a t shirt just reiterate times again please
  3. Does anyone know how many official club tickets have been allocated and sold approx so far?
  4. Maxster there will still be Fev fans in the West Stand behind the sticks if you want to purchase go straight through the rfl website
  5. You definately wont be in there on your own!!!!!
  6. Given the fact the standing tickets are the cheapest and regardless of all the seating we have which is never used I can see a large number of fans choosing the West Stand standing option anyway. Cant wait for it to come round
  7. would be nice if we could get some big numbers congregated together though
  8. As far as I am aware all my original information is accurate ticket prices can be found on the rfl website along with a map of the stadium should anyone wish to see the blocks that have been allocated to Fev. I appreciate many people will want to purchase through the club but for anyone wanting the heads up on seating etc and prices go to the rfl website.
  9. I am not sure if the club are selling tickets all I know is for the North Stand you cant buy tickets through the RFL I would imagine its still a bit early for the club to be selling yet. Seems a shame they seem to have dotted us about around the ground I would urge anyone fit and able to stand all day to get in the West stand and get tickets asap as it is a free for all in the West stand. Lets make it a Fev end
  10. Just phoned up Featherstone have been granted Blocks B & C in the North Stand but you cant buy these through the rfl can only imagine they have been allocated to the club, Blocks A & B in the East Stand and standing in the West stand but this could be mixed. I would imagine most Fev fans would take up the standing in the West and make the whole stand bounce should be a great day.
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