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  1. Fool. Featherstone are the League Champions. There is no way it can be an 'own goal', unlike the Country Mile joke however. Halifax are the Grand Final Winners or Play-Off Champions if you prefer. These are the FACTS. The only people who have a problem with these FACTS are Halifax supporters. I can't imagine too many Rovers fans taking back their Champions T-Shirts for a refund. Toddle off back to your Forum and celebrate your 'Champion' status there and we'll celebrate being League Champions on here.
  2. Why does the text in the link say 'Halifax and Featherstone', surely it should be 'Featherstone & Halifax'? Not only are we the League Champions and 1st Final Qualifier we're even first alphabetically! Could be a fraudulent slip I suppose!
  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with a micky take of our neighbours and some humour about them in a tune, but a song with 'shooting & sc*m' in its content is pretty pathetic. Can't imagine for a minute it uplifts the players, the primary purpose for making a noise I believe and won't endear us to new supporters or the neutrals. Is there any 'good' reason for singing it?
  4. Seems to be mixed feelings about the c*s song. I think it goes against everything the club is trying to do (community/family) and makes us out to be a little moronic, we don't have to like them and just because Leeds Utd sing about various clubs doesn't seem like a viable reason for us to do it. It's not even an uplifting jovial song that the players can feed off! One Gareth Swift, Tonka's gonna get you and Stu Dickens tunes are all liking to get us a response from the lads. 'That's why we're champions' will raise a chuckle, if we're in a position to sing it!
  5. When I went for my tickets, there was grand final merchandise on sale in the clubhouse with the tickets, all manned very well by polite volunteers. If you've gone and there wasnt any merchandise, my guess would be that the initial batches have sold out, which means the club is probably doing very nicely from it. I'm sure there'll be more stock coming as the week passes and doubtless the club shop will be open on Sunday morning as you arrive for the bus. The clubs aims towards the end of a regular season should be to run its stock down in readiness for new lines in a new season, it surely cant afford to throw old stock away. Since winning the title, a new polo, flat cap, T-Shirt, pin badge and mug range has been developed and put in stock and I'm sure there have been regular new products throughout the season as well. (Introduction of the Est 1921 range for example). The think white & blue striped shirts have been on sale for months, the stock left is the remnants of this design. Where have you been all year? Just noticed we've made a final?
  6. What's a homemade 'teat', is it a babies coffee morning????
  7. We've got all the usual tunes in the armoury, is there anything we've missed? Personally, I don't like the C*s thing, doesn't make us look good and why sing their name on the TV! Don't want to see us singing 'Rhinos' songs, but I quite like the 'That's why were Champions....', especially as the bloke who complained about our 'Champions' branding was from Halifax! Can we come up with anything to do with a 'Country Mile', know it was last season, but still works for me!
  8. You'd expect Halifax to take more than us, not sure why they are getting so hung up about that, they'd about 27,000 at their last league game so we shouldn't even be close! If they are worrying about beating us on the number of buses and fans, probably means they don't have much hope on the field!
  9. Picked one up last night, definitely top quality and worth every penny. Massive improvement over the 2007 shirt, thought you'd expect that now wouldn't you!
  10. The way I read it, the Season Ticket is for 13 games and Adults can pay a
  11. http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=2708 Seems they are now on line, not the caps though.
  12. Would be logical to me. Can't see any benefit gloating 'I've got mine' and then moaning if all the tickets the club has are somewhere else! Can't see any reason to panic, wait until Tuesday for the club announcement on what and where they have tickets for and then we all go and buy them.....simples!
  13. Why not simply wait and buy from the club, cuts out the risk!
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