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  1. two ' hot spells ' either side of the half time effectively put the game out of reach . Salford ' end ' their 3 game SL losing streak , there was a time ( the last 30 years ) when a winning run of 3 games would get us all excited , now it was criticism of losing 3. July is going to be a defining one for Salford ( Leeds H- Cas -A and the Semi-final )
  2. Salford Rested Key Players for 2nd Weekend Game against Wire Welham - Dobson - Tomkins - Lannon and the Human Pinball Machine Josh Jones to injury , However the Guys that came in Youngsters Wood - Murray & Bibby stepped up and Todd Carney Slotted in like he'd been ever present all season . Chester is no mug - the players who come in will put out the stops to prove a point + he gets to rest pivotal players for the Qtr final and key run-in games. This is no walk over for the Red Devils .. Sky spent 15 rounds ignoring Wakefield & Salford progression up the table - they've recently been rescheduling us by picking up the Qtr Final & our Hull FC fixture - They've been in swoon mode over Cas all season , yey I still have the impression they are sat on the fence waiting for both teams to fail .. 21 SL seasons paying lip service to the old guard is a hard habit to break .
  3. Last time Salford won at wigan it was down the fresh Bread aisle in Tesco's ...well stale now .
  4. Who will be the bottom 4 after 23 matches?

    Still time for the RFL come up with a 'wild card' points deduction. ... Re Wire - Saints , people were surprised over Leeds ending up in the Bottom 4 last season , but they had too much class to really be threatened by it in the actual qualifiers. Widnes got off to a storming start last season in the early rounds winning 5 of their first 6 SL games , then only won 5 of the remaining 17 , if it weren't for Salford being docked 6 points - Wakey - Widnes may have played in the qualifiers- so early season form pre Easter can be misleading. 2017 season games are even more unpredictable. ask me again after Magic weekend !
  5. Credit to Wakefield , they clawed their way back & took their chances . Rush of blood to the head from Murdoch Masila - he went for the line when a quick pass would have meant a walk-in try for Johnson - that's why he went mad ..
  6. Certainly zero tolerance in respect to one club, no so zero if your name's Jamie Peacock or you play for a ' big ' Club
  7. Salford 18 Hull FC 6.

    the Fax lads played Well - and played the last 20-25 minutes Young Full back McGrath took a couple of Grubbers & a high Bomb + the hits that followed , I bit too slight yet to play a lot , but will have enjoyed the experience the other Lad was Chester Butler - a 21 yr old centre who Fax signed from Siddal last year. He didn't look out of place at all & put in a couple of storming hits. His grandfather was Colin Dixon ... ' nuff said ...
  8. I'm tempted to use that Sam Goldwyn Quote As John M/Tony implies we are not party to the ' fine detail ' . I also bare no grudge with Sheens who always seemed an upfront guy . he'll do a fine job at KR However he signed a 3 year deal in June 15 to be Director of Rugby At Salford - then resigned 15 months later mid-way through a do or die qualifiers which made a notable impact on the teams performance.
  9. 2017 Kits (Merged threads)

    Yes we had a lined 4bar strip in the 1986-88 seasons , it was made by Horwich kit supplier Halbro - who actually makes the kit for Raging Bull the present kit supplier it was also the kit when present CEO Ian Blease played & was Captain
  10. 2017 Kits (Merged threads)

    Hull Fc away will resemble a school field trip, all holding hands crossing the road, surprised they didn't get david Prouse to launch it
  11. Australian stating the bleedin' obvious .. go figure . NZ are 'years' behind Australian RL . .. we'll never be on a level playing field with NRL . We'll never be the primary sport we won't command the TV & corporate sponsorship income of the NRL we'll never have the catchment area of raw young talent to turn into future professional players. we can no longer attract top international players in their prime to play in SL - we get fringe squad players who come good to put themselves in the shop window. We get 30+ old men ticking their ' bucket list ' - " i want to play in Europe ' .. usually Perpignan . and lastly we get damaged but talented goods. gone are the days when the likes of Cliff Lyons - Wally Lewis- Andrew Ettinghausen- Garry Jack -Mal Meninga graced our grounds. the switch into summer didn't help . our best hope is somehow the top clubs can free up their salary cap to be more in line with Premiership Rugby - NRL - maybe they can then start to pull back the best english players & 1st grade NRL players and drive up standards.
  12. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    worth noting another on the petition list :- CR-2016-005502 LONDON WELSH RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED. secondly SALFORD CITY REDS LIMITED was the company that when into CVA in 2013 & was dissolved in January 2014 SALFORD CITY REDS (2013) LIMITED is the company trading currently
  13. Salary cap row - Wire distance themselves

    2013 Puletua reportedly paid £128k per annum at Saints, they offered the 34 yr old a one-year extension whereas Salford under Noble offered him a two-year deal. 2014-15 supposedly £80k per year . he was one of the last of the 12 signings for Salford that season. I believe Green's claims of wrongdoing stemmed from the disparity in contracts , but time to time players approaching retirement accept a lower but longer contract as it gives greater security, so not proof in itself . He made 26 appearances for the club in 2014, but was not named in Harris's 2015 squad although legally contracted to the club for another yr , To my knowledge Puletua's claim for unpaid money wasn't won during the court case, but that is where verbal claims for money to be paid for various consultancy work , including acting as a introducer/ agent to target other players to sign was aired. which I guess has ultimately led to the charge? Either way its looked at it's messy. One presumes that the Salford Owner didn't walk into RL with an in depth knowledge of ' cap swerving scams ' .so shouldn't there also be similar threats of penalties against- Agents or Players if complicit in any arrangement is proven ? it certainly did not result in dominant performances , and he club has learned the hard way with a Aldi priced 2016 squad significantly outperforming it's 2014-15 counterparts.
  14. Dr Marwen CEO

    It's all going to plan , so far :- All the information on the club ( Tickets - playing - merchandising ) is coming from the club in an even & timely manner. and not via an ill written gossip column in the local rag . the club is even responding to fans feedback ( additional 10% discount for existing season pass holders, move to the east stand for the opening games ) signings sound like honest players prepared to put a shift in if required . . the Head Coach is a local lad the Associate sponsors are local the shirt is not awful & the headline sponsor is recognisable the owner has ceded any input into rugby matters to the second most successful coach in Aus RL and is moving to physical business of operating the club. mine you it's still close season & no ones passes a ball yet so still time smash the china shop
  15. Lee Smith to play for nowt?....

    unattached Players training with professional teams is not uncommon , it works well for player & club , The player gets into a pre-season training regime & works towards match fitness whilst also putting himself in the 'shop window ' with the training club . The clubs get a free look at the player , see if he is worth a punt & also knows how he trains & fits into the squad without any contract issues , worst case scenario , He get fixed up with another club by his agent , and he's already partially match fit. Best example I can remember was Jodie Broughton , Ashley Gibson , who had signed on at Salford for the 2010 season brought his ex Leeds academy Teammate Jodie to train at Salford. His Leeds deal had expired & his loan Club Hull hadn't taken him on , he impressed and bagged a two year deal