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  1. Race in sport.

    Hi, This might be of interest: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2009/feb/02/forgotten-story-of-white-west-indian-cricket
  2. You're both wrong. You can't do a zoo in the afternoon. You need a full day.
  3. The problem there is supply and demand. If you cut off access to Spain there are suddenly thousands of fewer places available to British holiday makers. It make it a year round school holiday for the rest of Europe.
  4. Liz

    And in 1997 it was 30%. It won't take Charles long to hit those lows, even without killing off Kate
  5. How are humanists going to undermine Christianity? Christians have God on their side. (It's going to involve mysterious ways of movement isn't it?)
  6. What a crock of that is. We are not looking at a bailout to save jobs, we are looking at a bail out to ensure that we have the capability to produce a vital material within our borders. Farming's so much cheaper in Kenya, why don't we just close all of our farms, give them all call centre work and rely on other countries for our food. What could go wrong in this global market?
  7. Obituary Thread 2016

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35932020 Johnny King. You only have to look at Tranmere's fall to see what a good job he did.
  8. I would guess in the sense that the four SL middle eight clubs have a cap of super league proportions whilst the Championship clubs have a championship sized one but they then play on a "level" playing field. Also the super league players have been in a much tougher competition prior to the start of the middle eights so are possibly more prepared for the step down in competition than the step up the champ clubs face.
  9. There's only 66 qualifying tournaments per season so that's unlikely to happen.
  10. Good question. I think what really got me though was someone on Facebook had put Happy International Women's Day and a picture of the women from Sex and The City.
  11. It's International Women's Day today, and I thought that the idea of it was to point out areas where women are still struggling for equality, particularly in areas of the world such as Saudi where women's rights are pretty horrendous. So it's essentially a day for informing where change needs to come and remembering pioneers who brought forward the cause of women's rights. Why then is the internet full of people wishing each other Happy International Women's Day? We don't say Happy Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  12. I think the huge majority couldn't give a either way tbh
  13. The democratic process whereby they are overruled by our unelected "betters"? The whole of parliament holds our democratic process in contempt, because it is contemptible. If Labour hadn't held the Lords in contempt you'd still have Hunting with dogs legal. By all means be disgusted with the policy, but ensure that you always have the same sense of outrage when the Lords are overruled on a policy you agree with.
  14. Obituary Thread 2016

    Missed this from last week. Most famous for Rocky, but I remember him in Stir Crazy http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35639248