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    Oldham RLFC, Torquay United FC, Ottawa Senators

    Bus 408 hourly from Shaw and Oldham to Stalybridge on Sundays: http://www.tfgm.com/journey_planning/RouteMaps/408.pdf Also bus 343 from Oldham via Lees, also hourly: http://www.tfgm.com/journey_planning/RouteMaps/343.pdf Buses 353/354 hourly from Uppermill: http://www.tfgm.com/journey_planning/RouteMaps/353.pdf (all the above go to Stalybridge bus station) Buses 236/237 half hourly from Ashton and Stalybridge direct to Bower Fold: http://www.tfgm.com/journey_planning/RouteMaps/237.pdf
  2. The steam locomotive thread

    Been on the SVR several times. Excellent day out, and very easy to get to. Probably my favourite standard gauge heritage line. (For narrow gauge, it has to be the Festiniog). I haven't been to the Bluebell or the Great Central yet, though.
  3. The TV Thread

    Oh, I've got no problem with people then believing it. It's the Rivers family practising it successfully that grates a bit ... calling a rainstorm down on Rory Buckingham and Henry Tudor it was, last night.
  4. The TV Thread

    What really gets me is how cheap the whole thing is. The scene where Richard III had an investiture, handing out offices to Rory Pond various nobles, had precisely six people in it. There would have been dozens attending in reality. (And everybody gets to be on their own with another character all the time ... not a thing that happened much in 1484, especially at court). Oh, and the witchcraft ... don't get me started on the witchcraft ...
  5. The steam locomotive thread

    Very nice! But better when they're moving ...
  6. The steam locomotive thread

    Now we're talking.
  7. The steam locomotive thread

    Kettles. Gah.
  8. The TV Thread

    I notice the script-writers of the drama fudged that a bit, so you didn't really know if it was Margaret Stanley or Queen Anne wot did it. It is very funny, unintentionally: the overacting is wild, and the dialogue very much of the 'As you know, your father, the King ...' variety.
  9. The TV Thread

    I always put the subtitles on, unless they are live ones, which are useless, if hilarious.
  10. The TV Thread

    I just saw a prog about Stradivarius. It may have been about violins, I'm not sure. I spent the whole half hour gawping at Clemency Burton-Hill. Even if she does sound like the heroime of John Betjeman poem.
  11. I've been reading TRL for a lot longer than that, Parky. Anyway, my point was that Fev are never going to attract the necessary thousands from elsewhere to keep a fully pro club afloat ... of that 5,000 I suspect about 80 per cent of the home support would hail from Featherstone and Pontefract and the villages about. Can't see many making an exodus from Dewsbury or Batley to he bright lights of Post Office Road. Sugar daddies are another thing entirely, but I've already pointed out the transient nature of those.
  12. Thousands, though? I'm not getting into the argument as to whether Fev deserve to be in/get the chance to be in SL or not, but I can't believe they would ever pull a weekly crowd big enough to sustain them in a fully pro league.
  13. Those various attendance stats tell me mostly what small potatoes RL is (Brisbane apart), in a global sporting context. And it does rather back up my fear that Super League just wasn't super enough. Yes indeed, top flight crowds have risen in the SL era, and a good thing too, well done to all concerned, but have they risen enough? The annual SL average is still below 10,000, and no club can pull 20,000 a week. Is that enough to base an elite pro sport on? Cutting salaries was mentioned earlier. I think it might have to come to that: this would mean more British players defecting to NRL (maybe not an entirely bad thing) or, worse, defecting to RU. I'm not sure I buy the case for elite clubs mopping up all the former small-town supporters, either: I don't think our top teams are sufficiently glamorous to tap massive support outside their local area. Even in soccer that really only happens with giants like Juventus or Real Madrid. (Yes, obviously, there will be some who travel from afar - even Torquay United have a London fanclub - but I reckon this is more likely to be hundreds rather than thousands). Now I have to go and lie down to recover from the shock of Parky agreeing with me. That's my street-cred blown.
  14. I think the whole argument is pointless, because I also think the bottom line is that there isn't enough money in RL to sustain a fully professional league, of any number of clubs. (OK, maybe if it was just Wigan and Leeds ...) I think the game got carried away with the Super League deal and the Sky money, and got delusions of grandeur. The regular income streams necessary to sustain a fully pro league never developed. Sugar daddies are all very well, but sooner or later they go, and leave you stranded: they die, get arrested, fall off their yacht, never had the cash in the first place, are rank thieves, loonies or just get plain bored and wander off. Success on the field can bring support and money, but that too goes (ask Bradford). You need to sell season tickets and shirts season upon season to keep a pro club going, and most clubs in SL just don't sell enough. Maybe the choice isn't between an elite Super League and a less elite comp, but between having a sustainable comp or none at all. Gosh, I'm depressing today.
  15. The NRL is a million dollar league because RL is the number one sport in NSW and Queensland. In the UK it isn't the number one sport ... anywhere, really. Doesn't matter whether we have 12, 10 or 2 teams in SL, or whether we have P&R or not; we'll never have their kind of money, or their player depth.