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  1. Another event I remember was the 8th November 1987. The enniskillen bombing. We played Fulham at home.
  2. Just reminiscing with my mates. The day Nelson Mandela was released we played Salford away on the cup. As we were walking to the willows s toddler on a little trike swerved in front of my mate. My mate being the gent he is, said "scuse me lad". The toddler replied "£u€k off you @rsehole" . Nice!
  3. I always call this shirt the Shane Tupaea shirt. Because he's the only player I can remember wearing it for some reason.
  4. Other memories involved away matches. 90-91, went to every match , collected the programmes and every copy of the chron with Rogers report. On away trips we would always play OMD's greatest hits on casdette. Also We would take a crib board and cards , find a pub and play 9 card Don. Sometimes this would attract locals trying to work out what we were playing. One memorable occasion was away to Fulham or London crusaders or whatever they were called . We were in a pub on the banks of the Thames. We started playing when the landlord said we weren't allowed to gamble. Of course we weren't. Locals gathered round to watch and work out what we were doing when an Irish chap came over and said "it looks like Don. Not seen that in years". Apparently it was popular in Dublin as well as oldham.
  5. Starting Sunday's early and doing the pub crawl up Huddersfield road onto ripponden road. Watch the match. Then into the club for post match banter. I always liked the first match of the season when the sheddings pitch was green and lush. Happy days.
  6. Oldham win by virtue of being the real home of Rugby League. Joseph Platt etc.
  7. Just watching the CC semis on BBC1. What fascinates me is the piped crowd noise in particular the chants. Would the BBC use "give us a t....." if it was us?
  8. Was reading a thread on the main forum about how the tactics are changing because of 6 again. Defenders are , apparently, keeping the attackers upright in the tackle, stopping them going to ground. I was thinking, could this lead to a type of "maul"? If so you will still need bigger blokes.
  9. He's set himself the objective of getting the club back in Oldham. As it should be. The mayor has already stated that she'd like to see us back at boundary park with a new pitch. Hope it comes off.
  10. I agree. The game, with no scrums and 6 again, is not the same game we've been watching over the last few years. The signings and retentions we've had so far , I feel, reflect that. If we can build and retain fitness we'll do well. Nelmes was beast going forward, Bent can tackle all day long , Langtree is up there with anything the so called top teams can offer. We'll be right, I know it.
  11. My fondest memories are Watersheddings. A dump, but it was our dump and it had so much history. Then Rochdales athletic grounds, the old enemy, hilton park leigh, fartown, Huddersfield, never stood as high as I did there . All demised now. Also I'll never forget the first time I went to Old Trafford oldham v Featherstone 2nd division premiership. It just took my breath away.
  12. The thing about Nicknames is being unique. Chemics or Vikings? Wolves or Wire? Bulls or Northern? The argument is that you can't market Chemics, Wire or Northern. Total and utter b0££0cks. Lazy, lazy marketing that's all. As a marketing professional I would say all it takes is a bit of imagination. As an Oldham fan I have long argued for the the name Roughyed to be an official part of the name. It's unique , if you say who are the bulls? Well Chicago, obviously. Hornets? Well charlotte of course. There are more Rovers than you can shake a stick at. Warriors, good grief , lazy. But Chemics, Wire, Northern and Roughyeds. They are unique, they are our history. A brand is not a cuddly toy, it is a belief , a way of life, a story of games lost and won. Just like the greatest game. Let's ditch the lazy marketing a put the history back into our teams.
  13. But it don't sing and dance and it dont walk. Haven't got a clue where it's coming from though.
  14. At Arena 84, if I remember rightly!?
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