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  1. They were heady times indeed Jim. I remember the meeting with fans to push the selling of shares. The speech given by Tony Barrow was inspirational, almost churchillian. Caused me to put my hand in my pocket and buy 500 pounds worth. Do I regret it? No. Things happen , decisions are made and they don't always work out. But yes, the thought of Iestin Harris, Paul Sculthorpe and Kevin Sinfield playing for their hometown at sheddings is mouth watering. If only john holdsworth had given that Paul Lord try against Warrington. But we live in hope.
  2. Of course, as I said. Oldham's badge ,by the way, says "Sapere Aude", Dare to Know.
  3. Yep, Huddersfield was the place that give birth to the northern union, the maternity ward. . BUT, and it's a big but, Oldham is where it learned to talk, walk and be confident. Where the greatest game realised that it could throw off the shackles, that it could be open, fast and ,as I heard the great Alex Murphy say , the simplest game in the world. 'When you have the ball you attack, when you don't, you defend".
  4. Oh god no. The George in Huddersfield is the right place to have the museum and most certainly not Wigan. We're just trying to up the profile of the place that Oldham and, in particular, Joseph Platt have in the growth of the greatest game.
  5. That's one view. However for the first 27 years it was run and organised from Queen st , Oldham. A period when it was nurtured and in 1906 the 13 man game was formulated. So if someone wants to claim anywhere else as 'home' then go ahead let's see the pedigree.
  6. Geographic location probably why Joseph Platt, son of Oldham, Father of Rugby League, chose it. But we all know where the real home of the 13 man game is.
  7. Hey Jim, any other interesting nuggets from your time with the club? Obviously nothing too contentious.
  8. Bet john holdsworth was in charge!!!!
  9. In the end it was a Lancs v York vote. But what it does show is that there is still some pride in our past. And it's something we need to push and promote. Passing that pride on to a younger generation. The promotion of Oldham as the home of Rugby League with Joseph Platt a son of Oldham , Father of Rugby League. Is one way. Maybe the council will see the pride and status that this has . We need a home. We need it to be in Oldham. Watersheddings area has some space. Maybe we could build a ground , a spiritual home, a stadium that can only be used by the club for the purposes of Rugby League. A stadium that is a seperate business from the club and is leased to the club, at cost. That way it cannot be used as collateral. A few years ago there was talk of investing into the current club. That was never going to work. My view then, as it is now is let's invest into the ground. How? A steeple fund or buy a brick fund. Like churches do. We set up a fund, seperate from the club, to build a ground on the east side of Oldham. Once funds are in place we can negotiate with the current owner and the council and the RFL. If one of the parties doesn't play ball, we take our money back. There are obstacles, egos, legal challenges, economics and doubt. Joseph Platt had those by the barrow load. He did it. So....?
  10. We're behind at the moment. Come on get those votes in.
  11. Get those votes in. Come on OLDHAM!
  12. We're through to the semis. Beat the boulevard 56-44. Now we're up against post office rd. Don't forget to vote.
  13. If you're on twitter go to @RFL and vote for Watersheddings. We're in the semi against the boulevard. Got the rest of today to vote.
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