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  1. H,H,A,A,A,H*. *Play like we did against Halifax and we'll get beat, just, or maybe a draw, or even a win, just. play like we did against whitehaven and we'll get stuffed, Royally. We, being Oldham. (The first home of Rugby League.)
  2. Part of the existing contract. No game can be shown in 'competition' to a sky broadcast. So if sky are showing a game no one else can show one.
  3. Love that attitude! Let's just keep winning. The thing is it's a game of psychology. Swinton are devastated. They are wondering where their first win is going to come from. Halifax are dumbfounded, after all they hammered us pre season. Their fans are blaming the wrong people. It's not their coaches who are to blame, it's the pundits who had us down as whipping boys. Our dressing room must be buzzing. Let's hope it really is back to the future. But let's not get too cocky. Let's be pragmatic. Come on Oldham, come on Oldham!
  4. The actual results: H,D,A,A,H, A. Not bad, at least there was a draw, not the right one mind.. The last one was a draw till near the end though.
  5. TBH there is a tradition of odd tables in RL. Even in the early days northern union, not every team was played. More recently, remember the 1989-90 season!? We didn't play all teams home and away. I think that's why they originally introduced the premiership play offs.
  6. This is good for me as I work Sunday's.
  7. Quite! But why do you think they played that way? To my mind it was Oldham's superiority.
  8. Oldham are not going to get relegated. Today was not a flash in the pan. Halifax did show up, as was shown in the way they defended. We split London on numerous occasions, last week, to score 4 open tries. We blew it by gifting them 3, arguably 4 , tries , did you see that stupid drop out, for one? The difference this week was we didn't do too many daft things. Halifax defended far better today than London did last week. In my book that makes them a better team than London.
  9. What a day for the club to be part of a social media boycott. I bet they're itching to post reaction to an absolute cracker of a game. The difference between this week and last week is we didn't gift them soft stupid tries. Like last week opened them up on attack. I couldn't believe what I was watching today. "NRL, it's just like watching NRL" .
  10. Now, I want to pre-empt the "Halifax didn't turn up". They did, they tackled tjemselves to a standstill. Yeds have been underrated so far this season. We are far better than the credit we haven't been given.
  11. Get in, get f#kin in. 16-12. I am absolutely elated.
  12. Getting ready for this one. I'm hoping for some luck as well as skill from the lads.
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