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  1. "Ellery Hanley sick as a pig"classic unbiased commentary. . Also notice Mick Burke kicking a divot with his heel to mount the ball.when was the last time you saw that.
  2. That postponed match was so crucial in both our fortunes. Dewsbury were the whipping boys in the first half of the season and were favourites for the drop. It's odds on that , had the game gone ahead, we would have won. Their fortunes changed in the second half of the season and the rest is, as they say history.
  3. Neither of them played tonight. For wakefield.
  4. I don't think we are totally out of our depth. Looking at yesterday's game we started off like we weren't playing together. As if the players had only just met, which to be honest with the new wingers and the loanees coming back after the cup game , we were. Then we started to come together. Now if we can start as we finished then we will improve. Surprised by the Dewsbury win though. Gonna be tough next week. But not impossible.
  5. Am I wrong, but, at the play the ball if the receiver touches the player , who's just played the ball whilst passing him, then it's obstruction? In which case Bradford first try was ineligible. Penalty to us??? I know, clutching at straws and we did win the 2nd half.
  6. Call me daft, but ive got a feeling that Bratfort will have to wait a little longer to record their first win of the season. Come on oldham come on Oldham come on Oldham. Give us a T.....
  7. Notice Wakefield have 2 long term injuries. Will that affect our loanees?
  8. So, my view is that we need to use this game as a warm up for the real game Bradford next week. No slugging it out , no playing it safe, but to play with flair and speed. Get the ball wide, chip over the top, go for the 20/40 or 40/20. Throw caution to the wind. Practice for next week.
  9. Might be wrong but I think they've been following the winner of one group from round one oneards. So the next one should be the winner of this game.
  10. A win's a win, even scrappy ones like this. A couple of years ago we were losing close games. This was an important 4 pointer. Whitehaven will be consoling themselves with missed chances and scoring more tries. But I'd rather have an ugly win than a beautiful loss. As for the penalty try, I always thought a trip ,whether deliberate or not, was a straight red? Thought the player was lucky to only get 10 .minutes.
  11. Hoping its not the old talent v ego problem. As a sports coach myself I see this so often. The ones who don't make it are often the ones with talent but are not willing to listen.
  12. A tip for those predicting Oldham's results. Look at the result of Oldham athletic the day before. Whenever they win the Roughyeds lose and vice versa. Although not 100% it seemed to work last year and definitely last week.
  13. One other omen from the weekend. Latics won. Latics win, we lose.
  14. Cal me mad, but I know we are going to pull off at least one shock this season. So why can't it be the first game ?
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