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  1. I think 4 of the last 5 fixtures are at home. For a run in that could potentially be crucial, that'll do for me.
  2. I thought it was done in alphabetical order.
  3. Any news on squad numbers? Or have missed it?
  4. The thing about 'nicknames' is most of them used to be about who they represented, the locality. Roughyeds, Loiners, Chemics, Wire. But with the advent of SL it was felt those names couldn't be marketed/promoted, sold as a soft cuddly toy. I say nonsense! This argument has been going on continually with my club Oldham. I think Roughyeds is a great name for a rugby club. But the argument goes that you can't 'market' a Roughyed. What is a Roughyed? That argument shows, to my mind, a lack of imagination and creativity. Setting aside it's actual origins a Roughyed can be whatever you want it to be. Now, at the moment the mascot is a lion!!! Like that's not been done elsewhere. I personally hate it. I thought the Bear was a good embodiment of what a Roughyed can be. The problem is, it's tarnished by what happened when the original club went bust. But I would be happy to see it's return. But back to main argument, there is no reason why traditional nicknames can't be incorporated. There are United's, citys, warriors, wolves, rhinos, bulls and tigers galore. But there is only one Roughyeds, one Loiners, one Wire. I argue to retain these nicknames as they are part of our heritage.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. I guess the RFL are assuming they're in until they're not!!!! No players, I'm assuming no ground. Will take some organising in such a short time frame.
  6. Barry McDermott should never have left Oldham. Going further back neither should Derek Turner
  7. There's nothing more appealing than a winning team! Hopefully that's what we will have. Trouble is fans are fickle. One loss or a draw or even a close win and the the doom mongers will be out!!
  8. Totally agree. £20 for whitebank with a league 1 team just not reasonable. But for a championship level team, all be it in league 1, at BP it is really cost effective.
  9. I'm sorry, I stand corrected. "There's Ellery Hanley, sick as a pig". . I remember in the club after one lad stood with hands on hips and mockingly did the Sean Edwards double nod towards the Wigan fans brave enough to come in. Also Same team that ran Australia close.
  10. "There's Ellery Hanley, sick as a parrot".
  11. Maybe, they were shown prematurely before the official launch. Hats and coats are still up.
  12. See we got three players in the team of the year. None of which stayed with us. Zac Baker, moved to London because of job commitments, Patrick ah van, gone to north Wales and Connor Carr, recalled by Huddersfield.
  13. It's the old ' there was an earthquake at odsal, did thirty quids worth of improvements'!
  14. It's a target. No where does he or any member of the club say "we will". That would be arrogant in the extreme. Fans of other clubs have said ,on various forums, that with the squad we have built that we should, and I'm paraphrasing here, walk the division. However, we as fans know it's a big ask and other teams, especially yours,will be trying to put a dent in that ambition. Would be good, though, if we both could get promoted. I mean we both now have decent grounds. Unlike Sheffield with their paltry new 5,000 seater stadium.
  15. I think I've seen every game that's on YouTube. Some games like the hull kr and Australia match scores of times. I've even watched the Oldham v Swinton match fro 1901 a few times. This was purportedly the very first rugby match, of either code, to be filmed.
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