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  1. Him and bruiser clarke singing maybe its because im an oldhamer in the club after the Aussie match are an abiding memory.
  2. I was being mischievous with my post. I , also, would not entertain such a merger and wish only the best, well not at the expense of us, for Hornets. But given some of the Swinton comments it does make you wonder.
  3. Hmmmm!!? Here's a conspiracy for you..... he also buys us, Oldham, merges the two clubs and calls the new club Manchester. Hope not. Just putting it out there.
  4. Good grief, who comes up with these daft questions? Honestly, for this one , for me OLDHAM. Which club would you like to see a millionaire invest in? OLDHAM. Which club would you like to get the rub of the green? OLDHAM. Which club would you like to see at Wembley? OLDHAM. From which town was the the northern rugby union first run for its first 25 years? OLDHAM.
  5. Tbh, a crafty, creative scrum half and a ball playing prop would be on my christmas list.
  6. He did come back a couple of years later as coach. When we were in Super league.
  7. Bums on seats signings are ok, Bob Lindner, for example. However some of the best signings have been free or low cost, such as john cogger.
  8. Bought a cup from the club shop in the eighties. Had the usual stuff on it, oldham football club etc. It also had on it "The Watersheddings"???? And that was from the club itself.someone wasn't proof reading their designs.
  9. Ironic isn't it, the club's first game was against stalybridge and our home games will be at stalybridge. Does anyone know if that original stalybridge club is still in existence?
  10. Relieved that benty has re-signed.
  11. Omg. I can't believe it. First saw him when he played against us for Blackpool. He then signed for us . He was a block busting prop. Gutted, absolutely gutted. Sheddings would resound with hughy hughy hughy. RIP Hughy Roughyed legend.
  12. Found guilty of biting Emerson whittle in the final.https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/misi-taulapapa-banned-for-eight-matches-for-biting/?utm_content=buffere4db4&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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