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  1. Yes but, as we know, it is only 7.2 miles to the real home of rugby league, Queen st st Oldham. So I say bite the bullet , put the museum there.
  2. I've never understood why the old joseph platt offices in queen st oldham , which still stand and bears the blue plaque I use as my avatar, have never been regarded as important in the annals of rugby league. The northern rugby union was run and administered from the offices for its first 25 years by it's first secretary , Joseph platt.
  3. "London, Paris, new York, everybody talk about... pop pop, pop music." Sorry just showing my age. Now I can't get that song out of my head.
  4. Back in the day , as kids, we would try and get as many of the players to sign the programmes. Especially the away players. Can't do that with e-programmes.
  5. Just wondering, what's the latest news on his condition?
  6. Was with us , oldham, last season. Played early on but left by mutual consent , was initially injured but then had work and family commitments. Not a bad player.
  7. Thanks for the clip RL DWSW. Yep you're right i stand corrected, 1990. To my mind he was well onside. How holdsworth could tell from where he was stood I don't know. Who knows how history would have changed if we had got to Wembley?
  8. I am shocked, totally shocked that there arent floods of Castleford and Warrington fans holding there hands up and saying" thanks to the ref we robbed oldham of a Wembley appearance". 1986 the ref gave Castleford a try, admittedly david liddiard Let the ball bounce, however bob beardsmore had his foot in touch when he touched down. There is photographic evidence. But, the biggest blunder came in 1991 , Oldham, 2nd division versus Warrington, 1st division.( Oldham athletic were already at Wembley v notts forest in the littlewoods cup on the same weekend as the challenge cup final.) 5 minutes to go, mike ford kicks through, Paul Lord, the fastest player on the pitch, races through, picks up the ball and touches down. Score even. All we need is Duncan Platt to convert and Wembley here we come. But wait , john holdsworth, the referee says no try, no try?????? No way, the replay shows a good try. Oh for a video ref. When I win the Euro millions and and pay for the New Watersheddings stadium, there will be a the john holdsworth suite. It will be the best toilets in rugby league with strategically placed pictures.
  9. Bring back the birch, that'll sort em out. Or national service. As for playing football on the grass? Get em locked up.
  10. Watersheddings. A dump, yes, but it was our dump. And full of history. Miss the Old place. So those if you still in old dilapidated stadia, don't bemoan them.
  11. I can feel it in my bladder, this year we are going to surprise a few , so called, bigger teams. We will have one or two upsets, and the doom mongers will rear their heads. But I think we can do it. Top half.
  12. Where's Nathan mason playing these days? Thought he was decent when he came to us on loan. Local lad as well.
  13. We're like Del boy . "This time next year , rodney, we'll be millionaires'. Oh well here's wishing. Merry Christmas everyone.
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