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  1. There's still many a twist and turn left in this division yet to come. Not where we'd like to be, but the plump lass is not yet warming up her tonsils.But like you say we're not helping ourselves.
  2. Just a heads up for those predicting a whitehaven win over the Yeds. We've played them twice this year, last time out we won 48-12 in the 1895 cup, before that in the league we won 36-12. Aggregate 43-12. If I remember right, we nilled them at home last season. Of course a whole new game this weekend.
  3. I put forward,years ago, the idea of having a fans led ground fund. A bit like a 'save the steeple ' fund used by churches. Fans, businesses put money into a locked fund that can only be used for the purchase of a ground, nothing else. Was poo pooed because some thought it was just aiding and abetting CH. Having a fund raiser to buy into BP, to my mind, is a good idea. Now whether Latics fans would be happy with us part owning the ground is a different matter.
  4. Who said they're not fit for purpose? Try reading my post and you'll see i state the purpose of those accounts. As for the value!? Again I state quite clearly, they are worth what CH is willing to sell and someone else is willing to pay. Which at this moment in time is Zilch, zero , nada, nowt. The only thing of value is the licence to run a professional rugby league club and the experience of the owner himself.
  5. The club, or anything else for that matter, is only worth what some one is willing to pay for it. So, at this moment in time, that's nothing. Quoting published accounts is irrelevant tbh. They are just for accounting and tax purposes and tell you nothing about the current state of affairs.
  6. The irony is that the very first patch of grass that oldham first played on, before they moved to Watersheddings in 1889, is still there. It's now called the meadows sports centre.
  7. Losing 26-14 after 58 minutes. If it had been 60 minutes the result would have stood. However, if memory serves we, oldham, won the rematch.
  8. Yeah, we were poor. But a couple of bad bounces and a pass, intercepted, that shouldn't have been made along with the whoopsies. Doncaster played to the conditions, kept it tight and kicked. Wouldn't be oldham if we didn't balls up now and then.
  9. Leigh wouldn't want their players cup tied.
  10. Leigh are in this comp. Doubt if they'd want their players cup tied.
  11. Roughyed is the nickname of anyone from Oldham and so the rugby club became known, unofficially, as the Roughyeds. The problem is how do you promote/market a Roughyed? We were on BBC a few years back and the commentator said "Roughyeds, what a great name for a rugby club" . It is , but our mascot is a lion called Roary.
  12. Just read on sky that some bloke is now suing Wolverhampton wanderers for pinching their wolves logo from him. He apparently designed it in the 60's. Now't like Warrington's logo though.
  13. At home to Doncaster in next round.
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