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  1. If you've not read 'Rugby's Great Split' then this should help:
  2. Free event The newly-formed Hull Kingston Rovers Heritage Committee will be taking supporters back to where it all began this week when they host an event entitled the Origins of Rugby in Hull. In what will be the latest in the committee's calendar of events exploring the club’s rich history and heritage, it will take place in the Legends Lounge at the KC Lightstream Stadium on Wednesday, 23rd September from 7pm. Explaining how it all began, the event discusses Hull KR, Hull FC and the birth of rugby in Hull and will be presented by Professor Tony Collins, a Professor of History at De Montfort University and widely recognised as rugby league’s leading historian. Those attending will have the chance to take a trip down the rugby league time tunnel with Professor Collins, chairman of the Hull Kingston Rovers Heritage Committee, as he investigates how rugby came to be played in Hull and why it became so important to the city. The event is free to attend on the night and places will be available on a first come, first served basis. The Legends' Lounge bar will also be open throughout the evening serving refreshments.
  3. Speak to Dr Stacy Pope at Durham Uni for some advice. She did her PhD on Leicester Tigers' fans and got some help from the club.
  4. Hull FC - the team I hate to love. *sigh*
  5. No rain in HU3 either. When they talked about torrential rain I had to look out of the window to see if I'd made a mistake.
  6. The photos are now up on - there are more but I can only upload a limited number to the fundraising page. The rest are on Facebook if you'd like to see more. Thanks again to every TRLer that donated. Louise is flabbergasted by the amount raised and it has made her smile in her hospital bed. You're all marvellous for helping to do that.
  7. Yes, the pictures are on Facebook. I will put them on the JustGiving site tomorrow for the world to see. I must say that the first time I put my head on my pillow on Friday night was the weirdest moment. I've spent my life with such a lot of hair that I've never felt anything on my head like that before. I quite like it! Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me. You're all the best sort of people. :-)
  8. Cheers, mate. Will certainly pass on your wishes to Louise. She had to have an emergency blood transfusion yesterday and may need another tomorrow, so she's feeling extra-rough. Do you reckon enough people would want to pay to slap Ullman's bald patch? Could be a goer...
  9. I wear SPF50 from April to October, so will make sure the head is covered too. Im probably going ro go with a turban. I'm very sun-averse; so much that I'm being treated for a Vit-D deficiency! Roll on Autumn!More importantly, thanks for the donation. You're fab. :-)
  10. I think anyone who's donated £20 can, yeah. But only once! ;-D
  11. You're all wonderful. Thank you!
  12. Thanks very much to those who've donated. When I told Louise a bit earlier she was taken aback by the generosity of people. You've all helped make her feel that something positive is coming out a stressful situation. That means a lot. You're all awesome!
  13. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I will post some before and after pictures on Friday. :-)