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  1. And Joe Lydon oh and Jonathan Davies
  2. The young Fijian lad looks well balanced as a player but doesn’t immediately strike me as a superstar, yet. Hes not super quick but has decent pace, he’s strong accross the hips and through the legs, he looks to have good hands and other core skills. Time will tell, he’s young and has solid skills. As for Owen Farrell, he could play half back at SL level, he’d be at least as good as Kevin Brown but maybe not quite England level. He lacks the speed and explosiveness to be a real threat himself and he’s missed so much development time when it comes to dictating a match so his instinctive play won’t be slick enough to trouble Aus & NZ.
  3. The difference being that many Rugby League clubs wouldn’t just fall from their lofty perch in the higher division, they’d become seriously and severely financially insolvent or fold completely. There are about 5 English SL clubs who have revenue streams that would allow them to stay somewhat competitive. Leeds & Wigan could do so without much assistance from a benefactor while Sts & Warrington would need the financial input of their rich owners. The 5th possibility is Huddersfield who have one of the wealthiest and most committed owners in the game but their revenue must be very low. Hull FC have the fan base but a relatively poor owner. Cas & HKR might survive as Championship Clubs Salford & Wakefield would be gone as they have poor fan bases and owners who don’t have the finances or the inclination to put money in.
  4. There aren’t many clubs who don’t sail very close to the wind financially! Cash flow management is the only reason some clubs avoid running out of money at certain times of the year, it’s not because they’ve got healthy bank balances. A number of clubs are nothing more than a badge, a lease and a box full of contracts! Lose the SKY money and they’re in trouble on two of those fronts.
  5. If I were picking my all time greatest team Grothe Snr and Offiah would be my wingers. Very different type of players both devastating to defences from anywhere on the field
  6. Martin Offiah is the best and fastest winger I’ve ever seen in my 50+ years in the game, nothing rose tinted about that view either. He was far more than lightening quick though, he was also a natural world class support player who popped up on the shoulder of players making breaks whether they were on the left, in the middle, on the right, 80 yards out or 1 yard out! He scored tries by burning straight down the wing, by weaving his way through defences and by going low and hard where the boots and knees were flying. He scored tries at every level of the game and against the best defences in the world. He scored playing for Widnes, Wigan, St George & Great Britain. The bloke was a once in a lifetime talent and that’s no disrespect to the likes of Drummond, Robinson, Hall etc.
  7. Some top class wingers in the comp, can’t remember so many clubs having great wingers at the same time. Maybe go back to Offiah, Robinson, Drummond, Gill, Preston, Myers, McCormack era Manfredi Burgess Marshall Makinson Grace Johnstone Jones Bishop Eden Charnley Lynham McGilvery Uate Briscoe
  8. Most clubs seem to have done 5heir transfer business, we’ve had the first pre season games and now we’re just a few weeks from the new SL season. Who finishes where and if you want to elaborate you can add why. St Helens - With Barber gone the emphasis is back on teamwork & the unfinished business having only won the LLS last year Warrington - Price to have a more growing influence on his players, improving them from last year Wakefield - Been knocking on the door for 3 years, quality added up front and at half back. They’ll sustain their Challenge better Wigan - In the wake of losing Wane & Tomkins they’ll take time to settle under caretaker Lamb Castleford - Some of their best are showing their age & wear, Shelton/Millington while Webster leaves a hole Leeds - Refreshed by a new Coach & some quality additions but not quite the rebuild that’s required to get all the way back Huddersfield - Continuation of form under Woolford with Uate added to a superb three quarter line. Hull FC - No real additions and a reliance on some injury prone players but will be good enough often enough to make the 8 Catalan - Better than last season by not being cast adrift but not quite good enough in a very tight mid table battle Hull KR - Big improvers in terms of performances but unlucky that the teams around them will be better too Salford - Another tough season, defied the odds for a while last year but they can’t sustain it as the season wears on London - Tough first year back and a step too far to get off the bottom, they’ll have their moments though
  9. OMEGA

    Oledzki Signs 4 Year Deal

    Funny thing is, as a 14 year old Leeds didn’t want him and didn’t make him a scholarship offer. He very nearly signed for Wakefield instead but another player turned Leeds down so they came back to Oledski in the 2nd draft. He’ll play international for England and will be very George Burgess like in terms of his qualities but let’s be honest there aren’t many young 20 year olds with that kind of potential. Hes an absolutely lovely lad and always has been, I wish him nothing but success!
  10. usually carries news of the tours but even they’re a bit lacking where this tours concerned
  11. Not seen an 18 year old halfback with such a mature kicking game since Danny Brough
  12. No Tyler Dupree or Jack Broadbent
  13. A bit of reality last night after the Colleges match. The Yorkshire Academy just edged the physical battle last night and for long periods they looked to have more attacking shape. Considering the Yorkshire team had one training session and haven’t played for their clubs for 6 weeks, that was a great performance. The result could have gone either way and no one could grumble about it. It’ll be interesting to see how the Lancashire Academy match goes.
  14. Accross many major sports the last 20 years weve seen genuinely powerful yet superbly athletic giants emerge Boxing - Lewis, both Klitschko’s, Joshua, Wilder, Fury, Joyce etc there are loads of 6’6” to 6’10” + Basketball - Has changed from 7” lanky beanpoles often awkward looking to superbly proportioned athletes NFL - Has a range of upper 6’ close to 7’ huge all rounders who have speed, agility, power & endurance Even here in England we see Rugby Union players standing 6’8” & 6’10” but they’ve evolved into fine athletes with great skill & speed. They’ve unearthed a great wing prospect in Joe Cokanasiga 6’5” 18st with great speed, power & good hands. Players like Itoje & Courtney Laws also. I know Rugby League Players have got bigger and we have some genuine big men with athletic ability like Sam Burgess but most are big but without being agile or athletic. In general our biggest guys are 6’4” with the odd exception but the exceptions are quite one dimensional. We have a great number of 5’10” to 6’2” (not small men) who have good speed, footwork, endurance and athletic ability but where are the giants that are dominating the elite levels of other sports?
  15. OMEGA

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Yep, Chairman’s (now Chief Exec) vanity! He’s designed 3 or 4 shirts over the last few years and every one of thems been ######!