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  1. Thompson came into the Sts team alongside Walmsley & Amor while playing against the likes of Hill, Watts & Taylor. The next prop off the Sts production line will play with and against almost exactly the same players. I’d love to have the ability to create a utopian Shangri La where all the best players stay in our game forever but this type of attrition is natural and has ever been thus. Players have always moved on, retired, chosen other careers or had careers ended by injury. The impact of those things on youngsters in todays game is the same as it was on youngsters of yesteryear, we absorb the loss and replace those players and move on.
  2. As I’ve just found out at my own home, there is no such rule or law as a “right to light”. I suspect Leeds want to properly develop the West stand along similar lines to the rest of the stadium albeit on a smaller scale. Until they can do that they won’t throw money away on something token and temporary.
  3. To be fair if a kid comes into the Sts team now he’d be entering a better environment than Thompson did under Cunningham. Also he’d be pretty much surrounded by the same or better players.
  4. OK, I was looking forward to watching this game but I’m not up for listening to that ridiculous drum for the next 90 minutes so I’ve turned it off!
  5. Damn! I was just going to throw the Slag Brothers* in there *Wacky Races Cavemen
  6. Hey, I’m not defending the state of Wakefield’s stadium, a bit of spending over the last 4 years wouldn’t have gone amiss, but SKY are supposedly a World Class Broadcaster so surely it’s not beyond them to keep rain off the camera when covering an outdoor sport eh?
  7. Really, do you think all the cameras are under cover at all other grounds
  8. I have Whats the stadium got to do with protecting the camera lens from the rain?
  9. Seriously, is that the best that SKY can do? I can’t imagine the camera being allowed to get so wet that the picture is obscure had this been a Premier League match
  10. David Solomona Darren Britt Chris Joynt Monty Betham David Galea I could go on and on and on with SL era forwards who are so much better than Bailey that it’s laughable to compare them.
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