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  1. Simon Woolford

    The club/Team has been on a downward spiral since the departure of Brown. Since then poor coaching and terrible recruitment has produced what you have there today. Investment in the squad is imperative immediately, a genuine half back, and two quality forwards are needed ASAP if the club is to be sure of avoiding the million pound game!
  2. Simon Woolford

    What was wrong with showing some faith in Thorman? Hes got Huddersfield playing with a bit of passion and has been brave enough to drop some bigger names and give youth a chance. He’s been denied McGillivery and Cudjoe since he took over as well. If given some time to trade a few players in and out, I think Thorman could work out pretty well.
  3. Coincidentally I had a similar conversation with the CEO of a pro RL club just recently and he had heard something very much like this from a SKY Exec a few weeks back. Along the lines of the next offer being much reduced in value, suggested around a third of the current deal, take it or leave it! The Guy I was speaking to is not someone who speculates on rumours and has his feet very firmly grounded in reality so I have no reason to think he’s scaremongering. He also mentioned that BT sport would be interested in Super League but they also valued the rights at a much much reduced price.
  4. Nothing personal at all, I don’t know anyone at the club who’d be in positions of influence but I do know something of the structure behind the scenes
  5. There are enough quality players in the Wakefield squad the problem lays in the coaching and the governance of the club.
  6. As someone who known him since he was 13 and coached him through his early years as a professional I can tell you that he’s better when he’s concentrating on his own game. As for the moaning, it’s why I said he epitomises what’s wrong in the game, I didn’t say he was the only one!
  7. Leeds turned up with a team shot to bits by injury, missing were Walker, Keinhorst, Moon, Mullally, Cuthbertson, Garbutt, Delaney and they’re already a prop down with Galloway retiring and not yet being replaced. Wakefield had Fifita and England out with injury but felt sufficiently at strength to be able to rest and rotate players like Finn & Grix Once again the massive Trinity pack showed zero aggression and were outplayed by a significantly smaller pack. Well done the Leeds youngsters who stepped in. Defence and discipline has been a problem all season as has unforced errors but you can add looking out of condition to that list as well. I know, it’s the 3rd game in 10 days but it’s been showing up as an issue for Wakefield since the start of the season. I put the early weeks down to match fitness but they haven’t improved where other teams have. St Helens up next
  8. The cynical gamesmanship, playing for penalties, sledging, wind up antics and the fake tough man act! its a shame because he’s got talent and should he pour his efforts into playing the game he’d be much better for it
  9. absolutely not, he is the embodiment of all that’s become wrong in the game and which is now ruining the sport.
  10. Terrible refereeing performance but as has been said a couple of times, the game over here is ruined and awful to watch. As a die hard Rugby League fan throughout the entirety of my life so far I’m fast losing any interest in the sport, it’s a shambles and barely recognisable from 20 years ago.
  11. 2018 Kits

    It’s now been suggested that Marvel kits are going to be worn at Magic Weekend which makes this shirt more likely
  12. It’s suggested that the team here is picked on form this season, hence some of the young lads who are playing really well getting named. No ones suggesting that those not picked are on the scrap heap. lighten up !
  13. Walmsley’s out for the season by the looks of it
  14. All opinions and no ones is more valid than the next mcGillvery has hardly played all season, I wouldn’t argue too strongly against Makinson, I think Richardson’s ready, he’s already pushing Sts about and they’re playing well. gale isn’t playing that well and didn’t set the world on fire during his England appearances. Hills been poor so far this year, you’ve got Farrell in twice, Oloughlins hardly played.
  15. 1. Tomkins - Wigan 2. Hall - Leeds 3. Watkins - Leeds 4. Percival - Sts 5. Burgess - Wigan 6. Widdop - St George 7. Richardson - Sts 8. Thompson - Sts 9. Roby - Sts 10. Graham - St George 11. Whitehead - Canberra 12. S Burgess - Souths 13. Ward - Leeds 14. Clarke - Warr 15. McMeekin - Cas 16. G Burgess - Souths 17. Sutton - Wigan Makinson - Sts, Gildart - Wigan, Atkin - HKR, Myler - Leeds, Ashurst - Wakefield, Taylor - Hull FC, T Burgess - Souths