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  1. Totaly agree, Halifax are in a position of having everything to gain and nothing Toulouse!! Boom Boom sorry I couldn’t resist, the corny ones are the best lol
  2. Be careful what you wish for KT, many a true word is said in jest! Franchising will make a return sooner than you think and this time it won’t be as forgiving of poor grounds nor will it pussyfoot around issues that would see clubs like Wakefield, Castleford & HKR removed in favour of stronger franchise bids.
  3. Carter doesn’t have the money to buy the Odsal lease, he isn’t a particularly wealthy person and what he has got was earned by his dad. That leads me to believe it’s Carter & Hudgels way of getting access to privileged information only available to potential buyers. They’re looking for dirt on the RFL so more of a political move than anything
  4. The shoulder charge Part time Referees Lions/Kiwis/Kangaroo tours The 5m rule County of Origin/War of the Roses A Teams Top 8 Premiership Play Off ending with a GF Challenge Cup back to traditional weekend Apart from that I’m happy with the game as it is
  5. Out coached again! Huddersfields team included 7 players who’ve come through their system as well which makes their resurgence all the more impressive.
  6. 50-0 8 different try scorers for Trinity
  7. Yeah my apologies 38 - 0 @ H/T
  8. OMEGA

    Tom Johnstone signs for...

    It’s a no brainier really Johnstone signs and he gets more money while Wakefield retain his services or in the event of relegation or financial troubles the club cashes in big time cos he’s on a long contract.
  9. OMEGA

    Simon Woolford

    Once again, give Thorman some credit, he had them winning before Woodford was appointed.
  10. Carter is normally quick to unequivocally kill untrue rumours but has been slow onto this one whilst being very careful with his words so as not to actually deny that it’s true or not.
  11. Catalan will beat Salford and lose to Wigan - Top 8 Huddersfield will lose to Cas and beat Wakefield - Top 8 Leeds will win against both Salford & Widnes - Top 8 Wakefield will lose to Hull and Huddersfield - Qualifiers i wouldn’t relish going to Toronto or Toulouse and HKR, Salford will be ready for the M8s
  12. Yet after one season of consolidation he won the Grand Final, he’s since lost more experience and leadership in Burrow & McGuire while he’s virtually coached the season without Watkins and Ablett amongst others. very poor decision by Hetherington imo
  13. OMEGA

    Kangaroos to play in New York

    Said months ago that the NRLs stance on the Denver Test was an attempt to stop the RFL from beating them to the North American market then ‘hey presto’ Australia to play the US in New York.
  14. 9,100 is a fantastic crowd paying or not, it’s still 9,100 people who were interested enough to travel to a Huddersfield match on Friday night!