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  1. 9,100 is a fantastic crowd paying or not, it’s still 9,100 people who were interested enough to travel to a Huddersfield match on Friday night!
  2. OMEGA

    England Squad Announced

    Richardson is steering the runaway league leaders around the field and showed again tonight that he has the temperament to handle the pressure. We’re not blessed with quality at half back and I’m pleased to hear that he was strongly considered but left out at Sts request. Clarkes an outstanding player and to dismiss him as anything less sounds a bit colour blind. He’s arguably in better form than Roby at the moment and is younger so could be a better bet for the future. Youre right I wouldn’t pick Gildart ahead of Percival but then Percival is a left centre and a Gildart is a right centre so why would you think that anyway. I’d certainly pick Gildart in the centres ahead of Bateman though and arguably ahead of Conner as well.
  3. OMEGA

    England Squad Announced

    Yes, I obviously meant BJB on the wing. As I said in my original post, some are fillers and fringe players but others have been overlooked despite being in superb form. Others have missed out and someone playing out of position will play instead. Danny Richardson is the form England qualified half back Darryl Clarke is in amazing form and is right up there with Roby Gildart has been very good for 2nd placed Wigan yet will miss out to Bateman who’ll play out of position
  4. OMEGA

    England Squad Announced

    Shaul, Johnstone, Gildart, Shenton, JJB, Richardson, Myler, Taylor, Clarke, Hill. McMeekin, Ward, Watts Subs Houghton, Milner, Sutton, Green I know there’s some fillers/fringe players in there but there’s also some deserving (on form) players in too. Tomkins, Eden, McShane, Ashurst all possibles
  5. I’m not knocking Tom, as you say they’re both doing great things, George still has the edge imo he’s better on his feet ahead of the defensive line, gets more quick play the balls and makes fewer unforced errors.
  6. OMEGA

    New Young Halves

    The pick of the bunch at the moment is Richardson, he’s got everything you’d want in a half back. He controls the game well, has a great kicking game, supports well, invariably makes the correct decisions when picking his passes and crucially he has enough pace and the courage to take on the line. Dec Patton would be my next pick, while I know he’s currently being used at hooker/pivot he is in essence a controlling half back in the mould of Thurston (not saying he’s as good). He’d be a great foil for Richardson and both are pretty fair defensive players as half backs go. Trueman still has a lot to prove but he’s made a decent start to his career and is learning every game. I still think Williams has a chance to be there long term but he needs to be allowed to play his natural running game and not be suffocated by the prescipted preordained game structure that’s imposed on too many teams at the moment.
  7. Actually that’s wrong, from they’re teenage years right the way through their pro careers George has always had that bit more to his game than Tom. George was the first to crack Bradford, then South Sydney then England. Tom played in last years World Cup not because he’s better but because George was injured
  8. Ratchford McGilvery Gildart Percival Makinson Richardson Widdop Graham Roby G Burgess Whithead Bateman S Burgess Subs: Clarke, T Burgess, Thompson, Hill
  9. I think Sean Wane will step down this week! He looked like a man who’d had enough after the game and will probably feel that Wigan would be best served if he left now.
  10. OMEGA

    Young Player of the Year

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the core skills of every young player being paramount. Lack of robust core skills is the main reason we sit so far behind Australia. The other main reason is that they have the pick of their best athletes. So an athlete who has deeply embedded core skills and an instinctive understanding of the game is the goal.
  11. OMEGA

    Young Player of the Year

    I’m not proposing him for YPotY but let’s remember he’s still just 17 years old! Him and his identical twin Lewis are very good prospects and how many 6’4” talented, athletic centres/Full Backs have we got in the English youth pathways?
  12. OMEGA

    Young Player of the Year

    Luke Thompson at Sts
  13. The game was an awful standard for a supposed top level professional sport! Wakefield were clearly better than Widnes, who looked a shadow of the team that took on Sts in Newcastle, but don’t let that con you into thinking Trinity are back on track. The 2pts are very welcome and keep us back in the hunt for a top 8 finish but my god we are playing poorly as a team. Individual efforts are getting us some success against the other poor teams but we won’t beat the big guns unless they turn up in a complacent mood with a poor attitude like Sts did a few weeks ago. Jowitt did really well at Full Back but he’s got to prove he can do it consistently, match to match. Hampshire had us looking sharper with the ball, he needs to be left at halfback and allowed to develop his game there. Batchelor also needs some faith from the coach, he’s better than Kirmond, Horo and as good as the others so leave him in the starting line up and let him fulfil his potential.
  14. They have cut their coverage, earlier in the season they showed more games on both Friday and Saturday. Premier Sport thought it was OK to show every game live plus replays so why is it a bigger company like SKY can’t make it work commercially? This morning we’ve got 2 channels showing Southern Hemisphere Union why not show that on one channel and NRL on the other? Its poor and it’s not the first time.
  15. They’ve done it again haven’t they, they’ve bought the rites to show a Rugby League competition and basically done the bare minimum in terms of airing it! On this occasion its the NRL (again) last year I had the opportunity to watch every game live, if I missed a match it was replayed at some point, I got to watch The Footy Show, NRL Fulltime and various specials as well. SKY have cut their coverage down to 2 or 3 games and that’s it, no replays nothing else at all. I shouldn’t be surprised as their track record is identicke but it’s peeing me off nonetheless. They don’t care one iota about the viewers desires they just want to have the only show in Town so they don’t lose your money.