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  1. If they reintroduced the Lancashire Cup with a £500,000 prize for the winners you can bet all the West of Penines teams would enter it! So don’t give me the excuse that there’s no teams in Lancashire.
  2. OMEGA

    Australia vs Tonga

    We just need a few more Tongans to be brave and declare for Tonga instead of Australia or New Zealand, if one or two were quality half Backs that’d be great. If Fiji & Samoa follow suit and get enough games then we really will have added to the number of quality top tier nations
  3. OMEGA

    Australia vs Tonga

    What about the penalty for the late hit off the ball on BMM
  4. OMEGA

    Australia vs Tonga

    Exactly right, which is why I posted earlier, Aussies struggling for momentum so Sutton pulls out a 5th tackle penalty for them just 15 metres out from Tonga’s line
  5. OMEGA

    Australia vs Tonga

    I’ve been calling out Australia for flopping with regularity throughout the game but guess what? With Australia struggling to wrestle momentum from Tonga in the 2nd half in steps Sutton with a 5th tackle penalty against Tonga for flopping. Australia score as a result
  6. OMEGA

    Australia vs Tonga

    You but the ball was actually rising so it’s not a try!! FFS , Sutton brothers combining & contriving to prevent the humiliation of an Australian team being eliminated in the Semis on home soil
  7. OMEGA

    Australia vs Tonga

    I wouldn’t trust the Sutton brothers as far as I could throw them! Australia getting a few 50-50s and have also been gifted non existant penalties by Sutton’s one eyed view of the game, they don’t need it against a Tonga team that hasn’t played in 8 weeks. That 8 point try shows just what’s wrong with modern officials, they have no clue about the game but know every rule. Anyone who’s played will have laughed at his comment that “he’s got to get down with his hands”. Holmes did what the best wingers do and went low, down where it hurts amongst the feet and the knees, you cannot penalise the defender for that.
  8. OMEGA

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    Think wherever possible Bennett will avoid playing Wigan & Wire players Vs France. He’ll give run outs to the NRL based players to dust off the cobwebs and maybe look at a couple of players in different positions Bateman at 13 because he knows he’s not a centre and long term needs to be in the back row somewhere. Also we got caught out having limited options at 13 in the WC Final after losing SeanO England Vs France Shaul McGilvary Gildart Percival Johnstone Conner Myler Graham Hodgeson G Burgess Whitehead Greenwood Bateman (Won’t play SeanO might look at Bateman as a 13) Makinson Whitley Thompson T Burgess Should be enough to beat France
  9. OMEGA

    NZ v Australia

    Great play by New Zealand they thoroughly outplayed the far more experienced Australian team. The scoreline massively flattered Australia who should reall have been dead n buried early in the 2nd half. in previous years you could put that down to the brilliance of a couple of Aussie players and the uncanny ability to play every second of the 80 minutes but not so in the case of this match. Australian officials do their absolute best and will even make it up in order to assist their National team. That scoreline would have been really ugly for the Aussies had it not been for 2 possibly 3 Aussie Bunker decisions which ranged from contentious to criminal. Absolutely nothing wrong with Maumalo’s first try and If Zelezniaks try is given then you can justifiably chalk off Australia’s try before half time giving a probable HT score of NZ 18 - 6 Aus With NZ scoring 3 tries and another being dubiously chalked off by the Aussie officials in the bunker the scoreline would have been an embarrassing 42 - 6 to New Zealand. Remember this?
  10. OMEGA

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    Mick Adams, Doug Loughton, Dave Hall, Mick Crane, John Joyner, Bill Ashurst all World Class ball handling loose forwards (I know some played Stand Off as well). I don’t see anyone in the game now who’s comparable to these players
  11. OMEGA

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    If you were to add in all the unavailable players the team/squad looks pretty strong Tomkins/Lomax/Hardaker McGilvray/Makinson Percival/Lyne Watkins/Connor Hall/Johnstone Widdop/Williams Gale/Richardson S Burgess/Hill Roby/Clarke/Hodgeson Graham/Taylor Whitehead Bateman/Curry O’Loughlin/Milner/Ward Ratchford Greenwood Walmsley/T Burgess G Burgess/Thompson Other Notable Unlucky Absentees who wouldn’t be out of place Shenton, MvMeekin, Cudjoe, McShane, Gildart, Charnley, Ashurst, Sutton, Cooper, Shaul, Watts, Houghton, Davies,
  12. OMEGA

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    From that squad I’d pick the following team vs France (maximum of 5 players backing up after the Grand Final no matter which clubs are playing in it) Tomkins Makinson Percival Lyne Johnstone Connor Gale S Burgess Clarke Graham Whitehead Greenwood Bateman Subs: Ratchford, Milner, Thompson, G Burgess Then select the team to face NZ
  13. Totaly agree, Halifax are in a position of having everything to gain and nothing Toulouse!! Boom Boom sorry I couldn’t resist, the corny ones are the best lol
  14. Be careful what you wish for KT, many a true word is said in jest! Franchising will make a return sooner than you think and this time it won’t be as forgiving of poor grounds nor will it pussyfoot around issues that would see clubs like Wakefield, Castleford & HKR removed in favour of stronger franchise bids.