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  1. You think that in the dark halls of some IRB office that they aren't casting an eye over the potential New York, Quebec franchises along with their money men and wondering how they could sway them into choosing Union over League?
  2. If we, the Rugby League community, don't embrace this then Rugby Union will hijack it.
  3. Yes, that's why he's in the U19s hes got a year to bulk up, he's still 18 and as he reaches 19+ he'll fill out a bit naturally. The biggest threat to Ackroyd career is having no reserves, he'll reach 19 and because he hasn't fully matured he's in danger of being let go. and we wonder why we have zip, zero, nada young British halfbacks coming through
  4. I'm getting worried about this now Batchelor is poor and I think we've seen the best of him, it's all downhill from here! same can be said for Johnstone, Jowitt, Crowther and Ackroyd nothing to see here, move along
  5. Bradford should begin their new existence in Championship 1 They aren't essential to Rugby Leagues healthy future, I don't get all this fawning over them one bit. They were an average club with average attendances and a less than average history of success. They then built a team that dominated the early SL era using money they didn't have and ideas they stole from Keighley, for a while they rose above their mediocre status. When they returned to type, they refused to accept that the ride was over and continued to act and spend like a big club, digging an ever deeper hole for themselves. The RFL have treated Bradford differently to any other club that's had financial issues, arguing that Odsal was "iconic" in an attempt to justify the £1.25 Million they had used to save the Bulls. The double standards used when telling Wakefield that they'd be relegated the Championship 1 if they entered Administration while, during the very same season, making no such threat to Bradford. I am so sorry for the genuine Bradford fans, the staff and the players but I cannot buy into the sentimental ###### being spewed by the media about the Bulls being essential to Super League. Good Luck to all those who are part of running and supporting a new Bradford Rugby League Club, let's hope your new incarnation is built on solid foundations.
  6. Dream Team 1 Shaul - Hull FC 2 Johnstone- Wakefield 3 Gildart - Wigan 6 Williams - Wakefield 7 Gale - Castleford 8 Hill - Warrington 9 Clarke - Warrington 11 Bateman - Wigan 13 Bird - Catalan
  7. Fair enough Sorry for jumping down your throat Happy New year
  8. Why you'd derive that from my prediction is warped to say the least. Why would a Wakefield fans strength of allegiance have anything to do with Sheffields fortunes. They're paying to rent Belle Vue because they have no alternative, why anyone thinks that should translate into Wakefield fans suddenly having a responsibility to become Sheffield fans is just odd thinking. I predicted relegation because they're a club in turmoil and free fall.
  9. World Cup winners - Australia NRL GF winners - Brisbane SL GF winners - Warrington Challenge Cup Winners - Wakefield SL League Leaders - Wigan Championship League Leaders - HKR Championship 1 League Leaders - Toronto HKR promoted - Widnes Relegated Toronto Promoted - Sheffield Relegated Bradford Liquidated and start again in Championship 1 Nigel Wood steps down from RFL
  10. and Dewsbury will jump at the chance to raise their profile and make more money by having Trinity rent their stadium.
  11. It's all over the Bradford players chat forum
  12. Deary me, that's poor!
  13. Quite a few on RLFans and a few I know personally
  14. Wakefield put out a strong team but weren't at full strength by any means, Fifita, Mason Caton Brown, Miller, Jowitt & Huby will all be in the main 17 week to week. Add the lack of cohesion due to players playing with the team for the first time and a few youngsters who played yesterday. Allgood, Williams, Wood, Grix, Crowther, Batchelor, Mazive and there are similar elements in the Trinity line up that Leeds fans are using as an excuse for the defeat. The big worry for Leeds has to be the pack, the starting six for the Rhinos was strong yet got dominated easily both in attack and defence. You can add JJB and Ward but past experience suggests that both will miss a significant number of games through injury and Galloway has been a disappointment. The only one who was a notable absence was Ferres.
  15. Still a decent line up The worrying thing if you're a Rhino fan is the ease with which Wakefield dominated the middle whether in attack or defence and the Rhinos don't have much more to add to that forward line up. Conversely, if you're a Wakefield Trinity supporter there was a lot to admire Leeds only scored off the back of a quick tap 10 metres out, other than that Wakefield's edge and middle defence looked comfortable. Wakefield also tore holes in the Leeds defence all over the field with the last pass being poor or not delivered at all saving Leeds from a 50 point score line. Fifita, Mason Caton Brown, Miller, Jowitt, Huby were notable omissions from the Trinity line up. Just a friendly, no need to too get excited or disappointed but some subtle indications about the strength and weakness of both teams.