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  1. This season was Wakefield's opportunity, Catalan Wigan, Warrington & Sts will not be as bad next year, neither will Huddersfield judging by their resurgence under Walsh. What looked like a breakthrough year a few weeks back is now beginning to look like a bit of an anomaly as the big clubs begin to get their acts together. As for Wakefield Trinity, 2016 8th and a CC Semi Final compared to 2017 5th and a CC Quarter Final is a small step forward or arguably we've taken a slight advantage of other teams lack of form. Given that we've spent more on the salary cap I think it leaves a question mark over whether the coaching staff have it in them to take the club further and cope with the higher intensity of the vital games.
  2. Very poor game from Wakefield, a bit reminiscent of last years Super 8s when the step up in intensity was too much for the coaching team to cope with. A good game to watch but in reality St Helens were a class or two above Wakefield on the day.
  3. Sts having all the ball but using it well and causing problems for Wakefield with fast play the balls and quick hands
  4. What's the best we've got ? Hardaker, Hall, Percival, Watkins, McGilvery, Widdop, Williams, S Burgess, Hodgeson, Graham, Whitehead, McMeekin, O'Loughlin SUBS Houghton, Curry, Hill, Watts SQUAD: Shaul, Cudjoe, J Burgess, Gale, Clarke, Farrell, G Burgess, Walmsley, Taylor, simply not good enough to turn over Australia unless the Ausies have a nightmare performance.
  5. From memory the proposed cost of Wakefield's stadium was circa £19Million
  6. RIP Evan sleep peacefully young fella
  7. How on earth can anyone find a charge against Sarginson from that? The security guard would be facing 2 years in prison for his actions as it looks like a totally unprovoked attack with both punches and crucially kicks aimed at someone while they're on the ground. Sarginson should take legal action against both the security thug, the company he works fir and the nightclub who contracts that company. Ten a penny tough guys who use working on doors to enable them to act as a gang p¡ss me right off!
  8. He was celebrating his try so why was it early? cas fans calling him throughout the game is it's only right he gave them some back after battering their forwards and then scoring a try.
  9. There could be loads of content if they chose to cover the varied levels of the game and added other formats like documentaries, chat show etc SL, Championship, Champ 1 are obvious Academy, Scholarship, Junior internationals would be good non peak fillers National Confrence League highlight shows of all of the above to also cover footage of non featured full matches, this would also help lower leagues bring in sponsorship and maybe retain players. Rugby League Gold player profiles, RL focused documentaries, chat shows, etc Emerging Nations international matches e.g. Spain v Germany Pacific Nations Tests Theres loads if they chose to show it
  10. He says this every time something new is revealed, I'm beginning to wonder if he's just being intentionally ignorant so he can be irrationally indignant.
  11. Don't like Studd as a commentator he talks over everything in a constant barrage of bull tish. I often have to turn off the volume to give my ears a rest and just get to appreciate the match