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  1. Wakey friendly

    That was an extremely young Trinity team today, the oldest player was 21 with just one other player at 20 the rest were teenagers. 5 of the players have just 1 year of Academy behind them while another 5 were in the U16s Scholarship last year. 4 of the Front rowers on the bench are 16 & 17 years old. Talented players all of them but they have a lot of physical development ahead of them.
  2. Embed the Pathway

    ETP England Talent Pathway
  3. You’re assuming that Carter is being totally honest, maybe he’s not! It amazes me at times just how many of my fellow Wakefield fans swallow everything he says without question!
  4. Tom Johnstone

    Fastest to the buffet although he’s facing a stern challenge from Pauli Pauli this year
  5. Tom Johnstone

    What I meant by let’s get this right was merely to put some context against the numbers, no need to get wound up and defensive. Ive worked with Tom as a junior and as a pro so I know him very well and am aware of his ability but thanks for your input.
  6. Tom Johnstone

    Let’s get this right, season 1, he played a handful of games as most young Academy prospects do season 2 full season and won the Young player of the year season 3 played only a handful of games due to a serious injury season 4 hasn’t even kicked off yet All added up he probably hasn’t played enough games to qualify two full seasons.
  7. Tom Johnstone

    Caton Brown was fastest over the first 30 metres, over longer distances it was Johnstone
  8. Why, are you his lawyer or something? ”post the evidence”. Give yourself an uppercut, it’s a forum for Christ’s sake not a courtroom! Enough for me to know that this was widely talked about at the time. cue the predictable response
  9. Ashton wasn’t good enough before he left, younger players at Wigan we’re coming through and Ashton’s place was on borrowed time. I haven’t seen anything from him in the last 5 years or so to suggest that he’d get into any present day SL team. There are loads of quality wingers around and a good number of young players in the U19s who’d be a better option than Ashton. I think the issue with Andy Farrell stems from his abuse of position while with the England Rugby League squad. He was a guest speaker but chose to use his access to players to speak with Sam Burgess about switching codes. If the RFU wanted SB then they would have found a way somehow but to have Farrell sell the idea whilst supposedly working for the ERL was a underhand and obviously impossible without Farrell being complicit.
  10. Dictated via Siri and I never picked up on the spelling lol, however you’re probably correct, even Siri knows RL is struggling.
  11. No surprises there, SKY have a track record of buying the rites to Rugby League content for the sole reason of preventing any other broadcaster from showing it. More fool the RFL. For selling them the rites to the Chamionship games knowing full well that SKY would ignore it with the exception of The Summer Bash, they show the Middle 8s anyway as they’re included in the Super League rites. No mention of the games taking place in Australia No mention of Catalan Home games No mention of the Championship or Championship 1 No mention of NZs tour games No mention of The NRL No midweek magazine show? We are tucked away in a corner as nothing more than a cheap schedule filler while the wider sporting world never hear about us
  12. What has decisions over Tonga’s international future got to do with the NRL
  13. I think the answer is fairly obvious, Dont take any international games to Australia, take them to NZ, Samoa, PNG,Fiji, Tonga even The Cook Islands. Those Nations fans have shown they value the opportunity to see these games. Take other games to Canada, USA, Catalan, Italy, France and Germany etc. Maybe a break of 10 years or more will whet the appetite of Australian fans, TV and sponsors if or when they get their first chance to see Australia take on England in Australia after so long. Personaly I’m sick to the back teeth of Australia’s obstructive and insular attitude, we should crack on without their blessing instead of pandering to their over inflated opinion of themselves. The RLIF needs to grow a pair and start Governing the international game or maybe we should let the rebel ‘World Rugby’ circus take up the reigns.
  14. In his previous international appearances he was totally ineffective, so no!
  15. Your premise that someone hearing about Unions shameful and bigoted history won’t make some of them care is evidently wrong. None of us on here were around during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries to witness Unions prejudicial influences first hand yet somehow we care, probably after reading about it somewhere.