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  1. And I'm not saying there hasn't been significant improvements, I'm just asking if we've missed an opportunity this year?
  2. Ha Ha Im not being negative at all, I'm also trying to not to be rose tinted. Im an avid Wakefield Trinity fan and want the team to win every match and become a force in the game again but I'm not going to kid myself that we're already there, I'll leave that to you!
  3. I'm assuming Wakefield will spend a similar amount on the salary as they did this year and will therefore be around the same of very slightly better. As for the progress 2016 Semi Final and 8th compared to 2017 Quarter Final and 5th - a small step forward but as I said, there has been anomalous season long performances from Wigan, Warrington, Sts and arguably Catalan and Huddersfield. If these teams revert back to their normal standards next season then it will be very difficult for Wakefield to maintain their current positioning. So I'd be expecting 7th, 8th or 9th which is about average for Wakefield. I think the poor seasons that Wigan, Sts, Warrington have had have created a superb opportunity for Wakefield but they seem to be blowing it and are unable to cope with the higher intensity of the matches that you get at the business end of the season and Cup competition. As you say we are well under the cap and we've had a great season but until we can spend more I don't expect us to challenge the big teams. This year was a chance due to poor seasons by other clubs but we're slowly blowing it.
  4. This season was Wakefield's opportunity, Catalan Wigan, Warrington & Sts will not be as bad next year, neither will Huddersfield judging by their resurgence under Walsh. What looked like a breakthrough year a few weeks back is now beginning to look like a bit of an anomaly as the big clubs begin to get their acts together. As for Wakefield Trinity, 2016 8th and a CC Semi Final compared to 2017 5th and a CC Quarter Final is a small step forward or arguably we've taken a slight advantage of other teams lack of form. Given that we've spent more on the salary cap I think it leaves a question mark over whether the coaching staff have it in them to take the club further and cope with the higher intensity of the vital games.
  5. Very poor game from Wakefield, a bit reminiscent of last years Super 8s when the step up in intensity was too much for the coaching team to cope with. A good game to watch but in reality St Helens were a class or two above Wakefield on the day.
  6. Sts having all the ball but using it well and causing problems for Wakefield with fast play the balls and quick hands
  7. What's the best we've got ? Hardaker, Hall, Percival, Watkins, McGilvery, Widdop, Williams, S Burgess, Hodgeson, Graham, Whitehead, McMeekin, O'Loughlin SUBS Houghton, Curry, Hill, Watts SQUAD: Shaul, Cudjoe, J Burgess, Gale, Clarke, Farrell, G Burgess, Walmsley, Taylor, simply not good enough to turn over Australia unless the Ausies have a nightmare performance.
  8. From memory the proposed cost of Wakefield's stadium was circa £19Million
  9. RIP Evan sleep peacefully young fella
  10. How on earth can anyone find a charge against Sarginson from that? The security guard would be facing 2 years in prison for his actions as it looks like a totally unprovoked attack with both punches and crucially kicks aimed at someone while they're on the ground. Sarginson should take legal action against both the security thug, the company he works fir and the nightclub who contracts that company. Ten a penny tough guys who use working on doors to enable them to act as a gang p¡ss me right off!
  11. He was celebrating his try so why was it early? cas fans calling him throughout the game is it's only right he gave them some back after battering their forwards and then scoring a try.