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  1. I'm pretty adept at IT and have access to a number of ways of streaming yet despite trying for nearly an hour I couldn't find a single working stream in the UK
  2. Very unprofessional of Toronto to go out of their way to promote a live stream but then fail to provide access to that link anywhere that can be found. annoyed!
  3. Anyone got a link to a working UK stream
  4. Gary Wheelers career has been blighted by injury The one who really strikes me as tragically unlucky was Nigel Wright, he had the type of skill and physique to be genuine World Class but injuries destroyed him.
  5. Wakefield have thrown this one away and to be honest Warrington deserve the win more than Wakefield do. At 20-6 Wakefield tried to just play it safe and work the percentages while Warrington have poured on the effort and played with tempo and width.
  6. Wakefield bombed two tries in that half, someone should have got on Millers shoulder and the slightest of fumbles from Johnstone preventing an easy try. wakefield have strike out wide and via Fifita but we don't create enough
  7. Escare signing a 2 year extension doesn't offer S Tomkins much hope of being the Wigan full back, maybe they're looking to move him back into the halves.
  8. Marshall reminds me of Ainscough, good player who's enjoying the opportunities he gets on the end of Wigan's attack. When Gelling, Gildart, Manfredi and Burgess are available I can't see him getting a look in.
  9. My club Wakefield are reaping the benefits of investing in the youth system both in terms of money but also by going out of their way to recruit the right people to run it. If they develop to the right levels we are not shy in signing our Academy players to full time SL contracts and giving them opportunities which they're taking. Johnstone, Jowitt, Batchelor, Crowther etc are all showing they're good enough. we run the full youth programme of Scholarship and Academy but have also begun running a Category 3 team as well. I know that our Academy players are also allowed to play with their Community Clubs to both help out the Community agame and to ensure the players get gametime. All that costs a lot of money, I've seen a figure of £300k to £400k a year. We should introduce a Reserves or U23s to act as an interim between Academy and SL, I'm not a fan of Dual Registration. So should we share a Youth system with Cas? Well despite the so called "big clubs" coming over the Wakefield every week of every year and taking a large chunk of the most talented players Wakefield are still producing a lot of quality players who either stay as SL players or feed back into Championship, Championship 1 or the Community game. Wed be even better if we were to ever secure a new stadium and with it better facilities and a higher more desirable profile which attracted those Wakefield youngsters who go elsewhere. So. My answer is that we shouldn't run a joint Academy with Cas, there are evidently enough schools and community clubs in the WF postcode to feed not only Cas and Wakefield but seems to provide a % to a number of other clubs as well. What Wakey and Cas need to do is secure a new stadium and Academy Training Centres that rival the "bigger clubs". That said, if clubs like mine are investing financial resources in youth development to the tune of £300k which means they can't afford 2 marquee signings and results in perennial struggles against clubs who can then the pressure to redirect those finances becomes intense, to the detriment of the game.
  10. OK contact with the head! I didn't say anyone had said you were unbeatable, clearly you're not because Salford beat you a few games ago. Why the need to feel defensive? if you lose Gale & Millington you'll be seriously diminished, you can say that about any team! Good Luck with your season
  11. Cas stadium has been delayed until 2020 at the earliest
  12. Cas were the better side but Wakefield didn't roll over. Cas scored their first 2 tries down the Wakefield left edge where Tupou was missing due to a high shot and Trinity had a back rower defending in the centre where Tupou would have been. also Wakefield played around 60 minutes with one or both centres missing with a second row and and a prop filling in. Cas are a really good team but they're not unbeatable
  13. Here's a couple of facts for you all. Tom Johnstones on a 5 year contract Tom Johnstones on very good money Tom Johnstone loves it at Wakefield Wakefield Trinity are DEBT FREE Wakefield Trinity have no pending Tax bills Wakefield Trinity don't have a Bank overdraft to settle Wakefield Trinity are not under financial pressure and therefore do not NEED to sell any players, unlike the past.
  14. Quoted from the other forum seems to explain things quite well Rodney Walker is a sideline issue thrown in by WMDC to distract attention away from the truth. Rodney may have some questions to answer and he certainly seems to have acted in an immoral manner. The quoting of "No Objections" is also irrelevant as it too is a distraction from the WMDCs possibly illegal failure to enforce the SOSs ruling. There's also some very suspicious and questionable anomalies surrounding the timing, wording and transparency of WMDCs planning documents pertaining to the Newcold build. The main question is why did WMDC choose to allow the Newcold build to fall outside the UU (which IS a S106) when they have a legal obligation to to enforce The SoSs ruling. That ruling stated that the land involved would only be lifted out of the Green Belt on the express provision that the developer built Community Sports facilities and a Community Stadium once 60,000sqm of warehousing was built out. The SoSs Officer clearly ruled that this was a legal condition and that the land in question could not be disaggregated. What that means is that the ruling is on the land and not any particular planning application. Therefore any planning application is subject to this condition and it is the legal obligation of the ruling Planning Authority (WMDC) to ensure its enforcement!There seems to be no logical reason whatsoever for WMDC not to enforce the SoSs ruling, indeed they have brought suspicion and possible legal action against themselves by not enforcing it.The subsequent intransigence, evasiveness and failure to answer the charge against them further increases a feeling of complete distrust in WMDC and in particular its Leader, Peter Box.Obtuse statements that the WMDC did not sign the UU and it therefore has nothing to do with them, that WMDC are not beneficiaries of the UU which they clearly are and that they are not responsible for enforcing a planning application ruling for a huge development IN WAKEFIELD are so crazy and illogical as to invite suspicion.Refusing Freedom of Information requests and eventually admitting that legal advice fundamental to their position hasn't been kept on record is at best incompetent and at worst. . . we'll make your own mind up!