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  1. Jane

    8's fixtures

    Yes season ticket covers these 3 games
  2. Jane

    Keep the Faith

    The following has just been posted on Facebook by Chairman Steve Neale:- Obviously we have had a couple of disappointing results and performances in our last two home fixtures but I think we need to put it in to context. We received £150,000 from the RFL as a promoted team whilst the top teams from last year received half a million plus and Leigh £1.2 million as a parachute payment. The RFL have had a strategy for years to even up Super League by only allowing the clubs the same funding and only spending the same maximum amount yet in our division we simply don't have a level playing field. This is a chosen strategy from the RFL all designed to make the middle eights competitive but to the detriment of our league. With a full squad we were so competitive early in the season but when injuries have occurred we simply haven't got the funds to go out and sign like for like replacements. Our squad has been stretched to the limit and our coaching team have done a brilliant job keeping it all together. With a week's break to recharge our batteries I ask you all to keep the faith and get behind the players. Many of our injured players are on the mend and will return for the Championship Shield. This will still be a season to remember if, with the fans backing, we secure our place in the division.
  3. For anybody interested in supporting the club by joining either the Goldrush Lottery or the Super Lotto forms are available at Sunday's game from the Souvenir Kiosk on the Stand Side or the Snack Bar on the Popular side.
  4. For anybody interested in supporting the club by joining either the Goldrush Lottery or the Super Lotto forms are available at Sunday's game from the Souvenir Kiosk on the Stand Side or the Snack Bar on the Popular side.
  5. Posted by Steve Neale on Barrow RLFC facebook page:- The RFL have given the club 100 tickets to sell for the Challenge Cup Final on Saturday 25th August. We have to pay for these tickets even if we don't sell them. Costs are: Adults £30 Concessions £22.50 Juniors £10 We pay the RFL £15 per ticket and we can sell the tickets at full price in order to generate income for the club. If you are planning to attend the final this would be a great way to support our club and also not leave us out of pocket with unsold tickets. Tickets are available in the club shop in Scott St. Jane Rugby Shop/Lottery Manager
  6. Jane


    Mick the page can be accessed via the Website, the article and link is in the NEWS menu. People are still donating, many coming into the shop or making payments over the phone so that this money goes directly to the club as Just Giving takes a fee of 15% from donations and they want the club to benefit from the full amount. Pete is on holiday at the moment and it is still being shared but probably shadowed by everything else on facebook at the moment. There is also a leaflet referring to this and the Challenge Cup Final tickets on sale via the club being handed out at Sunday's game Jane Rugby Shop/Lottery Manager
  7. Jane

    EGM - What can we do?

    If anybody is interested in joining either the Goldrush Lottery or the Super Lotto but is unable to get into the shop I can email the forms out to you to print off and then return to us for setting up. Email barrowrugbyshop@btconnect.com or phone 824454. Thanks Jane
  8. Jane

    200 Club

    If you put your name, phone number, email address and money in an envelope and ask Tom in the Souvenir Shop to give to me I will get it at the end of the game. Alternatively, you can give directly to me at the Snack Bar.
  9. Jane


    Winning ticket has been brought in and prize claimed!
  10. The Half Time Draw Ticket for yesterday's game has not been claimed yet. It is a Blue Ticket - 6449. Sold at the Main Entrance. If this is your ticket bring it into the Rugby Shop on Scott Street to claim.
  11. Jane

    This is what happened Sunday.

    TMF glad you enjoyed your steak pie! We had some left at the end of the game you could have come for seconds lol. Not taking it personally at all, been at this job too long for that. Just don't want the away fans to be put off coming into the ground and spending their money with us by thinking we won't have enough to go round! The Leigh fans were fantastic today arriving early and keeping us busy all match long. That's exactly what we need.... money being spent at our outlets which goes straight back into the club!
  12. Jane

    This is what happened Sunday.

    The snack bar did not run out of pies, the steak were just more popular that day and sold first! We still had all other varieties available plus burgers, bacon, chips and hot dogs. We had also been open since 2pm so selling out of steak pies 15 mins into the game is not as bad as is being made out! Who knows what the food of choice for fans will be tomorrow??
  13. Jane

    Rugby League Programmes

    John still sells programmes for the club. If you can drop them into the Rugby Shop I can pass them on to him for you.
  14. We are looking for collectors for 2 rounds, both in Barrow, one in Risedale Road, Devon Street Area and the other in the Hawcoat Lane Area. Both rounds are collected on a fortnightly basis, early evening and earn a good rate of Commission. Collectors must be a minimum of 16 years old. Would suit student or active retired person. For more information, or to apply, please call into the Rugby Shop on Scott Street, or phone 824454.
  15. Jane

    Raffle Ticket from Sunday

    NOW CLAIMED! Winner - Chris Walden