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  1. Good signing if he doesn't turn out to be like Gareth Hock and we get bitten again!
  2. Steve Tickle wasn't a bad goal kicker!
  3. No the other side!
  4. One on Sunday was a try disallowed for an offside given by a touch judge 70 metres away when neither the referee or near side touch judge deemed anything wrong with it!
  5. I would include Ryan Brierley at Leigh/Toronto and Stan Robin at Toulouse in that list!
  6. Another defeat I'm afraid even I have given up hope of us staying up now!
  7. I wish that woman would bloody shut up - I'd rather listen to the Huddersfield cowbell!
  8. steve75


    On Twitter Dalli said "look forward to the phone call from Cullen!" I presume he meant Paul Cullen on the disciplinary panel!
  9. steve75


    Not once did Barrow pick up that Greg McNally was doing what he always has - floating along the line behind the attack looking for the space he knew would be created, which is how he scored his try, and going through and causing trouble. If I could see it from the terraces why couldn't the players and I presume Cresta see it because the marking of McNally never changed throughout the game!
  10. LEIGH CENTURIONS V BARROW RAIDERS Wednesday 26th June Totally Wicked Stadium | KO : 19:30 Referee G. Hewer Touch Judge 1 G. Jones Touch Judge 2 H. Neville Reserve Referee T. Jones M Com A. Mills Time Keeper D. Campbell BARROW RAIDERS V TOULOUSE OLYMPIQUE XIII Sunday 30th June Craven Park | KO : 15:00 Referee T. Grant Touch Judge 1 B. Milligan Touch Judge 2 D. Arnold Reserve Referee G. Melling M Com D. Hayes Time Keeper D. Milburn
  11. No loyalty or honesty anymore!
  12. Exactly my point!
  13. That's basically what Andy Ackers did to London - wanted to be nearer to Wigan and signs for Toronto! London must be extremely gullible to fall for it a second time!
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