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  1. 1. Storm; Panthers; Roosters; Raiders; Cowboys; Tigers; Warriors; Dragons 2. 317 3. 5 4. 2 Thanks
  2. 1. Rabbitohs; Storm; Titans; Panthers; Eels; Roosters; Warriors; Dragons 2. 317 3. 4 4. Broncos / Titans Thanks.
  3. Does anybody on here do the fantasy super league - I can't find any mini leagues.
  4. 1. 0 2. Storm; Dragons; Roosters; Raiders; Broncos; Eels; Knights; Cowboys 3. 317 4. 6 Thanks Graham
  5. 1. Storm; Warriors; Broncos; Panthers; Rabbitohs; Cowboys; Roosters; Raiders 2. 6 3. 317 4. Eels V Storm Thanks Graham!
  6. 1. Storm; Knights; Eels; Warriors; Roosters; Panthers; Raiders; Sharks 2. 6 3. 317 4. Roosters Thanks.
  7. Knowing the RFL they'd put Ottawa into the championship straight away!
  8. Lee Jewitt has gone to Widnes! Nothing has been mentioned about that! https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/widnes-sign-lee-jewitt-as-quartet-depart-the-vikings/
  9. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56889/rfl-board-meeting--july- The report on today's meeting - Championship and Championship 1 teams left in limbo for another fortnight!
  10. Overall happy with the performance but at times we were guilty of trying to score off each play and not passing to supporting players. It would have been a much higher score if we had looked around with the ball in hand. I am trying to be objective here and not overly critical before people shout!
  11. I remember one of the London players going up to the referee and pointing at his forearm and shortly after the referee made the signal for on report. No idea who it was referring to or what it was.
  12. Barrow at home to London Skolars
  13. They'll all be 1 year older not just Zeb Taia!
  14. Tyson was the man of the match for me - worked hard throughout the whole time he was on the pitch, both in attack and defence. Definitely worth another look.
  15. There were several instances where the fullback could have passed to players who were free but held on to the ball to try and break through/score himself and it was frustrating his team mates especially the right wing who got virtually no ball all of the match. Knowing when to pass will come with experience though.
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