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  1. joe142

    Leigh away

    Just hoping we come away from the game injury free before a well needed weekend off for the players! Hopefully get a few bodies back for the Easter fixtures
  2. joe142

    York CC

    According to his twitter he'll be back playing June/July. What is the point?
  3. joe142

    York CC

    Doesn't even show his face at home game either. Would be nice to have him around the ground getting photos with kids, letting fans know how he's going etc. Seems to me like he doesn't give a toss about being here
  4. joe142

    York CC

    Riley is absolutely stealing a wage he doesn't even try at least charnock likes to get stuck in. I thought bar mossop susino Carter and josh Johnson we were atrocious today crowds will only drop more
  5. We are a mess I'll be surprised if we win again this year. We have a 7 who everybody can see isn't up to standard yet dali is the one that gets all the stick! Two hookers who telegraph every ball and rarely take the ball to the line and a few forwards who look like they don't want to be here. How charnock & Riley are still here I really don't know! You can only blame individual errors so much we're obviously coached poorly particularly in defence. Big changes are needed we were promised so much in the off season and with the price increase we expected better on the pitch results we have been embarrassing nearly every game
  6. joe142


    Thought every single lad played well out there in tough conditions all the PNG lads looked like the players we saw on tape. Danny Morrow was superb again as well. Toulouse are by far the best rugby team in the league some of their tries were amongst the best I've seen I hope we get to go back there next year!
  7. joe142


    I think this is a little harsh, our second rowers are superb and I don't think our outside backs have had a chance. Props need to do more especially Riley he doesn't bring anything to the team IMO
  8. joe142


    Miles better performance today against a full time side. I thought Danny Morrow was excellent and offered a lot in both defence and going forward. I think we're massively missing an organisational half back especially when we're in the opponents 20. I won't rant about the ref but I do feel the decision not to bin gelling for the strike is what changed the game. Fair play to the Widnes fans that traveled however I have never come across a more arrogant bunch of fans in my life they whinged about the stadium announcer, the pitch, our players & our fans. Our ground might not be perfect but at least it's OURS and give me a real grass pitch over 3g any day.
  9. joe142


    Anybody know when Hulme both toals Duffy and Hock are back? I think we massively miss D toals aggression in the middle of the park
  10. joe142


    Bang on. There is no enjoyment in watching us at the moment, we have absolutely no flair play in us I know we're missing players but our half backs and 9s seem to be a little bit lack lusture this year
  11. joe142


    I'd say you're being realistic
  12. joe142


    Can't just blame the players. We're clearly not being coached on how to deal with rucks properly, every week we're dominated in defence and offensive rucks
  13. joe142


    It's a shame because we have fantastic backs. I'd like to see Ryan Johnston given a run in the side I think he offers a lot more than charnock
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