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  1. Whisky

    Like some wines.
  2. Football

    No he is staying in Soccer for the local high class hooker's.
  3. Football

    Taxman another dirty word or thing.
  4. Football

    300 grand a week for Rooney ??? Football stinks more then Rugby Union.
  5. Whisky

    Not a Whiskey expert but how can a Laphroaig taste like mouthwash on first sip and then taste smooth and lovely on the 2nd.
  6. The TV Thread

    I right so there is hope then.
  7. The TV Thread

    Sad to see Ripper Street getting pulled because of poor ratings as it was up against I'm a Celebrity and sad to see the majority of the brotish public would want to watch reality dross then some proper scripted drama.
  8. Ed Miliband

    Bring back Degsy I say.
  9. Ed Miliband

    I think buffoon Cameron will be a saint compared to brother's in arm's Ed.
  10. Ed Miliband

    I often find that even if traditional working class (who ever they are now) Labour supporter who have lost faith in Labour in the last 15 years or so will still support them ?
  11. How long before we see SL teams playing Bath/Exeter etc.in 1996 Dean Richards said that both codes will come back together sooner or later yet it has not happened yet. Both Rugby codes are going through some climate change where we don't know what the results will be.
  12. The TV Thread

  13. The TV Thread

    I loved it. Watched the Old Grey Whistle Test before it and couldn't help thinking the following the following bands from 1973 could of fitted in with - Dr.Feelgood Mod Revival/2-Tone. Roxy Music but more so Bryan Ferry looked more like ABC or some New Romantic type ala Spandau Ballet. Argent Rock band could of been some Glam Metal band from the 80's. Bob Marley and The Wailer's doing "Concrete Jungle" could of been some Root's Reggae band from Brixton in sound and look in the late 70's/early 80's. Brinsley Schwarz was the start of the Pub Rock/New Wave bands with there Country style Pop sound influencing Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson etc.
  14. The TV Thread

    Like Red Dwarf and also Open All Hour's and Bird's of The Feather. Let's hope they keep Blackadder in the vault's.
  15. Whisky

    As UB40 said "food for thought"...doe's that apply to wine.