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  1. Work still in progress but we now look like a team with a purpose that can only improve with the inclusion of Briggs, Griffin and I think another prop to back up Bossy,Ormondroyd and Griffin...DR ? Ormondroyd is looking good and Bossy has enormous strength (chocolate box...No) Davies looks like a real leader, something we've missed since Stuey retired. Nothing won at all yet but the signs are very positive !
  2. Can we Still Make the Top 4?

    Lost by 10 points ...less Worrincy 6 point gift for us = 16 difference. BUT gifted them 18 points.. 1.They score after poor kick off 2.Mix up at the back between 2 players. 3.Sam Smeaton interception. Inconsistent with holes in the defence and now aJon Sharp has work to do
  3. scrums

    Being a fan of both Union and League, scrums on union take far too long...needs to be sorted but there is definite skill involved. League scrums are far too often not formed and the back row moving before the ball is out and take little or no skill at all. If the League scrum is simply means to re-start a game, just ensure the pack stay down, are correctly bound, not just leaning on and penalise the offenders who break away. That said, I was just a stand off / full back who got regularly tw*tted by my opposite number and 2 back rows who could break away legally ready to inflict pain on a stand off who happened to have a scrum half who couldn't pass water..let alone a rugby ball
  4. scrums

    Couldn't agree more. Even as a way of restarting the game and holding the defence they are never formed properly. Scrummaging is a skill that RL players don't have today.
  5. Team for Dewsbury at home

    Disappointing result but I saw a second half display by a team with tired minds and bodies...they were knackered out there. 3 games in 9 days after playing in Wednesdays heat just seemed too much to ask.
  6. Time To Act

    I am very concerned about the club but simply sacking the coach...again... may not be the obvious answer. I heard tonight that Andy Hay is actually the right man for the job but that there is far too much interference from others involved, preventing him from doing the job properly. Time will tell but something is obviously seriously wrong.
  7. Rovers v London and Sheffield match threads.

    No knee jerk reaction..just all round poor performance. It started with the basics of players not keeping their feet, looked like the wrong studs. We couldn't control the ball,rubbish completion rate, defence weak & no attack. The ball was like a piece of soap and difficult to deal with, sticking in the ground water, a full backs nightmare,so we ignored that and went the aerial route. League can be a great game to watch but it can also be very predictable with little invention or plan B and we were exactly that last night. Monday will be interestin.
  8. Toulouse lost in France

    Toulouse is just an 8 hour jaunt up the autoroute but getting home from Spain is a different matter altogether. No flights & minibus hire to Calais with two days hire, originally at
  9. Featherstone V Halifax. Friday 7.30pm

    Fax are a good side and we need to be on top form as they have something to prove. However, we also have 16 guys who will busts gut for their captain, have personal pride and are full of confidence . So a win by 13 or more in any combination with Stu' as MOM will do for me Up the Rovers !!
  10. Stu Dickens

    Clearly, there is a huge amount of respect & empathy for Stuart and his family. With that in mind, many of us would appreciate the opportunity to show our support and respect for them if they feel it appropriate and respectful, as this has obviously been such a difficult week. Stu', you also need to be aware that once the whistle goes for the start of the game you will have everyone of us totally behind you. "There's only one Stuart Dickens"
  11. kaye

    Ben Kaye is a very good player and it was noticable that the service today was slightly slower, mainly because Aaron Dobek, in particular, needs to pass the ball immediately rather than taking two steps first. That's the time needed for the halves to have the space to make breaks rather than have the opposition defence in their faces.
  12. Stu Dickens

    Stu - Everyone of us today offer you and your family our sincere condolences and thanks for the huge physical & mental effort that today's game must have taken. Many of us have been in your situation but not in the position of also playing for the Rovers. We are all proud to have you as our captain and your Mum would have been immensely proud of the effort you gave today in her memory. We are fortunate to have someone of such character and stature to lead the team
  13. Barrow V Featherstone

    Still smiling after last nights AWESOME TEAM [and no less a phrase would suffice] performance. That's the best all round display I've seen in the last ten years, under the naffest lights. No way should a game of that quality have to be played under those conditions. The game should have kicked off at 12;30 , prior to the football match at Barrow FC. I was also one of those critical after the Leigh game but how good it was to be wrong and watch that performance last night. Almost impossible to pick a MOM because it was a total team effort, that should not be underestimated. On only two occasions that I can remember or could see did Baarow actually break our line and they were almost nilled, except for the 78' consolation try. No doubt, this has been said previously but I've got to have my penneth too. AWESOME display and tactics, congratulations and thanks. See you all on Sunday v Whitehaven
  14. MOM

    1. Tommy Saxton - Tremendous display. Not only gave the props a break with great yardage but made two lung busting try saving chase back tackles. Best all round wing display I've seen in a long time. 2. Liam Finn - He is at the centre of much of what we do and the best yet to come. Good kicking game 3. Andy Kain - Three superbly taken tries. Apologies to the rest of the players but a terrific team display See you all on Saturday.
  15. the draw

    Siddal Vs Batley ? Lee Greenwood coaches Siddal yet plays for Batley. At least he'll be able to coach the Siddal lads legally whilst on the pitch. Interesting dilemma !