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  1. Football

    The soccer club was split off from the rest of the club. The rest of the club is multi sports and is till alive and kicking. They have sports ranging from athletics to handball, ice hockey, RU, etc.... It used to be the army's sports club back in the day, and AFAIK it's still embedded into the ministry of defense's structures, and they have/had a big rivalry with Dinamo, which used to be the police's sports club. The soccer club came up with this beauty as a replacement: :laugh: :laugh:
  2. Yes, because ITV hates making money
  3. This goes to show what having smart dedicated people can do for a club.
  4. Realistically, how could the NRL be prevented to do whatever they want to regarding the rules they play under?
  5. European RL Map

    Somebody posted a list of Irish clubs once and there was something like 30 of them. That map is only showing a few.
  6. The RLIF should be a subsidiary of the NRL. The NRL is the only league organization that has proven they know what they are doing.
  7. Sweden Rugby League

    His post reflects the truth.
  8. Do you have a source saying the current deal is exclusive? How much time is it even for? It seems to me you've decided having that team is a bad idea and you're just clutching at straws trying to support your opinion with "evidence" blown out of proportion or based on all sort of assumptions, like the players not wanting the free vacation across the pond because in 21st century Britain they still practice serfdom and getting days off from work is unheard of.
  9. There more than one way to sponsor a tournament. Naming rights for the tournament is just one of them.
  10. No. But don't let that stop counting against making this happen.
  11. So if another sponsor wanted to sponsor the competition in the UK they should be told to p1$$ off.
  12. So, then it seems there's no issues having more than one sponsors for the competition.
  13. When was the last time that competition has had a sponsor? SL barely managed to find one.
  14. Oh well, I've only been telling that story about the earth rotation's effect on flying times for about a decade now
  15. OK, it could be partly due to the prevailing winds, but the earth's rotation also plays a part, because when you travel from west to east your destination is actually coming towards you.