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  1. No, I'm sorry but I can't agree with that. You state, "This sort of thing is happening throughout SL", but to be fair, it isn't is it? Maybe Saints haven't yet got enough young players to take them back to the top of the game, but in the likes of Lomax, Swift, Walmesley, Percival and Josh Jones, they have a pretty good start. Wigan's team included the likes of Joe Burgess, Jack Hughes, Dom Manfredi, Ryan Hampshire and George Williams, but don't let that mask the truth, that SL clubs are not producing any good young players. With regards to the lack of decent half backs, whose fault is it that the two form half backs of last season, Danny Brough & Matty Smith, couldn't get a look in for England? You need to take a happy pill.
  2. I've just checked, and it was definitely you who claimed that SL clubs were not producing adequate replacement players. I can find no evidence of the RFL stating that poor Jamie Peacock can't retire due to the lack of satisfactory replacements. It was definitely you.
  3. It has nothing to do with my feelings towards the man at all. My opinion is that Koukash has done absolutely nothing to show that he knows anything about Marketing. If you have evidence to refute my view, then by all means let's have it, and then I might re-consider.
  4. Apart from his shameless marketing of himself, I haven't seen anything yet that would indicate that Dr. Koukash is a Marketing genius. Isn't it only last week he abandoned his Marketing techniques, and lambasted Salford's "Supporters" for not joining the gang?
  5. I must be watching a different Super League than the one you are watching. I went to the James Roby Testimonial last week, and in the second half the pitch was full of fantastic young players. Are you telling me that I didn't really see that?
  6. Have you tried Graphic Audio? Much better than the usual monotone nonsense you get with ordinary audiobooks.
  7. Whisky

    A bottle of Midleton Very Rare very gratefully received for Christmas. This is my fourth bottle, and I have yet to take them up on their offer of a guided tasting tour. I might try to give that a go this year.