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  1. And the match day experience at other SL grounds is first class? I’m sorry but trotting out a rendition of “marching on together” does not equal a stunning match day experience. I go to watch the match not to watch some deranged idiot in a stupid suit prance about or some half baked local band singing some cover versions.
  2. This forum doesn’t need an administrator, it needs The Samaritans. The Wire Hull KR was excellent. Wigan V Leeds was two very limited teams doing what they thought was right to progress to the next phase. I’ve never seen it printed on a ticket that entertainment of a particular type is guaranteed. I’m betting that many posters on here can’t even remember what a match ticket looks like.
  3. Really? You can tell all that even though you only watched it on TV? Maybe if you had actually been in the ground people would listen to your nonsense. I was in the ground, so I’m going to ignore your summary because it’s wrong.
  4. What exactly is he retiring from though? International rugby league is rarer than rocking horse droppings.
  5. Honestly, I would rather shag Adrian Lam. I suspect he is actually much taller than you.
  6. Wigan already have that covered somewhere on their website. just look up “Completely warped TRL poster called DKW” and all will be clear.
  7. Catalans play the lowest team left in the play offs. If KR beat Warrington, which seems to already have been decided anyway, KR will play Catalans.
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