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  1. What on Earth are you talking about? You said he hadn’t made the squad. You were wrong. Suck it up for a change.
  2. My, that sounds aggressive. I don't think I know everything Harry, but I also don't think I know less than you.
  3. Do you think so? Surely it's a question I am entitled to ask? I have no idea what your comment meant, so I am seeking clarification. I doubt you actually knew what you meant so I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Deary me. One half decent season and you've turned into RL's equivalent of a Man U fan. I look forward to next year when the status quo will no doubt return.
  5. Then, as is typical, you aren't checking hard enough. He is in the squad for the game tomorrow. I would point you to the source, but I'd rather you found it yourself.
  6. Can't make the squad? I can only assume that there is another Morgan Smithies then.
  7. Typical Wigan answer? What exactly doesn't that mean mate? You are starting to come across as extremely bitter, and tremendously boring.
  8. Yes, if they managed to do it on a consistent basis. One year's selection in the dream team doesn't mean a whole lot if they fade away after that.
  9. Sign for Wigan for a few years and then do what all the others have done. Claim it's always been his dream and Wigan will let him go. It's a strategy that seems to have worked for all that have tried it so far.
  10. I don't watch all of the NRL games by any means but from what I have seen, if their is any difference between that and SL it is the three-quarter plays. The NRL teams always seem to be able to come up with more elaborate play in the backs leading to loads of tries scored by getting numbers out wide over the opposition. I'm not sure whether this is due to the players being better or the running patterns being more developed/better coached but it is different. If every game between SL and the NRL turned into a forward battle, then every game would be 50/50 in my opinion.
  11. Let's hope they can keep that wonderful run going then.
  12. Really? I thought Penrith were supposed to be good?
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