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  1. Somebody will be along soon to tell us that all that is complete bollards, and that St. Helens should be top of the list.
  2. He also spends an awful lot of time putting the ball down over the line. Just wait till Gale turns up at your place next year if you want a master class in arm waving.
  3. That may be true, but nobody actually knows what the reasons are. It is probably a combination of many things, but surely it can't do any harm to have a bit of variety around the stadium used for the final
  4. Good question, and I like the idea of moving it around. People get fed up of going to the same place, and maybe this is one reason why GF attendances are generally falling. I still go every year, but I would get a lot more excited about it if the next 3 were to be held at Tottenham's new stadium, the Aviva in Dublin and Cardiff.
  5. As they have all been selected in the squad, he will probably go with Coote at FB, Austin at 6 and Hastings at 7.
  6. Am I dreaming or did I really just see Jack Hughes named in the GB squad?
  7. Yes, it has, but I still think it's relevant to state a preference for home grown players in any discussion about who should be in the team for this test series. I realise that I am probably in the minority with regards to my preference, but it's mine, and I am going to hold onto it. Coote and Hastings are both great players, and I have enjoyed watching them both this year, but I think they should be sat at home when the test series starts.
  8. Is it? How is it a different issue if you are proposing Coote for FB?
  9. I understand the arguments for and against playing Australians in the GB/England teams, and I have no wish to get involved in a discussion about it, but I have been watching RL for 50 years, and it was always my wish to see a team of Brits/English players beat the other teams. I am not enthused about a GB team containing the likes of Coote and Hastings.
  10. I agree with you. However, Man United's stewards are among the worst in any sport. They will do very little, if anything, to persuade anyone to stop using language like that. We used to have a corporate table at Old Trafford, and I once took some Everton fans to watch a game there against Man U. The way they were treated by the stewards was the final straw for me, and having held that £20,000 per season table for 10 years, we never went back.
  11. I hope you are aware how inappropriate it is to suggest that someone ride a bike.
  12. Which comment? The comment that suggests you aren't willing to go and watch the greatest team in SL history? It's not inappropriate to state a fact.
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