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  1. Who is “worshipping” Les Boyd? I think you need to get some perspective here mate. I said he was a great prop forward, with good skills, which he was. I know he had a bad record with discipline, but that doesn’t make him a bad player.
  2. I’m not going after anyone, on here or anywhere else, especially someone like you who is beneath mention. Goodbye.
  3. It wasn't enjoyable to watch from a GB point of view, but I often rewatch my videos, yes videos, of the 1982 and 1986 tours. Some brilliant players, and despite some of the scorelines, some great entertainment as well.
  4. Oh come on mate, I'm trying my best but it is extremely difficult for a Knuckle Dragger like me to elevate myself to the god-like status of those who chart correlations and other clever stuff like that.
  5. Wow, if you were made of chocolate You would eat yourself. Maybe you should take some precautions before you disappear up your own arsa.
  6. Of course it is. You have taken yet another chance to prove how patronising you can be and, quite honestly, I'm outraged.
  7. So, let's get this straight, you are outraged at Wigan being outraged? Well, I'm outraged at you being outraged about Wigan being outraged. I hope that's quite enough outrage for you.
  8. You're welcome. It was a different game then, and in many ways, far more enjoyable.
  9. I didn't say he wasn't a thug, but he was also one of the best props I have ever seen play the game, and as a Wigan fan I hated his guts. He was tough, quick and had a decent pair of hands on him. He was one of those players you definitely wanted on your side rather than the oppositions. Times were different then, no better, and in some ways a lot worse. I suppose you are one of those that wants to go around tearing down statues of Mr. Churchill as well.
  10. True, but that's so obscene I don't even want to think about it.
  11. Still only 3 weeks wages for somebody like Jack Grealish, which says it all for me. Incomparable as athletes, and as far as I know Addo Carr is not a complete knob sack either.
  12. Which is a big change from back in the day when Aussie pops such as Greg Dowling and Les Boyd were brilliant in the British game. Add in others from down under like Kevin Tamati, Kurt Sorenson and Ian Roberts (Although he may have been a second row back then), and there was a lot to like about Antipodean forwards.
  13. I agree with that. Hardaker's kicking has been average, at best, all season, so the likelihood of him kicking that one from 45 metres was very low. However, it's done now, can't take the decision back, but we do need to look for other kicking options for next season.
  14. He's the big guy from the Google Review adverts on YouTube, silly.
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