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  1. If you are attempting to win the arseole of the century award, you can stop because it is all over bar the shouting. Small man syndrome at it's absolute zenith.
  2. Saints, by a healthy margin, leading to Fitzpatrick cancelling the next 10 press conferences due to bad blood.
  3. "Horrendous, Undignified, Embarrassing"? Are you having a pop at Wigan, or describing Warrington's Social Media Strategy? "Offence Culture"? What the hell is that? Have you just made that up? Or was it the brainchild of your oafish CEO? Ben Flowers act was ridiculous, but is history.It must be tough taking the historical high ground when Wire actually signed Les Boyd back in the day. Some of the stuff he was banned for makes Flowers actions look like a friendly love tap.
  4. Sounds like a good idea. They could start with Thuggery Thursday, and invite the Wire squad.
  5. That's true now, but not when the thread was started 10 months ago.
  6. This guy does seem to like the sound of his own voice. I don't think I have ever heard a more ridiculous claim in my whole life.
  7. Loads of people claim that cocaine use is widespread these days, but maybe it's mainly those people who actually use it that make these claims? I have never actually seen anyone using cocaine.
  8. I've got an idea. How about the players just grow up, show a bit of maturity and professional pride, and don't take drugs at all? A bit radical probably, but as an idea I think it has some merit. Idiots.
  9. Bloody hell, what a terrible thing to say.
  10. From what I have seen so far, none of those in the top line have come back better, or even the same, players that left SL in the first place. I also fear that we will see so little of the last two that we will forget they are here by the end of May. I take your point though.
  11. I think that might have been a throwaway line from the original poster. He's not normally that petty.
  12. Does it upset me? Not as much as the sight of Wigan seems to upset you. I will not put you on ignore. Your extreme level of petty mindedness amuses me.
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