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  1. I hope so, becoming a Roman Catholic is a big step on the road to redemption.
  2. He dropped him on his shoulder, but don't let that get in the way of your usual low-quality, biased ranting.
  3. DNA testing of the culprits, which will no doubt prove that they are from Wigan.
  4. Wow! Just a reminder that your team of super-talented heroes hasn't actually won anything yet. To do that you will need them to get over the St Helens mentality of being bottlers.
  5. Good career, but it went on 3 years too long. Enjoy your retirement Benny.
  6. I'm a Wigan fan so I have more than enough experience of people on here being more than willing to put the boot in. I've seen hundreds of fights on the pitch, but very rarely do they lead to scenes like that. Blaming the players, the ref and everybody else for those brainless animals is stupid.
  7. Oh, OK, we'll just take them round the back and shoot them then. The retards I saw attempting to get into that area behind the stand were Warrington fans. You really need to accept that, and stop defending the idefensible.
  8. Just watched it on YouTube. Disgusting. I look forward to seeing a large number of lifetime bans for those retarded chavs who claim to be Warrington fans.
  9. Was that down to Huddersfield having a lot of injuries though? That sort of situation simply cannot be avoided, and is very different to what Saints did today.
  10. Have they? I thought the idea was that you have to play the strongest team available in each and every fixture to ensure a level playing field for all competitors? Saints haven't earned any right to go against that, no matter how many points in front they might be.
  11. Just like most of the stuff you have written in this thread. And please don't lecture me about not understanding "the nature of the sport" because I have no idea what you are talking about. Saints reserves would beat Halifax next week, so they had no need to disrespect the likes of Leeds and Hull KR like they have today.
  12. Saints had no need whatsoever to rest that many players today. It shows a huge amount of disrespect to the other teams fighting relegation when, with respect to Halifax, they could win at a canter next week with the team they selected today. I've seen this happen before, but this is one of the more pointless ones in my opinion.
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