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  1. Because Adrian Lam is his coach? Many of the young Wigan forwards have not developed as maybe they should. Partington is like a headless chicken, and Byrne is a big lump but doesn't really do any damage. I have no doubt that they would have continued to develop had Shaun Wane stayed.
  2. Is that not what you would expect from the best second rower in the world? Those numbers are not startling by any stretch.
  3. Letting him go is a stupid decision. Clubb is well past it, Singleton just isn't good enough and our much vaunted youngsters are all raw penalty machines. Typical of Wigan lately.
  4. It may be predictable but it’s also true. QLD were awful.
  5. As Dave is a Warrington fan I see Wigan are still living rent free In your head.
  6. Classy stuff that isn’t it? To be fair they could have played Herman Munster instead of him today and it would have made no difference.
  7. There is that. Must hurt like hell. Unless QLD are expecting 10 players back from injury or something they should call this series off to save QLD from another couple of thumpings.
  8. Whilst I agree that NSW look really good it’s hard to think of any decent side that wouldn’t put a hatful through this Queensland pub team. Who is the coach of this rabble?
  9. Not very competitive is it? Manfred tells me this is the pinnacle Of the game. Surely you should expect both teams to turn up?
  10. Maybe you could pad it out with some more hyperbole about the NRL instead?
  11. Well played Cas. Warrington were, well they were Warrington. Some good players but overall mentally weak.
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