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  1. But you’ve already said that he deliberately put his arms in position to trap his head, so how can you then say it might not have been a deliberate attempt to harm the player. At least try to make your mind up.
  2. Only in your head. Why do people always have to blame the ref when their team loses? Cas played OK, but not OK enough to take the points. Childs had nothing to do with that.
  3. Everybody knows he does it, why let it bother you so much? I guess it wouldn’t bother you so much if it was Cas he was bigging up.
  4. Why would you want to lose all those players to the NRL?
  5. Yes, he is, but as a person, not as a TV commentator.
  6. I was going to ask you to explain that post, but I'm not sure that even you know what you are talking about.
  7. Tommy won't go around again after this season. Harry Smith will get his chance next year, and not a moment too soon.
  8. His problem is that he has a massive chip on his shoulder about Wigan. I could have written his post for him he's so predictable.
  9. My point is it didn’t do anything to him. he had it for a maximum of 36 hours, yet it went down as the main cause of his death, which it clearly wasn’t. We have no idea how many of the older “victims” of this virus have actually succumbed to it, and this flagrant use of it as the main cause of death is disturbing.
  10. Not sure I agree with this. My father died in hospital last week. He had been getting slowly worse, and at the end he was diagnosed with heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes, hypothyroidism and complications from a previous episode of stomach cancer. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 one day before he died after many negative tests previously. His death certificate states the main reason for his death was COVID-19. Absolute nonsense.
  11. Agreed, Leigh is not one of Wigan's high points.
  12. Yes, of course. The paying public in the UK will think "I'm going to go and get a proper look at some of these great English players in person", but in fact they won't will they as they are all in Australia. The so called correlation between a successful England team, and successful club sides, does not exist if none of the players are playing in our comp.
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