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  1. Nothing to see here really. He uses the world "should" when maybe at this point the word "will" would be more acceptable.
  2. If my memory serves me correctly, O'Loughlin started 1 test 7 games ago, and hasn't played since, so I'm not sure that is the best example. We currently look like Dad's Army.
  3. Sorry mate, but that is absolute garbage. If you are past it, you are past it. You should not be awarded a place on tour because you have "performed" in the past. You should get a shirt for your ability, form, fitness and suitability for the team, not because you had a decent game 5 years ago. If we carry on as you suggest, we will always be five years behind as we will spend that time pandering to players who have earned their spot due to past performance. There are at least 6 players in that team that should have been nowhere near the squad, and the most laughable bit is Bennett claiming he was being experimental. What is experimental about Graham, Hill, Hall and McGillvary? Nothing. He should have put some of the young players in. Then he would have a had a ready made excuse for losing every game of the tour. At is stands now he looks like a coach who is as past it as some of his players.
  4. Mine as well. A good mate of mine played in that one, and scored a great try from 70 yards out. I miss him a lot.
  5. Really? We seem very keen to pick them because they are old. Does old make them better players? No, it doesn't. You can't tell me that Smithies would have done any worse than any of the forwards who have played on this tour.
  6. And he doesn’t play for Leeds, let’s not forget that. Here we are again with our NRL mutual appreciation society. One young player comes into SL and performs consistently over almost a full season yet isn’t good enough. Another young player comes into the NRL, is not as consistent, yet is labelled a “wrecking ball”. Give your head a wobble.
  7. Who would Bennett have picked if it was England rather than GB?
  8. OK, I understand that, but they didn't break the cap, they smashed it. There was also, as others have suggested, examples of this sort of behaviour in sports other than RU, so they can't ever claim ignorance as a defence. Also, I think the current, and future state, of the RU cap will be a huge influence on Tuilagi's potential move, so I consider it relevant.
  9. Possibly, but it may be that Saracens are currently the only ones to have been caught.
  10. Maybe the Saracens issue will put more pressure on the RU clubs to tighten up their finances, leading to them offloading some of their older, bigger earners?
  11. I paid £16.40 for a pint of Peroni and a glass of wine in Bowness last week. London isn't the end of the world when it comes to beer prices. Can we move on now?
  12. These young players should have been taken on this tour. If, as has been suggested, Bennett was being "Experimental", then how can he justify not giving these lads a chance over the likes of Graham and Widdop who, with the best will in the world, are past it at this level. If we go into the World Cup with Graham, Widdop, Hall, McGillvary and Hill, we will be lucky to get out of the group stage, regardless of how contrived the group is. The discussion about GB V England is moot. Same players different jersey, and they would have lost no matter what you called them. If you use the same players next time, and call them GB, England or Platt Bridge United, they will still lose.
  13. Lots according to some on here. I'm just not seeing how this hugging will save RL in the Northern Hemisphere, if indeed it needs saving.
  14. The game doesn't need saving. One unsuccessful tour does not mean that RL in the Northern Hemisphere is in terminal decline, and cuddling up to London won't make the slightest bit of difference.
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