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  1. Bradford Going under?

    Everyone has been paid.
  2. Bradford Going under?

    Interesting developments.
  3. Bradford under Rohan Smith are considerably stronger. I don't understand all this dismissive talk of the Championship sides struggling.
  4. RLWC 2017

    Sky didn't want it, what did you expect to happen?
  5. RLWC 2017

    Warren Smith will replace Ray Warren.
  6. Referee: Ben Thaler (Wakefield).
  7. Gaskell is fit. Clark is still a week off.
  8. Huddersfield's attendances

    That figure includes the extra fixtures against Salford, Widnes, Sheffield and Halifax. If Bradford get Leeds at home in the super eights and 20,000 turn up, that 4,749 figure is going to be blown away.
  9. Huddersfield's attendances

    Forget who asked but Bradford's average attendance after eleven regular season home games is 4,749. Higher than two Super League clubs.
  10. Correct mate. Sunday basically is Featherstone v Bradford & Batley v Halifax for the two £500,000 top four spots.
  11. There's a slim chance that Hull will allow Leon Pryce an early release.
  12. Interesting to see if Leon Pryce plays.
  13. Sin Bin was deemed sufficient, especially after Glen Riley grabbed and twisted his nether region.
  14. Over 3,500 tickets sold so far and we're only on Monday. Bradford have twice sold out their allocation. Featherstone are sending another thousand tomorrow morning. The atmosphere is going to be something else.
  15. I'd personally stick with Charnock and Chisholm, keep the settled nature of the side. Where we need to be keep the focus this week is on the forwards and impending forward battle. How's the nerves holding?