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  1. They played at Cas RU last year. That's hardly miles away from The Jungle. Very poor, as everyone has said. The refs managed to get there, of course.
  2. Wrong venue? They've played every game at The Jungle this year! Carl Hall got home in time to watch Piers Moron though.
  3. There seems to be a pattern to many of the signings they have made.
  4. Doesn't look pretty for RL on Freesports. Rugby AM looks a busted flush. Speedway is popular though, reopen Odsal!
  5. If anything, accusing time keepers of impropriety was actually worse.
  6. Which one? Not Dave Parkinson, who seems to do a lot of the non-Championship stuff and does a very good job.
  7. It must be easy to work out who has "leaked" it out, unless hundreds of people are in the group.
  8. Is he actually a journalist? Trained, I mean. Plenty of "biased" commentators out there, but do any claim the moral high ground over others? Sadly for Mick, and I've never met the chap, his online persona and outbursts have led to someone putting this video out there. The RFL can't be seen to employ someone who would make those comments, and it's difficult to see who else would. Would the newspaper and magazine attached to this site continue to employ one of their writers had they said the same?
  9. He and Chalmers haven't read "How to win friends and influence people."
  10. Grounds are which both clubs are desperate to move away from/rebuild, and able to keep up with the maintenance costs.
  11. What history? We're told the Bradford Bulls 2017 has no link to the past, a brand new club!
  12. Anything pretending the arch annoyance "Wagga" is a legend is left well alone.
  13. Smart because Jamaica aren't playing the full England team.
  14. Shouldn't there be a dress code in the royal box? The cult of minor celebrity!
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