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  1. If they're good enough, or someone thinks they have value, they'll be employed straight away.
  2. There are some "retro" kits which look good, but there's more than a few awful rip-offs out there. All down to taste I guess.
  3. No one who gets a six month ban should get any kind of great send-off. Same goes for drug bans etc.
  4. Interesting as to who "owns" old designs, the club or the manufacturer? (I'm aware new Ellgren isn't the original.) https://ellgren.co.uk/shop/jerseys/retro-jersey-fulham-rlfc/
  5. Better training, access to staff at clubs I'm guessing.
  6. Could do without hearing the commentator either. Seems some in RL are Teflon, and he's one of them.
  7. The NCL coverage was awful. If Mick Morgan is involved, you're treating it as a joke.
  8. And now available to an audience much smaller. The sport has built a platform (OuRLeague), and has the infrastructure available to stream on YouTube etc, to the possibility of a much larger audience. If the money isn't there, why bother with a TV deal on a tiny channel?
  9. I know, just that's a usual excuse from some for not going. Anything for greater community involvement is good.
  10. No money = no point, other than, as has been mentioned, the vanity of those making the deal.
  11. On top of everything else, are non supporters of clubs involved going to add another subscription to Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc?
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