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  1. This, and have a serious word with those who want to "Bring Back The Biff"
  2. With that level of ability, it's a surprise he's not working for Sky or the BBC, as some on there can barely speak English.
  3. Might be an even more interesting watch now York have signed 5 from Cas.
  4. What would be the reaction if someone had publicly posted to support Clubb? It's stupid, utterly stupid.
  5. Where are Koucash's Cumbrian Lakers? And his Liverpool RLFC for that matter?
  6. Maybe he can do as Joel Tomkins and George Flanagan have done, and release his own on social media.
  7. Bob on. That's the stupid thing about it, and the John Terry case before in football. "Heat of the moment" like the idiots in football crowds who do monkey noises I guess.
  8. When clubs don't employ those who have been banned/disciplined for racist/homophobic/any abuse, then we can say they are taking it more seriously than 13 seconds per game.
  9. It's better to stay underneath the South Stand at half time than risk being shouted at by Alex Simmons on the pitch.
  10. We need to find what will attract new people. Those who are going to go anyway are also irrelevant to the discussion over pre-match stuff.
  11. They've expanded the league too quickly, and the gap between York/Wakefield and the top four should have shown them that. That gap now includes Bradford and Fev now too sadly, ad the big clubs pick off the talent from below.
  12. With his "questionable" views, how was he welcome to cover our inclusive sport anyway?
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