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  1. The facilities are great, If other clubs want to host things, they'll have to improve.
  2. The one match would be used in the Fiji game
  3. Looking forward to Mick Morgan voicing the 2023 season launch video then!
  4. Commentators who say thinks like "double pump" because they've heard it on the NRL.
  5. If IMG banish Simmo and Wagga to the sidelines, they'll have started well. Someone at the RFL/SL employs them, despite all the evidence not to.
  6. I didn't mean to start a thread saying pretty much the same thing. All a bit tired.
  7. Take away the match, and what is there to attract to waiverer over buying a ticket? Outside the ground: Does Alex Simmons have photos of someone at the RFL/SL to keep getting work? Same old, same old. He's not a name to anyone outside a subset of RL followers, and, amazingly still, the presence of "Wagga" who he used in blackface on his show seems out of step with the TackleIt campaign, but I've said that before, and don't think anyone in charge appears to be bothered! Pre-match entertainment: Could have been anyone in the corner, paying for a bloke who used to be on a niche BBC station seems a waste of money. Added nothing. Half-time: Nowt! Bar an interview with the Woman of Steel, but why we're all the award winners paraded, along with those from the men's awards?
  8. Seem to have happened yesterday!
  9. The problem any Super League era player has, compared to those of the past, if is they didn't test themselves in the NRL, they certainly didn't do it at international level thanks to the results of GB/England.
  10. I've said before that it's probably better not to have a separate forum, especially because the status of women's RL is much bigger now, and only going to grow. Even if it's slow, there's no denying the rise in coverage of women's sport in general.
  11. Morley did it in the NRL. That puts he, an Ellis, above a Peacock etc. Not that I don't think Peacock will end up in.
  12. Would be interesting to know who is on the panel regardless. (Not saying anyone who is in shouldn't be, just who we trust with our heritage.)
  13. It's always odd, because neithers careers were better or worse than when there was last an induction, so why now and not before?
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