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  1. Maybe Wakefield prefer the set up at newcastle. They've sent players there before.
  2. Sign a player you want when he becomes available, loan him out when you have enough players in his position. Better to be playing real matches for his development you assume.
  3. I can't believe, with the awful job he actually did when in charge of Salford, and his numerous proclamations since, of which none have come to pass, why anyone still pays attention to Koukash at all.
  4. It's hardly played outside the Commonwealth. Look at the countries involved in the last, hyped, World Cup.
  5. Does he still believe Chalmers to be a shrew businessman, or howver he decribed him on his defunct show?
  6. It is, but can they afford it to be? We know Ken Davy is underwriting Huddersfield's cheap tickets in a sense, but that's his choice to do so.
  7. This is not a L v U discussion, but having seen Wheelchair Rugby at London 2012, and WRL, one actually looks like rugby and the other doesn't. We really should do more to promote that, PDRL etc.
  8. How RHP can turn up on TV and radio with his roles never questioned is amazing.
  9. If it works for Fev and York, why not Dewsbury and Bradford!
  10. You always know an anthem is going long when the fans of the team start clapping after the first verse/chorus. She belted it out well though. Top performance.
  11. The proper internationals are on the BBC, this England reserve game vs. Jamaica is not a game to put on TV.
  12. If you're paying, the quality has to be good. I wouldn't want to pay and get some of the commentary teams they've had on there before.
  13. Would have been a waste of money when he fizzled out.
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