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  1. Having been employed in a senior position under previous regimes at Odsal, how much blame do you carry for the demise of the club?
  2. They're preaching to the converted, not to anyone outside.
  3. That would take having the guests potentially upset some of their mates of explaining why something didn't work.
  4. If it was a Rugby AM produced effort then you'd ask major questions of those at Super League and the kind of audience they want to appeal to.
  5. Do we have to do this for every player coming back from a justified suspension?
  6. Someone needs to have a word with Jim Mills to explain to him it's not something to get upset about. Someone else can do it though!
  7. The problem with the Super League Show is that it tends to be very dull. No-one on there has an opinion on anything, the pundits booked tend to say little and offer even less analysis, even when they are reviewing games from days ago. Our only terrestrial outlet and it looks as though it costs pennies to make. That's RL though I guess! As for sports personality, waste of time and energy to even get upset by it. Ignore it.
  8. If his pockets are so deep, why hasn't he come back in to take over Bradford? Where are his Liverpool and Cumbrian sides?
  9. I agree, and have seen no real evidence to say they will. Sky are still the best option for us, as much as some may not like that. This is the latest on the line of stories such as the Channel 4 one. That seemed to have no substance to it whatsoever.
  10. I've never understood why RHP is used so much. Chapman is a great presenter, but some of the panels can be too chummy, probably because of the heavy influence of former Bulls team mates and coaches!
  11. The NCL was on Freesports, but they were begging for money to show it at the start of last season in League Express. Viewing figures were poor, hence it's not on anymore. ____ Anyone who thinks Amazon would want to broadcast divisions with attendance figures they were they are is dreaming I'm afraid. That's the best indicator of interest. If the figures for the games on OUrLeague were great, I'm sure the RFL would be shouting about them from the rooftops of Red Hall.
  12. Why the BBC bother opening comments on articles is beyond my comprehension.
  13. Do we help them think that way? When you've got Wagga acting like a moron, we don't help ourselves with that perception.
  14. I thought the same during the union WC, without actually watching it. I could name a fair few players in Carling's era, but would struggle to name many today. Times change.
  15. Imagine thinking these awards actually are relevant outside of a back-slapping event where Lineker gets paid more to tell bad jokes than his co-hosts, despite being not as good at the job. Well done Caitlin, well deserved recognition for a very talented player.
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