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  1. If they knew he wasn't going to do it, why didn't they, or he, release a statement beforehand explaining his reasons. Like James McClean, people may not have liked them, but at least it wouldn't be ambiguous. The comments on a lot of RL related BLM posts are utter cesspits, and show those who say there's no racism in our game to be blind to it.
  2. It's a good job some players who have been given sanctions for posting racist material in the past won't be involved while the "knee" is going on.
  3. Some get very annoyed with those who don't.
  4. If Eddie Hemmings had mentioned pubs and pies every week, he'd get a very different response than Voss does.
  5. Did anything ever happen after the incident at the semi finals in Bolton last year? (Not a direct question!)
  6. Might just be people are more willing or able to call out opinions, and that everyone has a voice, good or bad! Players have a responsibility, whether they like it or not, but I know in my job, were I to post a questionable opinion, which reflected badly on my employers, I may get in bother too!
  7. When he has previously RTd Trump talking about immigration and "Muslim grooming gangs" as has been dug up, it would be easy to misinterpret what he meant. Very easy. If you're stupid enough to tweet it, knowing theres a social media policy in the sport, one they've recently been reminded of, why some are looking to blame those who've complained rather than done it is beyond me.
  8. I'm sure they do, some are smart enough not to let the mask slip!
  9. i have to be honest, I'd never heard of him before I saw McGillvary's tweet, but surely someone must have seen those previous retweets and had a word, and if not, why hadn't they? Like it or not, a player, or anyone involved in the sport, it held to a higher standard than supporters.
  10. When players are given advice on use of social media, why don't they listen? Making insinuations as to reasons behind these localised lockdowns. Good on Jermaine McGillvary for calling him out on it as well.
  11. Fair enough. I'd suggest wearing their kit at a later date, unless I'm being ignorant to why this round has the be a certain date, and if so I apologise.
  12. And as they are specially designed shirts for one round, completely avoidable. Again, if the RFL allowed something like that, the morons would be asking for Ralph and friends to resign over it.
  13. His social media was always over rated. Did anyone watch RL because of him pratting about?
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