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  1. Plenty of time for a "special" third kit.
  2. The boxes look cheap. Like an after thought. And they do it all the time.
  3. Best British prop of this era. That he did it in the NRL, like Ellis, boosts his case.
  4. I've heard Phil Caplin before say they should name an award after him. Now more know the story, it makes even more sense.
  5. Exactly, and actually tell us what and why things have happened.
  6. That's why I can't understand why Peacock chose to publicly have a go at Wells. Odd behaviour.
  7. Bit top much banter in the BBC studio too. Does Jamie Peacock have something against Jon Wells? I think his bits with a player at the screen are the best parts of Sky's coverage.
  8. Wolves have obviously not done it on the cheap.
  9. I know it's an exceptional set of circumstances this year, but even before hand, it did seem Hull KR had put a lot of eggs in players from one agent, who is also the agent of their Head of Recruitment. After the dismal job Jamie Peacock did in a senior role there, what is going on at Rovers?
  10. Having 1 person, or 100, will not change how much Sky charge.
  11. The writer follows an ex-Wakefield director on twitter. Easy to add two and two and be wrong.
  12. Thought this was a thread about Colin Maskill.
  13. Its strange this story in the Daily Star wasn't written by their RL writer Julie Stott and instead this other journalist
  14. Is Kershaw another Hampshire, a player (or agent) who thinks they can get a better deal elsewhere, but found out that wasn't the case? Hampshire isn't helped by his dad being vocal on "other" forums.
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