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  1. You've hit the nail on the head there. What do the players really want going forward?
  2. The untrustworthy ones, who spout obvious lies or make things up, are easy to spot because they're not writing for credible publications. Why those that do that are even entertained is to the detriment of the sport, and those who attach themselves.
  3. I'd love to know what improvements the union has done so far for their members.
  4. RL hardly invented the concept of club sides playing their peers from other countries though. Any sport other than football has the issue of anyone outside their own bube caring, regardless. International competition between countries will always trump the same between clubs in League, union or whatever.
  5. Agreed. There's enough people listed on the RLCares website that you'd think one of then would realise that. If you want to raise money, make sure the widest audience can see it.
  6. They'd get a much bigger audience if they put these things on eBay.
  7. I'd rather an accountant run my club and not worry we will go bust through stupid business practices or chasing unattainable dreams.
  8. Be a nice bit of extra cash for the clubs from the sales of these.
  9. I heard the question asked on a podcast, how many players are actually behind this statement from their union. What mandate does Carvell have? He's hardly Arthur Scargill.
  10. I hope the players union also hope the staff members at these clubs who have also taken pay cuts, and facilitate them playing their games, are just hoping to have jobs to go back to. Many in the real world are the same. The ones who pay for their season tickets and Sky subscriptions. This is not the best fight to start right now.
  11. Does that matter? I love RL but would be terrible at running it!
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