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  1. LionelHurst

    Mike Stephenson MBE

    Well done Mike; ★ Try scorer in 1972 World Cup success. ★ Led Dewsbury to a stunning 1973 Championship victory. ★ Joined Penrith Panthers for a world record fee. Wonderful news for the sport and that most famous of clubs - Shaw Cross of Dewsbury.
  2. I think this fits in here chaps as it provides another thread to the argument re player development -
  3. LionelHurst

    Let's go London!

    2 damn fine posts by GaryO & Ivarr - sums up the dilemma perfectly!
  4. LionelHurst

    NCL 2017 applications

    Thank you Celtic - very helpful. Appreciated.
  5. LionelHurst

    NCL & League 1

    And so they should! Is no issue with NCL clubs beating League 1 sides as they are well established with plenty of former pros in their ranks. I love to see Pilks and others flourishing. The key is to take a global view and work together. NCL clubs have been around for years whereas League 1 sides are relatively new. Be patient and embrace both tradition and expansion.
  6. LionelHurst

    Toulouse Prepare

    Wonderful. Sooner TO in SL the better.
  7. LionelHurst

    NCL & League 1

    Correct Midlands. All Golds beat Skirlaugh something like 68 - 6 last time out.
  8. LionelHurst

    Rugby History Thread

    I imagine many of you are in the FB Rugby League Historians group - incredible photos,stories,etc. Latest is footage from 1969 of Leeds v Perpignan at Headingley in European Final and December27 1952 a full report of France v Australia at Parc des Princes in Paris. 12 - 16 to Australia. Attendance 18+k.
  9. LionelHurst

    NCL 2017 applications

    Can someone please confirm whether or not players can be paid in the NCL? I looked at the regulations and can only find payment of reasonable expenses. Also as it says it is a National League are they likely to accept an application from another region?
  10. LionelHurst

    Rugby History Thread

    Colly - what a wonderful post re Jim Jolley. Enjoy this - - as he scored in Cheltenham in The Great Match of the Edwardian Period. He is also mentioned in the original report of the game in the Gloucestershire Echo. I arranged for the Civic Society plaque to be placed at the venue with Baskerville's signature on too.Also I am in possession of photos of the game and training the day before. None of which are in the book All Blacks to All Golds. I arranged for a talk about the match to be included in the world famous Times Cheltenham Literature Festival - so many attended the start was delayed! Is the shirt you have the one worn by the NZ All Golds?
  11. LionelHurst

    French Federation

    Great post - as ever - Gordon and photos. Thank you.
  13. Fantastic and very uplifting - a wonderful Yuletide gift: Brighouse Rangers one of the sport's great and historic names playing a team we all want to be successful and thus open the door to North America. The photo of BR in their magnificent kit with the superb venue behind? What's not to like. Congratulations to all who brought it about.
  14. LionelHurst

    League 1 Entry - What's the strategy?

    The Gloucestershire involvement here gives a clear example of the rich potential of such a venture