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  1. No, I had a look in case they'd dropped into the East League or London Merit League but couldn't find them on either table.
  2. If the League 1 (South) nonsense that people go on about on here ever actually happened, they're exactly the sort of clubs that would be signing up.
  3. Hemel have pulled out of the CLS East Division now.
  4. It's quite common for leagues in development areas to announce their fixtures only a few weeks before the season starts. Now it varies quite a lot from league to league, but historically the RFL were quite hot on keeping Rugby League Conference fixtures secret until only a few weeks before the season started (I think it was because the fixture lists were liable to change)
  5. Yes, I guess also a pre season competition with groups then knockout could work to give 6-8 extra games (there was a pre-season RLC Cup at one point run on a similar basis).
  6. I think the challenge is we always go for a 5 month season to bridge the gap between a 3 month season and a 7-8 month season but it's not necessarily the best idea. Sometimes it works, but sometimes you get the worst of both worlds whereby the 7 month off season is too long, and means people end up playing RU or BARLA, but the seasons overlap so you get reduced player availability at the start and end of the season.
  7. Maybe around London and the Home Counties you could get about half a dozen clubs together to play a full season, particularly those with a lot of Australian players. In other areas probably not, apart from the two east midlands clubs that are already playing a full season in the Yorkshire Men's League. The North East may be a better bet if you want an expansion area to play a longer season.
  8. I always find out of all of the teams, people are most inclined to overrate Serbia and Russia (the latter presumably won't be in this world cup qualifying). They have good domestic development for a developing nation, but are nowhere near world cup standard due to not having enough heritage players.
  9. I created the article, but got banned from Wikipedia* a few years ago hence why it stopped. * I edited the actual article on Wikipedia to say it was an unreliable encyclopedia and got a life ban.
  10. I think: Asia Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Cook Islands. Europe: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales and Scotland Americas: United States and Jamaica MEA: Lebanon Greece might have a chance against Cook Islands though.
  11. I would guess that means the Repechage is: Repechage 1 Pacific 6 Vs Europe 7 Repechage 2 A four team knockout with: Pacific 7 Europe 8 Middle East/Africa 2 Loser Repechage 1 I suspect both Repechage spots will go to Pacific Island teams, although Greece may have a chance against Cook Islands in Repechage 2 if they field enough heritage players.
  12. Generally clubs, but it gets more complicated once you start looking at places like Devon and Cornwall where one strong club might a face huge travel burden, whereas five teams can play a local league. Though I think the old Rugby League Conference’s mistake was to focus too heavily on the sheer number of clubs it could get into the competition, at the expense of trying to form clubs with deeper roots. In particular, there were never any serious efforts to expand the playing season into a full season from a three month RU off season competition.
  13. There was a Middle Anglia at one point, but it later became part of Mercia.
  14. The hardest thing I find in German is just how many synonyms there are for different things. Sometimes they have very subtly different meanings, but it means that whenever I read something in German there are always a lot of new words. I've been learning German a year longer than I have been learning Italian, but come across far more unfamiliar words in the former than the latter (though that's partly because of Italian's similarities to French and Spanish).
  15. Is the Midlands League going to be a merit league again or was that just a temporary decision because of Coronavirus? It’s not great that there are only three Midlands clubs playing in fixtured leagues. It’s the fewest we’ve had since the early to mid 1980s.
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