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  1. Brilliant result and great all round team performance. Dallimore looked to really enjoy him self had a great game in attack and defence and a good kicking game something we have missed. For Danny morrow was probably the best player out there till that stupid tackle ran hard everytime and tackled like a machine. Overall great day and a team that looked full of confidence in the 2nd half
  2. Featherstone Rovers have confirmed that 16 players are leaving the club, following their win over theLondon Broncos in the weekend's ChampionshipShield final. Will Sharp, Nathan Chapell, Thomas Minns, Paul Sykes, Gareth Moore, Jordan Baldwinson, Andy Ellis, Paul Wood, Reni Maitua, Matt James, Alex Foster Jy Hitchcox, Matt Nicholson,Garreth Carvell, Remy Marginet and Paul Cooke are all confirmed as heading for pastures new. Some really good talent amongst them 16 players and how good would it be to see Andy Ellis back and also Matt James
  3. I think there is a lot more to the loss other than haneys rush of blood. Most of the set plays the passing was to slow and predictable. The most obvious play is the inside ball to Harrison that is over used in my opinion. Also I would also like to see Harrison subbed as his fitness is not as good as it used to be. But plenty of positives for the second half lads dug deep and showed good team spirit.
  4. Gareth hock and Salford have now parted company. Shame he can not control himself cos he has the ability to be one of the best in the game wasted talent