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  1. Think it will be good to see 2 teams that we will don't get to see alot of. Toronto are getting more than enough coverage from everyone. I don't mind the choice the the dewsbury batley game would have been a great choice. Overall I think it's a good choice
  2. Am i the only one who is getting a little bored of all the TWP talk. Think we will see and hear plenty over the year let some other teams have abit of spot light. Also why should some teams get a rest and not others much prefured the old format where lower league clubs had more chance of getting a big draw that would generate a good income for teams with not alot of money. York vs Barrow should be a good tough game given the form Barrow are in from back end of last year and start of this year and Yorks great win in the last round.
  3. I'd be more concerned that it is MR C Etchells as a touch judge, not very offten you see him give a decision in the way of barrow no matter how clear it is. i have never found Hewer that bad just always seems to be something for people to moan about when they run out of all the other pointless cries from the stands.
  4. Brilliant result and great all round team performance. Dallimore looked to really enjoy him self had a great game in attack and defence and a good kicking game something we have missed. For Danny morrow was probably the best player out there till that stupid tackle ran hard everytime and tackled like a machine. Overall great day and a team that looked full of confidence in the 2nd half
  5. RT @BLivesey95: Some right spastics in the crowd at the snooker

  6. Well done yesterday @TonyBear180 knew you had the game. Well done #TeamBear

  7. RT @WillHillBet: Countdown to the #WHDarts with our Name the Player free bet competition. Retweet & name the player using #WHDarts https://…

  8. Yet again another @TargetDarts effort to make you buy something. Lewis new shirt let one round then goes missing with chizzy pixels #Darts

  9. RT @GeronimoDarts: Mr. Adams a great ambassador for the darts. Bring it all together. #LoveTheDarts #SinghaGSOD

  10. RT @BullsBULLieve: He does what he wants, he does what he waaaants he is @SamBurgess8 and he does what he wants! #LeagueIsBetter

  11. RT @bbcapprentice: Can’t see any reason why this might be inappropriate for children. #theapprentice