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  1. Well played barrow, a few players missing today! Where was jewitt at today? Think we're still lacking a few forwards!
  2. Crellin, Mcbain, Hopkins, Tyson all had a good game, like to see them in the squad full time
  3. Yes big loss to us, we must have money to get new players! Another couple of fwds would be good.
  4. How come there has been no announcements of the subs when they leave / come on the pitch ?
  5. Anybody no when the PNG lads are back?
  6. BarraFan


    Happy new year all! does anybody know if the lads are back training at the ground on Saturday mornings? thanks
  7. Great player, top lad, enjoy your retirement you've done us proud ?? big loss for us ??
  8. Anyone know when the fixtures for 2020 will released?
  9. Susino signed for Fev, another big loss for us
  10. Any news on players for next season in ch1 ?
  11. Cressy walne Susino only decent players in attack, no one else seemed interested! Poor forwards today, people paying good money to watch this shower of ! at this rate we will be relegated and staying in championship 1 for the foreseeable! Poor performance today, a good clear out is needed! Where is Morrow/Crellin? Have they bailed out?
  12. Think it is time for a new coach if we go down and a clear out of some players ? Hopefully certain players will go, walker/ johnston played well today
  13. Great player, we could do with a few more like him and Susino, Quick! Bad loss for us, but wish him well
  14. Seeing that I've played for Salford, Whitehaven and Barrow over the last 15 yrs I'd say I am.
  15. 30 mins in Barrow 16 Fev 6 come on Barrow we can do these!!
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