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  1. I am looking forward to the game and hopefully we will bring a good following.
  2. Any of our Youngsters you would like on loan?
  3. Sorry Thunder Fan,and I think a few Widnes fans are upset too after getting their tickets and booking a coach. Hope our Youngsters can give you a game and be nice to see a few of you at the Magic Weekend again.
  4. It is nice to see all these comments, and I see there is Geordie Viking on our forum. You are all welcome on our board.A few moaners as you could guess, and it is a pity we are not playing first teamers on Saturday.
  5. Thunder fan if advertised correctly, and possibly post near the time on the Widnes forum.
  6. Thank you and I hope we keep our good connections going with the Newcastle people and club. Magic weekend I loved.
  7. Yes matey.
  8. Looking forward to the game, and hopefully a good social with my Newcastle friends.
  9. Heard Widnes interested in Miller, and is using this as a stepping stone to play for Widnes. Must be one of the best in the Championship.
  10. I can see a Whitehaven win.
  11. Terrible performance by Widnes, but fair play you played well and hopefully your season picks up.
  12. I take no notice of a few idiots on twitter, who probably dont go the games anyway mate.
  13. First i know about boycotting, and i would be at the game if not for work. Enjoy your day as i used to love going to Batley.
  14. Confirmed on Widnes official on Sunday.
  15. Ok mate i guess it could be Friday night.lol