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  1. Bradford picked up 3 bans from the 1895 game the weekend before last is what I was referring to. It does seem in the Championship/ 1895 and without the benefit of a VR that there is more referee judgement allowed with incidents reviewed in the week afterwards. It’s the old one view of the incident at one angle at full speed issue which is fair as all games are the same. Presumably Thaler, who is a very experienced referee, thought they were lower end incidents if they were just penalties although I haven’t seen them. Mind you he is on the same learning cave as all the others at the moment.
  2. I don’t think it is a case of being too afraid of using common sense. What I understand is that they have basically been given a process map and told not to deviate from it.
  3. It was always going to be a challenge to get something that big fully correct at one go and ensure that it covered every single possibility. If this is the only genuinely major issue seen then that’s great Your comment about work is spot on. Life is not always black and white.
  4. Bradford had a couple from last week didn’t they?
  5. No it’s usually Thursday.
  6. The minutes from those who went to hearing or appeal etc have now been published https://www.rugby-league.com/governance/rules-and-regulations/disciplinary/disciplinary-cases just click on the individual case for details
  7. If it’s not on the list then presumably nothing. For some reason they have stopped publishing the non fines/ bans decisions this season
  8. At least it generated some IMG points for social media interactions
  9. Here’s the bit “Once the mechanics of the tackle become more fluid, officials are able to use their knowledge and game-understanding to mitigate the sanction, to reflect the level of culpability of the tackler.” A deliberate action in the second or subsequent phase will result in red or yellow
  10. So the protocols were incorrect and needed tweaking. The correct action taken by the RFL imo
  11. And here are the other minutes. https://www.rugby-league.com/uploads/docs/MATCH REVIEW PANEL MINUTES 26 FEB 2024 .pdf
  12. They aren’t having a good week are they? Trying to defend Watts’ attempted “tackle”; sharing a justgiving page for the disciplinary fine and now completing the team sheet incorrectly
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