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  1. The last time I read the salary cap rules - sometime last year - it basically stopped you backloading a contract. Yes you can have normal year on year increases but not say a 20%/80% split
  2. The salary cap doesn't let you do that
  3. It was in the stuff you filled in Anyway it gives everyone loads of time to work in their positive attitudes etc
  4. Having volunteered at a number of high profile events over the last few years all I would say if you are considering applying is to give it a go as it will be great fun as you tend to find volunteers just get on with it and enjoy the day(s)
  5. It gave you the timescale when you applied. From memory it will be this time next year when they sort out selection etc
  6. I’ve just seen on Facebook the link to today’s online digital programme for the Bulldogs but haven’t received a copy despite being on the mailing list
  7. Kick off isn’t until 6.15pm so you might have to pace your enthusiasm
  8. It was/ is a cost thing. Most games aren’t worth playing at the Mount
  9. Providing the weather is better than the last 2 Saturdays it will be a bumper crowd which means that the costs of using the Mount will be more than covered
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