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  1. He will struggle withers that have the basic skills of tackling, passing etc whilst under pressure and don't make a mistake every other play. And then what will he think of forwards who don't need to rest every 20 seconds
  2. To put this in a context with RL breaches:- Saracens appear to have known what they were doing Their breaches are more than the combined total of breaches in GB RL
  3. Another example is that the second Tongan try against GB took over 35 seconds as a single play. The BBC "highlights" for the Eng v NZ "epic" semi final were 34 seconds long.
  4. Clearly you missed the epic Welsh attack of 20 phases which was I give you very very slow but resulted in an overall gain of minus 3 metres before they lost possession The high number of phases; the slow & ponderous play and the loss of both metres and possession are regular occurrences in RU and are definitely not something this sport should aspire to
  5. If that is the case then the RFL would have refunded Hemel from Bradford's central distribution
  6. Did you notice the irony in Hudgell saying Chalmers was unprofessional when Hudgell was just the same & not for the first time People in glasshouses etc
  7. It's just a complete and utter mess the majority of which could and should have been avoided. I have a lot of sympathy for fans like you who must be at the end of their tether with the consistent poor running of what is, at the end of the day, your club
  8. So if you are hazarding a guess then are you not one of the so called "keyboard warriors"
  9. LeeF

    Mark Sawyer

    Made up. Unless you can prove that Campbell has a share holding at York
  10. LeeF

    Mark Sawyer

    So you haven't got any proof of the controlling interest at York and are making it up
  11. LeeF

    Mark Sawyer

    Go on then share or is it just a myth?
  12. LeeF

    Mark Sawyer

    Any evidence of this?
  13. I wonder what has made him change his mind?
  14. Has that been verified by the Forum Crowd Counters
  15. James have released a number of albums over recent years including their latest which made number 2 in the charts. They continue to make great music and are outstanding live. Shed Seven also released a new album a couple of years ago and are excellent live. Their Shedcember tour is worth going to
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