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  1. Nope. I’ve just countered someone who was spouting absolute garbage that had no resemblance to the truth
  2. Rimmer wrote the job spec for his current role. The role wasn’t advertised He was the only candidate The game is facing numerous very serious challenges not just the RLWC and I would expect Rimmer to have some profile but in the main show some serious leadership. Instead he has disappeared and remained mute
  3. Nope. Just someone who was/ is countering some absolute garbage that have no resemblance to the truth
  4. Your definition of poor refereeing is a strange one and I’m far from too dumb. I can measure 10 metres with or without the lines As for the bad ref comment. Really? His performance in matches has been consistently good for a number of years
  5. Well at least Gale won’t be criticised in the review meeting this week for any mistakes as he did nothing at all during the game
  6. He is seriously good and has been an excellent “find” over the last year or so
  7. You do understand the difference between the 2 competitions?
  8. You do understand what a bully is and how they operate? Either you are being deliberately obtuse or you are Phil Gould
  9. If you go ahead this time then they will turn up next time. If you back down to the bully then they will bully you again next time
  10. Highly likely that the remaining £15m or at least the vast majority has been spent as these types of events cost a fair few bob in upfront costs
  11. In other words good game management by the referee just like when he binned the 2 players
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