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  1. It’s a Section 75 claim that you need to mention if you’ve paid by credit card and the total cost is £100 or more
  2. Another company that seems to have been in trouble for a while
  3. The 2021 World Cup is the big one and what everything should be geared towards. A successful WC after an horrendous 2020 for everybody would give the sport a massive boost. A full 2020 season finishing in December or January followed by a full 2021 season is a complete no go
  4. Thank you My, very simplistic & quick, interpretation of that graph is that the downward trend was not really occurring before they re-opened
  5. No mention of that within the announcement or on the BBC site
  6. From the BBC rolling news Qatar has made the wearing of face masks compulsory, with repeated offenders facing a jail term of up to three years or a fine of up to $55,000 (£45,000) If introduced here then maybe the authorities would see some more cooperation?
  7. Without knowing the background in Texas it is virtually impossible to work out exactly what has happened. Were they over the original peak etc It sounds like the 13 sailors never actually recovered rather than becoming reinfected?
  8. The total announced of 170 for the UK is 98 lower than last Sunday and the lowest total since the day after lockdown. Green shoots maybe?
  9. I think it’s more a case of it never going away and the current situation means that the interested parties can push it again
  10. Or shows the lack of intelligence and common sense?
  11. Only a 1 year deal? I wonder if a “bigger” club has a vacancy at fullback in 2022 and that is the ultimate end goal?
  12. The Cumbria Roads Police twitter account is well worth a read/ follow. The local taxi firms certainly got some business from the police last weekend
  13. Without getting political will it be the Government or the public’s fault if they get it wrong? Common sense required that’s all although the sheer number of people who seem to be lacking in that at even a basic level is astonishing
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