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  1. Have the council said that they are looking to sell? What are the terms of Salford’s tenancy of the ground? Does it continue if the ownership changes?
  2. They tend to wait to see if there is an appeal - 24 hours - before publishing
  3. 8 games for this type of offence isn’t a lot. A quarter of the season for this type of offence isn’t a lot. The Tackle It campaign and the 13 seconds are just window dressing based on the length of suspension
  4. The tariffs etc were reviewed & revised about 3-4 seasons ago so not old nor outdated.
  5. The RFL have bottled it. Found guilty but given the minimum suspension based on the grading for what are very weak reasons The various “Tackle it” type campaigns need binning as they are clearly paying lip service
  6. Here are this week’s charges https://www.rugby-league.com/article/58008/disciplinary--match-review-panel Grade F is minimum 8 matches
  7. Definitely. Add in the other witnesses and I am certain that UEFA reached the correct decision albeit the length of the ban is another matter
  8. Was he? Submissions were sent in by Rangers which included eye witness accounts which heard what was said and based solely on watching the video there definitely was something not very pleasant said
  9. Losing becomes a habit and losing heavily becomes an addiction. Hopefully the split second before Mellor knocked on in the game against Wigan which could have taken Leigh either 22 or 24 ahead isn’t the highlight of their season
  10. It’s the kid who is left until the end and you have to pick him when nobody else is left
  11. There isn’t a kit clash - As others have posted the Leeds v Wigan one was more of a clash
  12. India at the last Cricket WC wore a change kit for one game apparently for a colour clash although the cynic in me thought it was a marketing thing
  13. That should be a ban for the keeper. Did you notice who the match referee was?
  14. Does he play for more than 10 minutes per game? Will take a few weeks to sort out a visa etc
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