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  1. Unless Kirklees MC change their mind which would be typical but not the fault of the RFL/ RL Cares/ SLE
  2. So you are a supporter of KMC and believe that they are competent?
  3. Well Kirklees MC are well known for their inability to organise or stick to anything. They make the RFL & SLE look competent.
  4. Have you got a link? The council paid well over the odds for the building with it to be the centre of some fanciful regeneration of Huddersfield Town Centre
  5. Simple - his name & rep as a player
  6. Announced by the Club not the RFL despite Rimmer promising earlier this week to keep clubs fully informed. Presumably Ottawa, as a member club, received central funding for last season despite not playing?
  7. He had a few injuries last season & missed a number of games. I wonder if time is catching up on him?
  8. Kangaroo courts can’t happen over here as they don’t travel. They do have some warm up trials scheduled for February
  9. Does anyone know what type of car Rimmer drives?
  10. It could also be a Bulls supporter as the comparison is with them. Has anyone seen Gledhill recently?
  11. A close game with a contentious but ultimately 100% correct refereeing decision deciding the result followed by this forum going into full meltdown mode with plenty of tinfoil being used
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