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  1. New coach https://www.hullfc.com/blog/2020/11/25/hodgson-named-new-hull-fc-head-coach/
  2. Not heard anything other than the rumours on here although if a deal has been agreed I would expect an announcement this week with the Grand Final taking place. Alternatively an announcement as part of the 2021 season launch would make sense
  3. Long running tradition of having a Teacher Training or Inset Day on Black Friday. All 3 of my daughters had this day off on a fairly regular basis when they were at school
  4. A great gesture from a great champion at another sport
  5. If the deal was only initially worth £x million but Elstone managed to get £y million which is greater than £x million albeit less than the current deal due to the prevailing market and economic outlook isn’t that a success for him? Just saying the potential new deal is for less money therefore it is a failure is too simplistic an argument but there again certain individuals will use anything to bash Elstone who may or may not be doing a very good job
  6. Was he? Have you seen his full KPIs/ Objectives or this just your continued irrational hatred of the person.?
  7. Yorkshire Carnegie will be ok even in Tier 3
  8. Planning application submitted which is a tick Funding stated to be in place which is another tick Just need planning approval and the first hole dug
  9. With Watson it was more a case of him thinking his front pad was his bat
  10. I wouldn’t and aren’t bothered about the 50/50s and wouldn’t even worry about 30/70s in fact one of sport’s greatest things is the human aspect. Yes errors occur but the number of “howlers” is minimal against all the decisions made. Nobody is ever perfect The only way to prevent any “incorrect” decision is to check every decision which is completely impractical so just learn to live with it and move on
  11. The onus is on the players as the referee has made his decision already and as posted above it’s not for 50/50 calls but for perceived “howlers”. You are almost going down the road of advocating unlimited challenges which would be farcical Out of interest what’s the percentage of successful challenges?
  12. Who is in charge of the recruitment at FC bearing in mind they don’t have a permanent coach in place
  13. Careful. You’ll baffle him with facts
  14. Common practice in the amateur game although didn’t always work Yorkshire Amateur Cup final a few years ago so just that happen and if the “underdog” side had had a decent goal kicker they would have won
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