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  1. So you are a fan of Radford
  2. Go and read the full judgement on the RFL site then you can come back and either amend the above post or just admit you are wrong
  3. Or maybe someone who knows the Laws of the game and isn't biased has reviewed the match and seen things very differently from you
  4. KR won the appeal. Tomkins ban has been increased to 2 matches
  5. There is the best part of 200 fans making the trip on official buses plus those travelling independently
  6. Do these figures support Sunday as a match day
  7. And it was only 4 weeks ago that he was claiming that the Workington players deliberately didn't try to win the West Cumbria Derby and that was broadcast on a radio show
  8. Yes they can as it is bringing the game into disrepute which is a disciplinary matter
  9. This is so wrong on so many levels. He is basically questioning the integrity of the referee and accuse him of being biased. If he had posted this article on this forum the post would probably have been deleted by the Mods with the high likelihood of a ban. The RFL should show zero restraint when sanctioning both McManus and the Club and should then ensure that Hicks is appointed to the next Saints game providing he is comfortable in doing so
  10. It's the impact of bowling 30 overs in an innings. With only 4 bowlers they will become very tired if England can keep them out there
  11. Paine has been poor with the use of his decisions all series so far
  12. And your quote supports my view not yours
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