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  1. And will no doubt have to be explained several times more over the next few months as people continue to ignore what has clearly been said countless times.
  2. Mickey Mc and Sam Tomkins will still be in the starting 13 if Wane is the coach
  3. Your memory is definitely going as it was posted & discussed
  4. Main sponsor’s logos blended into the shirt as many seem to want and same sponsor’s colours used Fair to say it has split opinion. No confusing animals though in the design
  5. No it’s 1 leopard (or Jaguar) this year then 2 next, 3 the year after etc
  6. You missed the opportunity to state that this is the only type of derailment you get in Leigh…..
  7. You can’t. Both the VR and the ref missed it in all the confusion.
  8. Bargain. All those Leopards/ Jaguars. Cheaper than the Zoo
  9. Or maybe who Mr Beaumont has been advising
  10. The opening fixture is going to have to go some to beat this year’s Leeds v Warrington opener - great tries, cards, a rare Wire win and a Leeds meltdown at the disciplinary (& by some on this board)
  11. There were some school children at Rotherham but not that many and all had paid. I was at 3 of the 4 matches.
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