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  1. If true then I hope that he isn't allowed anywhere near a RL pitch ever again
  2. Still words without any real action and no fight they will campaign for a Corbyn Labour Party at any forthcoming GE
  3. The look on Steve Smith's face when Roy hit the third 6 off his over. Absolutely priceless
  4. All talk no action except for those that will defend Corbyn no matter what
  5. Another 2 months to extinction? How many similar stories has there been over the last 3 years which have come to nothing as the Labour MPs are all talk and no action?
  6. Yes. Other than 3 spaces for the cricket club the car park is for the WMC only.
  7. Without wanting to go OTT would any other team have won so comfortably if they had lost their captain; their number 4 bat and one of their openers mid game?
  8. Most of the rumours do appear to be on here
  9. Well that lasted. Will the 6 form the Re-Change Party
  10. It was so late the TV cameras struggled to show it clearly
  11. Interesting timing. Also should a relative successful coach go back to the club where he had that success?
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