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  1. Don't make stupid comments & accusations if you don't want to be patronised All you are doing is showing your complete ignorance FACT And FYI blocked
  2. It is very strictly controlled. If you think otherwise you are mistaken The CBILS was only launched this week so that might be your answer. Whatever the reason he hasn’t been offered a CBILS at 22% I’m not an apologist and have never approved of RBS but I do tend to work with facts rather than misreading and twisting erroneous media articles
  3. If you read the article the facility he was offered was not one of the CBILS The scheme is very strictly controlled and rates should be nowhere near 22%
  4. Where have you seen those interest rates? The scheme is set at much lower rates so they must be for something else?
  5. Yes the Rayne twins did. Also didn’t they play at Batley or is my memory playing tricks?
  6. The Phillips are also turning out at Whitehaven at the moment
  7. The Gorleys also played together at Whitehaven
  8. Bill McAlone ex Whitehaven forward and the first player from the club to qualify for a testimonial Everyone who saw him play says he was a great player (I’m too young)
  9. Sports Direct - their idiotic stance & comments about being an essential business showed Ashley for what he is (again unable to use the correct words on this forum)
  10. And if it’s that good then it is one to visit (after the pandemic has finished)
  11. Unless you can provide solid evidence which isn’t the mate who heard something in the pub then give up
  12. It was like a spoof caller but it wasn’t. There are no words (that this forum will allow) that I can use
  13. The flaw with a number of people
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