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  1. clearly still a bit better than you are though......
  2. cue on the rack springs to mind after taking of half back on 50 mins......but fair play the oldham team really dug deep and showed great spirit
  3. pray for kyran it may be good for him to go to hunslet on DR at least until Leeds call back handley.
  4. my workmate was at a wedding in Australia recently and Jy Hitchcox was there and asked him if he was playing back in oz now and he said no and told him that he had signed at Workington for next season. a bit gutted really as he was best player at Fev last season until Sharp arrived, then he never played again. Great signing for you guys.
  5. moore bussey ellis
  6. I think you should be proud of your lads efforts today with only 16 named on the team sheet, and i don't think all subs came on. Also was told by one player that 2 of the team had just finished a night shift and got straight on team bus. A great effort !
  7. I think that answer says it all really
  8. hasn't this happened before at you club in recent times ??
  9. you might still turn us over given our current form and injuries etc
  10. no phillips ?? The Second rower
  11. there is a strong rumour that 5 of your team have a pre booked holiday and can't play this weekend ? is this correct ?
  12. Bussey Blackmore Ellis
  13. Definates Gone other than those already announced are: Sykes, James, Blackmore, Moore, Hitchcox, Ellis (Retired), Teasdale, Foster, Chappell, Verlinden, Mautia Possibles Gone are: Bostock, Hardman, Wood (retire), Cooke (retire) Day, Baldwinson (Back to Leeds) With this amount of wholesale changes, lower prize money, lower budget on players, especially based on the rumoured transfer fees to Dewsbury, the squad for next season will be a lot smaller and will contain more of the youngsters as regular first teamers .
  14. graham is on the money phil. There will be a completely new side next season so I would not expect to be setting the league on fire it will take some time.
  15. the way Fev are playing you won't have a better opportunity than now to do a number on them.