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  1. George Tyson....

    Did you actually see the video ?? he sprinted right across from the other side of field like a lunatic to get involved and trying to be the big man. The lad gives his all and is very competitive but is just dumb as dog **** and thinks he is some kind of tough guy but is actually a liability and penalty machine every time i have seen him play. you need your best team on the field in the current position and not sat in the stands for stupidity and getting involved in silly stuff.
  2. Gareth Moore

    let me tell you from someone who knows facts (and not absolute tosh like this - I mean even if it was true would anyone actually admit that lol ). I suggest you ask Kevin Nicholas, he's an honest enough bloke to tell the fans that he has tried everything he can personally and financially to bring him back to the mount for next season. The fact is Batley as a club has, and will always be special to him (even ignoring the haters who call for his legs to be snapped ) but leaving it to your imaginations there are other factors in his decision to stay put.
  3. Six out of ten ????

    sorry didn't mean Sykes
  4. Six out of ten ????

    3 clubs trying to sign him but looks like Rams have come up with the goods
  5. Deadline day

    Dogfather, try reading mine (You failed to mention or acknowledge stats) - the stats are not 'opinions' as you say, they are historical facts recorded by the governing body. Everyone will have different opinions and thats fine, but the stats don't lie. As for back to back finals your 100% correct playing for a team that dominated at that time where there was expectation, and not like playing for 'Little Batley' who weren't supposed to get anywhere near finals... I will again supply you with some more 'facts' and not stuff you may read on here or what you may get told down the pub. Ok so to the Halifax situation - Moore was top try scorer last season with 21 tries Including Cup games so if you reckon that means not good enough then you must be right ..... He told them he had had enough of the commitments required from him as far as time spent at the club, travel and training etc, and it was also affecting his business commitments, and also was dictating his private life, his lifestyle and he was not seeing his young child. He told Halifax he was taking time out to see how he felt as he was considering retirement, as did Luke Ambler at the same time for the very same reasons. Connor Robinson also left in that period for the same reasons and went to York. Didn't you find it rather strange all these players left in mid season ? He did not train, play or go to the club for over 6 weeks - he was not left out or injured as the club may or may not have reported or told people. That is how clubs work which I am sure you know....... I mean would you leave out the clubs pivot and top try scorer really ? or as in Amblers case the top metre making forward at the club ? You should maybe ask why Bradford, Toronto and London all tried to sign him for last season - all were turned down due to being full time clubs which he didn't want due to business commitments. It appears as though the people that matter and have far more knowledge than you or I seem to think differently also. The same applies to dewsbury who were looking for someone to hopefully get them out of a hole, ask there fans opinions on him. Anyway after the 6 weeks+ he took the decision to retire and to look after his business interests and spend more time with his family. Dewsbury were already monitoring the situation, and as you know were in deep trouble at the bottom of the table staring at relegation and immediately made him an offer that he could not turn down. At that point Halifax then decided they wanted a Transfer fee for him and this was paid to them as they were not going to release his registration to sign for Dewsbury. The club as usual did not go public and state any of this and simply announced he was being transferred to Dewsbury for a fee. so anyway thats just a 'factual' explanation to your theory of Halifax deeming him not good enough.
  6. Deadline day

    Backward step ?.....coming from a batley fan you must be one of the 'haters' because the majority of Batley fans think he gave great service to the club. History also shows that Moore was the Half Back when Batley won the NRC,with the match winning play and then followed up with a GF appearance, narrowly losing to Sheffield after knocking out Fev in Golden Point. Moore also holds 2 all time records at Batley, Most Points in a game 40 (after also previously beating the previous record of 30 in the same season) and most goal kicks in a match 16. Finally the stats below taken from Love Rugby league website tend to say otherwise. All 3 mentioned Players came onto the scene in 2009/10. Moore. 171 Appearances. 95 Tries. 455 goals. Brambani. 226 Appearances. 59 Tries. 465 Goals. Walker. 198 Appearances. 47 Tries. 497 Goals. Whilst its not all about scoring tries Moore has almost scored more tries than the other two players combined in his 171 appearances compared to the 422 combined career appearances of Walker and Brambani. Moore has not been kicking goals in his time at Wakefield, Featherstone, Halifax or Dewsbury but still has a better goal kicking average than both. Aside from scoring Moore creates far more tries for others, he is quicker than both the others and whilst the other two have a good solid kicking game, he has a superior kicking game. Just some additional facts to add to the stats he is probably one of the highest paid in the championship so obviously people that matter and probably know more, think differently. I think most Batley fans have an appreciation of the stint Moore put in for the Club, but Some people just hate.......and can't see the wood for the trees......
  7. MOM Dogs v Rams part four

    top 4 ? only two games left in regular season
  8. Bulls At Home

  9. Bulls At Home

    anyone ??
  10. Bulls At Home

    whats the story with the parking now the pitches are there ??
  11. Don`t go Browny

    as if any club in the championship would be pay that sort of money plus players, plus big salary for a 'decent' prop who has not performed this season, and in all honesty Fev are more or less nailed on a top 4 spot so why do they need to ? its not like he will be the difference of them making it to SL and not. Even Aussie half backs wouldn't command that sort of fee.
  12. Don`t go Browny

    signed for Fev

    He is defo not injured
  14. If Only

    clearly still a bit better than you are though......
  15. If Only

    cue on the rack springs to mind after taking of half back on 50 mins......but fair play the oldham team really dug deep and showed great spirit