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  1. York 32, Hunslet 24

    Sorry K O L but you must have watched a differant game to me , he never piggybacked us anywhere & if you watch the match vid will see what I mean !! He absolutely caned us in the 1st half assisted by that silly old fool who ran the line !!!! That said cracking game with plenty of intensity
  2. Rams v Knights

    6 - 60 Gavin let's be right , how long til you come out with the flat track bullies line , but for a very poor refereeing display that game would have been won
  3. Rams v Knights

    Very poor officiating in second half , the man was embarrassing with some of his decisions , he finally gave Rams offside with a minute to go , missed the most glaringly obvious knock on seen by most of the crowd from which you scored & offside at the kick off ??? That was laughable
  4. Knight Army

    Over 200 from York Mr Wilson , you stick to watching the Rhino's

    I'd have given it to Mr A Sweet for a very balanced second half display , some wonderful calls made !!!!!

    . We've beaten Hunslet , Doncaster & Rochdale away plus Keighley at home plus London Skolars , Hemel Stags may not be the best team around but are an established team of over 10 yrs & York Acorn was a Challenge cup game , 40 plus points on both Donny & Rochdale who hadn't bean beaten 30 points on Huns & Cougars , all Mickey Mouse clubs them aren't they !!!!!!!
  7. Knight Army

    Me & 4 others going , looking forward to it , Dewsbury fans reckon it's a hard game for them but are already saying who they want in the next round as they have too much quality for a 3rd division team
  8. Today's Game

    Just wish people would get down & support what Fordy is doing here , for the first time in a long time we have a SQUAD capable of doing something good , like him or loath him JG is the man at the helm as no one else has come forward to take the club on , I like others support the coaching staff & squad not the directors etc like I have since moving back to York in 1977 , I love my Rugby League & love watching York as its my HOME CITY unlike the glory hunters who wander round with their Rhinos shirts on . We have a squad worth supporting as results are proving
  9. Hornets v Knights katest

    Looks like Lee Waterman has given it up due to injury , says on Facebook he's struggling with his wrist , shame for the lad as he does have talent
  10. Hornets v Knights katest

    Superb again from 1 - 17 the defensive effort each week is nothing short of impressive & going forward we play some lovely stuff , Fordy has recruited well , there is a great team spirit & a pack that will not let others dominate them , even with a depleted pack today we were too strong for the supposed best team in the league & the backs are just rapid , Brett Turner has pace to burn , Elvis & Nicko are a great halves combo , so come on Knights fans get yourselves & your friends down to back this team
  11. Let's move on - quickly.

    Good job we weren't full strength then eh !!!
  12. New signings

    Matty Dale is a good signing , experience & a decent player , other lad looks a beast , some good strength in depth in the squad now
  13. YCK Reserves Released

    Sorry to admit that last year Mr G fed me questions to ask of James Alexander as he wouldn't do it himself , I was taken in at the time but thankfully I have seen the light , the man is an embarrassment to Rugby League & to OUR club more than anything , he is doing all this for his own infamy & families monetary gain , I paid for my season ticket last year & love watching this great young squad Fordy has put together but it leaves a sour taste knowing that any monies spent on anything related to the match day are going in his grubby pocket !!! If he has any integrity which I doubt ! He will sell up & disapear & allow this great club of OURS to go forward & thrive before he completely destroys it !!!! I find it difficult that some people are still taken in by the man , that fact he hasn't responded to any requests to go on the radio be it BBC RADIO YORK or MINSTER FM says it all for me

    one piece of positive news for Friday night , Luke Walsh is out for a month following ankle surgery !!!!!!!!!!! al we need now is for big Mose , Travis Burns & a couple of others to get laid low & we may have a chance

    Would appear he's left already !!!!!! Shame , looked a decently player , carrying a bit of weight but took some stopping , hope this isn't the 1st of many !!!!!