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  1. No I’m not I’ve moved and now live in lLiverpool moved over 15 years ago but Chris and I did keep in touch
  2. You’re right Spanishknight button stone lane was his route and he wouldn’t change for no one lol nicest people going on that route he said so left me the station and stonebow run every game truly he was a big cheerful character and will pass on condolences to his daughters
  3. Don’t know how many people on here remember the buses from the old days of Huntington stadium but one off the drivers BUS DRIVER 7 Chris Tuite was laid to rest today. Still followed York even tho cas became his first choice team. Farewell to a big character from days past.
  4. Can I just ask do Dewsbury and Bradford charge the same for match day tickets or will I be charged two different prices for the same facilities
  5. Shuttle buses ran when we first moved to the Ryedale stadium they were popular and very busy at first but after a couple of defeats they were running virtually empty the most popular one being from the station which was mainly used by visiting supporters I used to enjoy driving one of these buses and would love to see them running again the banter on them was great ?? I’m sure people could make their own way to the station and a regular round robin service to the stadium could run with 5 buses
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