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  1. With the management we have in place that is one thing that wont happen , Jon Flatman is a very savvy operator and wouldnt do anythin to put the club in any financial jeopardy , but the higher we finish the more goes into the pot for next season
  2. have it on good authority that 5 coach load's are coming into York for 10.00 am on Sunday starting at the Punch Bowl and making their way to BC via whatever pubs they come across , plus a good few making a weekend of it plus other coaches coming later
  3. See Mr Chase has signed for Donny , looking on Twitter a few of their support seem to think they will now win promotion !!!!
  4. i would be hoping for a better attendance than 1700 , we should be pushing for over 2000 now , no football so lets get the City fans turning up for their sporting fix
  5. once had Fred Lindop ref us at Crofton , we ( selby Warriors ) were playing them in a cup match , all i remember was him saying to me get back in 't line big lad
  6. Me thinks a Bratfud supporter doesnt like the truth ha ha ha ha , from todays comments on T&A match report Is James Ford trying to mask his players style of play. By having a pop at our peccadilloes, if that is the case: Shall I point out the obvious to him about the facts? 1) Blatant obstructions one resulted in them scoring a try, as the Ref. missed it! 2) Failure to clear the PTB area a good few times, at least 4 penalties could have been awarded against them, with a better ref. 3) A few sneaky offsides and forward passes, of course this happens with every team. So not to be too picky! So James Ford stop attacking us we are not dishonest and we take exception to your comments ! This will mean that once the video is available we will scrutinise it carefully, and those that cast the first stone may be seen as a barb delivered by a person who is mealy mouthed with a vindictive streak?
  7. that is so funny , listening to them puddings on the terraces , youd think Bratfud were little angels who do no wrong
  8. nearly 3 coach loads coming John
  9. think its a great idea , also start tagging these clubs on Twitter to try get a bit of interest
  10. were on it in different ways mate
  11. Matt Rossleigh , OH MY DAYS , just hope he has learnt from his mistakes last season , he seemed determined to win games for Bradford in both our encounters
  12. The more we all promote on social media and tag all the local media outlets ( Minster FM , BBC RADIO YORK , York Press , YO1 radio etc ) then the more exposure the club gets , the club does a bloody fantastic job with Gav Wilson and Joe Smith very proactive Along with our fantastic Chairman , so lets all get posting and tweeting , the more people know the more chance of them coming , also make a big push on the U16"s in for Free , hopefully be a near 2000 crowd
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