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  1. Took my niece to the Christmas Market in Town today. They shut off Murray Road with a row of tented stalls, the Reds and Comets had a stall selling stuff, including season tickets. No sign of a Town stall (not that I saw anyway).
  2. And now have had their membership in the RFL terminated.
  3. Good news We have filled the dugout, now we need to fill out the teamsheet.
  4. scroll down to number 81
  5. I was hoping for Toronto away. A weekend of Rugby League and Baseball, the Rogers Stadium is not that far from Lamport Stadium :-) If we make the top 8 when the league splits, then each team plays each other home and away.
  6. Maybe it's just me, but cannot get the RC feed to work through the BBC RL site Leigh/Dewsbury fine
  7. If the RFL uses the same format as last season...... fixtures at the moment for the Championship Shield or whatever the RFL is calling it this year. 1 Featherstone (28 points) - (H) Halifax, Dewsbury, Sheffield & Oldham (A) Swinton, Whitehaven & Town 2 Halifax (27 points) - (H) Dewsbury, Swinton, Oldham & Whitehaven (A) Featherstone, Sheffield & Town 3 Dewsbury (16 points)- (H) Swinton, Sheffield, Whitehaven & Town (A) Featherstone, Halifax & Oldham 4 Swinton (15 points) - (H) Sheffield, Oldham, Town & Featherstone (A) Halifax, Dewsbury & Whitehaven 5 Sheffield (14 points) - (H) Oldham, Whitehaven, Halifax (A) Featherstone, Dewsbury, Swinton & Town 6 Oldham (14 points) - (H) Whitehaven, Town & Dewsbury (A) Featherstone, Halifax, Swinton & Sheffield 7 Whitehaven (11 points) - (H) Town, Featherstone, Swinton (A) Halifax, Dewsbury, Sheffield & Oldham 8 Workington (9 points) - (H) Feathersone, Halifax, Sheffield (A) Dewsbury, Swinton, Oldham & Whitehaven Fixtures Whitehaven v Sheffield Oldham v Workington Halifax v London Leigh v Dewsbury Featherstone v Bradford Swinton v Batley With Whitehaven playing Saturday, Town will know if 11th is achievable on Sunday by beating Oldham. Either way if Oldham's negative points difference it doesn't matter where Town finishes, they will be back at Oldham at some point.
  8. The gift of incompentance and stupidty of Copeland Borough Council just keeps on giving
  9. On two seasons worth of performances I would have sent Fifita to Maryport. And kept Scholey
  10. Is this the same director who did his own electricial work in his own house, and then had a fire because of them?
  11. He might be useful for Whitehaven. Isn't he a lifeguard? Might help out saving players when it has poured down at the railway end :-)
  12. six points if they have Summer Bash again and we are drawn against them :-)
  13. Geez that's a turn up for the books. All the Whitehaven fans at work were telling me he had signed for the shower down the road (when have we heard that before)!!!!
  14. apparently as they had seen the Hunslet result they eased off..... "carrying injuries, but think haven switched off after hearing the hunslet result"
  15. Great comments. I am going over the to the dark side forum for a bit of a laugh.