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  1. Could have, won't have. The mistake you make here is believing the governing body of the sport would help out clubs and make it easy for a part time club to make the trip. Town could end going to Toronto dependant on Town making the top 8 and the position they finish in the top 8.
  2. and you read the that is the Sun?
  3. Good luck with that :-)
  4. Made hard work of that
  5. same mindset last season, played for back of shirt instead of the front
  6. for twice the money!
  7. Callum try, made by Tee & Howarth. Chamberlain converts 16-0
  8. Hambley try, no conversion
  9. 1. Ritson 2. Hambley 3. Chamberlain 4. Davies 5. Rooke 6. Doran 7. Howarth 8. Coward 9. Callum 10. Scholey 11. Brett 12. Shelford 13. Singleton 14. Dowsett 15. Forber 16. Curwen 17 Fitzsimmons
  10. Looks like they have found their level this season, can beat NCL Premier Teams, anyone above that they will struggle
  11. 12-10 to West Hull at half time. They are panicking and bickering on Great Saturday afternoon entertainment, Siddal v Toronto and them lot arguing among themselves :-)
  12. Coaching I believe
  13. Oh it has, ranging from - "bring back Dave Woods" to anyone who suggests sacking Forster, I wouldn't he is doing a grand job down there :-) "Bkm trainings Tuesday get yourself down and coach seem to be a know it all." Great Sunday night entertainment, better than watching telly! :-)
  14. Forster spent most of his energy shouting at his 'team' behind the sticks :-)
  15. why not, people around me were making the same comments, so are we not allowed to discuss?